Chapter 89 – Now you’ll know who I am (Part 1) 

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— Aaaaah!

Thick black smoke was spreading all around the area.

Buildings were lit aflame.

And among them were scattered human screams.

— Mo… mom…

— Come here!

A middle-aged woman grabbed her son, who looked like a primary school student, by the arm and dragged him along.

Her breath was ragged.

— Mo… Mom, it’s hard for me… — The boy gasped for air as he said this.

A heavy breathing came from behind them.

The woman, tightening her grip on the child’s hand, turned towards the sound.

— A-ah!

They were black monsters.
Hell creatures, possessing sharp horns and long claws, rushing at people.

Like hungry predators, they pounced on a man and tore his neck.

There were loud wails all around, and blood was flowing like a river.

The woman’s face turned pale.

— Don’t… don’t look.

— Mom?

Without letting the child look behind them, she started running again.

Her throat and mouth were dry, and her heart seemed ready to jump out of her chest.

But they had no leisure to stop.

Otherwise, they will immediately become fodder for those monsters.

‘Why is this happening again…?’

Despair settled in her soul.

The humans, becoming monsters, ruthlessly killed other people.

However, they have already encountered such a thing.

Five years ago, the Gates and the monsters emerging from them appeared all over the Earth.

They had seen something similar that day.
But this time, everything felt much worse.

— How… How could this happen?

It was not clear where this black energy, that envelops a man, makes him shake and turns him into a monster, came from.

A young man who was just carrying a basket around the store now turned into a monster, running around and indiscriminately attacking people.

— Ah… ah… Mo… Mom, it’s too hard for me.
I can’t run anymore.

The boy’s face was pale.

The woman, biting her lip, took the child in her arms.

— I’m scared…

— Just a little more.
Everything will be fine, I’ll protect you.

But the woman was running out of strength.

Even if she were alone, running would be difficult.
Having to carry a child in her arms was making it all the more impossible.

She could only run a little more before one of the monsters would overtake them.

She began to cry.

— You… you can run again, right? Run by yourself.

— Mom…?

— Run!

The woman lifted a stone sculpture standing on the ground.

However, she herself was well aware that it would not be much use in defending against the monster.

But without at least this kind of weapon, she wouldn’t be able to buy any time at all for her child.


She prayed that someone would come to her aid.

She wished that a savior would appear in the midst of this hell.
A savior capable of freeing more people from this torment.
She didn’t even think about herself.
At least the children, at least those who have not yet had time to live their lives.

— Ahhh! Mom!

— Please, run! — The woman screamed with all her might.

Grabbing the stone sculpture, she swung at the monster.

— Kh!

Taking the blow, the monster stopped moving for a moment… but it was only for a moment.

Distraught, the monster roared harder than ever and pounced on the woman.

She screamed, pushing his body away with both hands.

And at that very moment, as a gust of wind blew past… the monster was torn into two.

A guy with a blue sword had defeated the monster.

— You… you…

— Get out of here quickly, — said the young man with a dazzling appearance in a low tone.

The woman gulped and picked up her child in her arms.

Kim Si Hoon, the young man who saved the woman, raised his trembling gaze and looked around: the central district had turned into hell.

Wild screams rang throughout.
The people who turned into Hell creatures were attacking other humans just like themselves only a moment ago.

The guy’s hands trembled.

Although they looked different now, they were still human only recently.

He didn’t know if he had the right to kill them so easily.

‘Listen carefully.’ Si Hoon recalled Kang Yu’s confident words.
‘Once they have become a Hell creature, they cannot return to being human.
As soon as the Magi gets them, they are dead.
Think of them as dead bloodsuckers.
Got it? Think of them as zombies or even the walking dead.’

The guy clenched his fists, blood running down his bitten lip.

‘Don’t doubt your actions.
If you think too much, you’re going to put people’s lives at risk.
If you have the time to doubt, start moving.
In a moment of desperation, draw your sword.
Don’t let your emotions get in the way.
Do everything you can do.’

— I can handle it, — Si Hoon murmured, responding to the void.
He bravely took a step forward.

[Special Quest for the Defender begins.]

[Quest Info: Get rid of the splinters of the rift (1/2789)]

[Reward: Experience points.
When working with a party, the points will be divided among all members.]

Defender, please.
Please make sure that the calamity does not escalate.]


After reading the messages that came to him, the guy frowned.

The first thing that caught his eyes was the number 2789.
That’s a huge number.

This means that the number of Hell creatures have reached four digits.

