Chapter 90 – Now you’ll know who I am (Part 2)

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— Ha… ahahaha! — Baek Kang Hyun burst into laughter and nodded his head.
— If everyone finds out about this, then there will be no need to hide.

Taking out a red mask, he put it on his face.
His crazed look became even wilder as he put on the mask.

Kang Hyun clenched his fists, looking at the hand in which Kang Yu held the axe, concentrating his strength.

— Get started.

— I like how you think.

Neither of them needed long explanations.

Realizing that they are opponents, unnecessary words would be meaningless.

Kang Yu pulled the axe back to the necessary distance, swung it, and flew at Kang Hyun with great speed.

The chilling cold axe made several turns around him.

Due to the moisture in the air, it even began to be covered with frost.

Kang Hyun crouched down and clenched his fists, forming gloves of Magi around them.

It wasn’t just power.
It wrapped around his hand and took shape.

And given that he did not go mad even taking such a force, it proved he could control the Magi.

He raised his hands from the bottom up, as if delivering a punch, and successfully repelled the axe flying at him.

However, because of how cold the axe was, the gloves were immediately frozen.

— Hmm, — the guy said in displeasure.

The axe contained far greater power than he could have imagined.

He stared at the axe with surprise.

But Kang Yu, ignoring his surprise and the broken axe, swung his left hand.

The axe immediately disappeared and a long black sword emerged from his hand.

As soon as the sword and gloves came in contact with each other, there was a pure metallic clang.

With each collision, there was a recoil in the area.

The earth cracked like thin glass, and cars flew up like little pebbles.

Calling this battle a battle of two monsters, rather than people, would not be an exaggeration at all.

Baek Kang Hyun drew a nearby truck weighing several tens of tons at Kang Yu.

However, Kang Yu’s thin blade easily cut it in half and it fell behind him to the ground.

In that brief moment that Kang Yu sliced the truck in half, Kang Hyun ducked down and pulled his right fist back.

Power began to concentrate in his hands again.
However, Kang Yu immediately took note of this.

[Heavenly Split]

Kang Yu used both the Power of Heaven and Power of Rising Strike.

As the name implied, this technique had the power to split the heavens.

Their fists collided in a single punch.

The ground beneath their feet cracked and collapsed.

In the center of the city, a huge hollow has formed, resembling a karst funnel.

Both guys, pushing away from the bottom of the tunnel, flew out.

They advanced and defended at such great speed that the human eye could not catch all their movements.

Kang Hyun stepped back a little and, in his tracks, the asphalt cracked and turned inside out.

He looked down at his trembling hands.

The moments their fists collided, he felt such a strong energy that he felt as if his body would crack.

— Now I get it.
— Kang Hyun nodded his head with realization.
— It wasn’t Chae Young-ju, but you.

— What about me?

— The one who thwarted our plans.
It was not Young-ju, but you.

Chae Young-ju was strong.

She was a Top Player in the country.

‘But no more than that.’

He’d never personally fought with her, but he knew perfectly well what strength she possessed.

She would never have been able to ruin their plans.

— Who are you? — Kang Hyun looked at Kang Yu in bewilderment.

He even started to think that the rumors that this man had become a Player only three months ago were false.

The guy showed such power that it could not fit in his head that he was merely a talented newcomer.

There were only a few possibilities: either he was a Player who has been hiding his identity for a long time, or he had obtained a fake ID abroad and was now illegally operating in Korea.

Kang Hyun thought that the second option was very likely.

‘But he’s not on the World Ranker list.’

The World Rankers are the world’s Top, consisting of eight people.

But even among them, there was no one who would choose to stand in their way.

Kang Hyun narrowed his eyes.

‘Not all of them are really as strong as people think they are.’

The World Rankers were simply well promoted.
In fact, there were many Players in the world who had more power than they did.

A great example of this was the School Cardinals, who possessed much more strength that the World Ranker Players.

— Who knows…

— Well, I didn’t expect you to answer right away.
— Kang Hyun exhaled through his nose, trying to pull himself together with a smile.
Goosebumps were running through his body, carrying a charge of power behind him.
— So I’m going to make you talk.

— If you’re so confident in your abilities, go ahead, — Kang Yu replied calmly.

Kang Hyun’s face twisted.

The two monsters met again in battle.

The earth shook like there was a strong earthquake.

The battle dragged on, and the balance in their powers began to lean to one side.

— Kh! — Kang Hyun stepped back.

There was a crack in the red mask he was wearing.
Tearing it off his face, he threw it aside.

— You’re really strong.

He had no choice but to admit this fact.