Isu Station is one of the most walkable places in Seoul,so realizing how many people could instantly turn into monsters made it impossible to stay calm.


Looking down at the end of the message, he was surprised to read the phrase, as if it was personally written to him.

He had never heard such suggestions appear in system notifications addressed to Players.

‘But it doesn’t matter.’

Now was not the time to think about these things.

The guy tightened his grip on the sword.

The number of victims will only increase if he wastes any more time.

[Dragon Walk]

Small wings emerged from his body.
Flapping them, Si Hoon flew forward.

Swinging his sword, he cut the Hell creature in half with one blow.

They were not strong at all.
No stronger than the Orcs from the Level D Gate.

‘But there are too many of them.’

Although they resembled orcs in strength, they still belonged to a different kind.

And even orcs are capable of causing irreparable harm to defenseless people.

‘We have to hurry.’

Si Hoon raced forward down the street, killing the monsters one by one.

Fortunately, each monster took no more than one sword strike.

‘Even faster!’

His body ached from such rapid movements, but he paid no mind to it.
The important thing is that the blood of the Hell creatures continues to be shed.
Though he was pushing his body to its limits, it did not matter.

The killings continued one after the other.

He couldn’t even hear the words of gratitude from those he saved.

Si Hoon was entirely focused on the rapid extermination of the monsters, trying to kill more than was possible.

It was like the world had turned into one with only a crowd of opponents for him, one sword in his hands to kill them with.

There was a loud notification sound.

[You have achieved self-neglect.]

[You have received the skill ‘Fusion with the Sword.]

[You are changing for the better!]

Some sounds were heard from behind him, and Si Hoon turned around.

— Ooh!

— Mr.

— Thank you! Thank you!

The people he’d rescued were lining up, rushing to catch up with Si Hoon.

They instinctively knew that the safest place right now was next to the guy.

— Damn it.

But following him was much more dangerous.

The guy looked up at the buildings shrouded in black smoke.

The screams emitted by those transforming into monsters did not stop.

‘What can I do by myself…’

He couldn’t withstand thousands of monsters all at once.

— Si Hoon!

— Si Hoon, is that you?

— Dae Su? …Eun Bi?

— And I’m here.

— Han Sol? How did you get here so fast…

His question was quickly answered as another girl appeared before him.

Although her appearance now was a pretty little girl, he knew perfectly well that she was actually a powerful dragon.

He immediately understood how Dae Su, Eun Bi and Han Sol had arrived so quickly.

And it wasn’t just his party on the scene.
A little later, he noticed Chae Young-ju and Baek Hwa Yeon dispersing the black smoke.

— Where is Kang Yu? — Young-ju asked sharply.

— Kang Yu, he is… — His gaze rose to the huge rift hanging in the air.

But everything around the rift was surrounded by a thick layer of black smile.
Nothing could be seen.

— He went to the rift.


Pushing off the cracked asphalt, the guy quickly headed towards the rift surrounded by a thick layer of Magi.

The closer he got to the rift, the more the surrounding space resembled Hell.

Hell, in which he spent ten thousand long years.

— Ah? Aren’t you Kang Yu? What are you doing here?

A familiar face appeared.

‘Baek Kang Hyun.’

The player ranked #1 in Korea.

A strong Player who neither Chae Young-ju nor Hwaran’s First Division Commander Jang Hyun Jae could surpass.

Kang Yu narrowed his eyes and looked around.

The man was surrounded by a large number of Players’ dead bodies.

— I’m guessing you also came to see this mysterious rift.
It’s dangerous here, so you should run away.
I, Baek Kang Hyun, will close this rift.

He gave a good-natured smile and headed towards the rift.

Kang Yu raised his right hand without slowing down.

[Power of Metal Axe]

Concentrating Magi in his hand, he created an axe.

Simultaneously using the Power of Ice, cold air enveloped it.

— Leviathan, — he said, swinging his right hand.

The axe, consisting of icy air, was aimed at Baek Kang Hyun.

Baek Kang Hyun flew back with a loud crash.

His arms were crossed to repel the attack, and there was no more trace of the ‘good man’ smile.

— How did you guess? — he asked in a cold tone.

Kang Yu raised the axe in his hand.

— There’s not a single corpse of a Hell creature around you.

The man fell silent.

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— You’re completely surrounded by human corpses.
One monster couldn’t have killed all these Players, so you must have done it.

— Oh.

Baek Kang Hyun’s eyes flashed with interest.

Kang Yu threw the axe over his shoulder and said:

— Don’t embarrass yourself, you brute, and put on your mask.

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