This unknown Player named Oh Kang Yu was stronger than him.

The grin disappeared from his face.


Memories of the bitter defeat that had dragged him to the bottom of despair resurfaced in his mind.

Fujimoto Ryoma was a high obstacle that he never managed to jump over.

And now, with Kang Yu appearing before him, the memories flooded with renewed vigor.

— Interesting, — he said, baring his white teeth.

Kang Hyun looked at the rift and thought that meeting such an obstacle was great luck.

All these numerous sacrifices and plans were made in order to give him a chance to overcome that ‘wall.’

— Hehehe! — There was a rough laugh.

Seized with madness, he rushed towards Kang Yu.

— You’re an excellent subject to experiment the strength I’ve gained.

Kang Yu, not understanding his words, furrowed his eyebrows.

— Come on, come on! There are enough splinters!

Kang Hyun took two more steps towards the rift.

He split the stone with pure power, and Magi poured out of it like an explosion.

At the same time, barely visible streams of black energy from the people who turned into Hell creatures rushed into the split.

Although the force coming from them was quite weak, there were many of them, and in the end produced a decent amount.

‘That’s why the splinters were needed.’

Kang Yu frowned and turned serious.

— Hahaha! Faster.

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Kang Hyun couldn’t stop grinning.
He’d set in motion a plan that would kill thousands of people.

The plan was about to be completed right before his eyes.

The Magi, passing through the rift, burst out and headed straight for Kang Hyun’s body.
He opened his mouth and a roar escaped from him, growing louder and louder.

Kang Yu heard the sound of growing flesh.

On the back of the guy formed slits from which appeared giant wings.

His body became several times larger, and his skin began to redden.

Following this, sharp fangs and a long tail emerged.

And most importantly…

Two horns cut through his forehead.

— Grrr!

There was a frightening roar, and two yellow eyes gazed at Kang Yu like a wild beast.

— This couldn’t be better.

Baek Kang Hyun was more than pleased to feel his body overflowing with power.

The power he so passionately longed for.

A power that will finally allow him to overcome that very ‘wall.’

There was a roar again.

For the sake of this moment, he’d sacrificed thousands of people, but having received what he desired, his conscience did not wake up even for a split second.

No, not even that.
He believed that for the sake of this, human sacrifice was something to be taken for granted.

The law of the jungle!

Namely, a strong individual devouring the weak.

The law of survival applied not only in the wild, but all over the world.

Wanting to seize power, thousands of victims seemed trivial to him.

‘What is this place…?’ A voice rang out inside Baek Kang Hyun’s head.

— You seem to have come to your senses.

‘Who are you?’

— My name is Baek Kang Hyun.
You can consider me your donor.

‘What does that mean?’

The corners of Baek Kang Hyun’s lips twitched and slowly rose upward.

— You’ll find out soon, take your time.

His gaze settled on Kang Yu.

The guy, having a hard time believing that Kang Hyun managed to transform into a demon, slowly looked at him from bottom up.

— How… Is it really possible?

Kang Yu was well aware of what had just happened, but he had no idea that such a thing was really possible.

The guy had a feeling that his world was about to turn upside down.

‘He summoned the demon into his body.’

But Kang Yu didn’t yet know what exactly Kang Hyun had summoned: either the soul of the demon, the physical component, or both.

He also did not know whether a human would be able to fully merge with the demon over time by forming an alliance.

But either way, Kang Hyun’s actions were beyond reason.
And that fact remains that this insane act was successfully completed.

— Well, let’s start over!

Kang Hyun kicked the ground and the strongest Magi began to emit from his body.
So strong that for a moment even Kang Yu felt goosebumps run through his body.

He knew for sure that the summoned demon had to be one of the strongest.

‘It is likely that the demon will turn Kang Hyun’s body into his own and that he will become even stronger.’

In fact, this is the first time Kang Yu has seen such a thing.

Before that, he’d never even considered whether it was possible and what the effects would be.

‘But it doesn’t matter.’

It didn’t matter at all how it was possible or what would happen to Kang Hyun.

Kang Yu turned his eyes to the monster rushing in his direction with wild screams.

He stretched both hands forward and Magi began to spill all over his body.
Taking a deep breath, the guy focused on gathering strength.

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— Die!

Kang Hyun’s fist was aimed at Kang Yu.

Given that his body had swelled to three meters, his fist was quite a powerful weapon.
However, it was not difficult for Kang Yu to dodge the blow.
With flexibility, he reflected the attack at just the right time.

[Kraken’s Wrath]

His fist, concentrated with Magi, headed for Kang Hyun.

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