— Where do you think you’re going?

The guy spread his arms wide.

Frost gripped their bodies and their speed of movement slowed before they could blink.

— Echidna.

— Leave it to me, Kang Yu.

Echidna held out her arms.

A wall appeared in front of the fleeing people.
It was usually used for defense, but now it was intended to block them from escaping.

They immediately aimed their weapons at the wall.

— It’s too late.

Kang Yu took a deep breath.

He was preparing to use Magi.
His arms spread apart, he touched the ground.

‘Surface of Blades.’

Cracks began to form on the ground, from which sharp blades were sprouting.
There were not just one or two.
Dozens, hundreds of swords appeared and pierced the bodies of the fleeing men in black.

— Aaaakh!

— Damn it!

The masked men were planning to run away, but now there was nowhere to run.

Ahead was a wall of blades, and behind was a field strewn with swords.

In this short period of time, four more of them said goodbye to their lives.
Those who still survived had faces full of despair.

Not wasting a second, Kang Yu turned towards them.

‘This time I can’t miss them.’

Kang Yu wanted to stop them from acting before they either killed themselves or turn into monsters.

Quickly approaching them, Kang Yu grabbed the masked man who had given the order to retreat by his head.

Tightly clasping his head, he used the Force of Fear.

— A-uah!

White foam oozed from his mouth and his body trembled.

Kang Yu’s expression changed.

‘Did I screw up?’

In an instant he’d spent a large number of Magi, but despite this he could not see the horror on the man’s face that usually arose when the Force was successfully used.

Using the Power of Dominance which supports the Power of Fear, he soon heard what he wanted, though it took more energy.

Because his opponents were not weak, he thought it might be worth applying it.

‘Well, the Power of Fear is not universal.’

Kang Yu took off the mask, under which hid the face of a man who looked about 35 years old.

With a clenched fist, he punched the man in the face.

— Whose orders are you under?

— Kh… Die!

Kang Yu did not hesitate to break his arm.

There was a scream filled with pain.

— I’m not in the mood to give you many chances.
So tell me, who sent you?

— Die… a-ah!

He broke his other arm.

The man’s legs went limp, wetting himself as black dots blurred his vision.

— Who.
— A voice that knows no compassion.

The man’s gaze was filled with fear.

— Don’t… Don’t know…

— You must know.
If you say it, it’ll be much easier for you.

The man fell silent, hesitant.

— Death is a trivial thing.
You know it very well yourself, — Kang Yu said calmly.

The man tried to swallow, but his throat was dry.

Death really is trivial.
He knew it himself.

In the face of torment and suffering, death was the best wish.

The common sense-devouring horror eventually consumed him and he began to speak:

— B… Beh…

— Beh?

As he was ready to speak, one of the defeated men rose from the ground and threw a metal chain.

Only this time, the target was not Kang Yu but the man who started talking.

— Do not lose your loyalty to the School!

Growing annoyed, Kang Yu clicked his tongue and muttered:

— Armor.

His resistance to physical attacks doubled with the effect of his Power Armor.

(Reminder: received from Moon Yeon Ho in c36.
This effect lasts for 10 seconds.)

Additionally, Kang Yu erected a wall in front of him with the Power of Iron Curtain.

The man, expanding, eventually exploded like a balloon, taking with him the lives of the other masked survivors.

After walking around the site of the explosion, the untouched Kang Yu picked up one of the red masks from the ground.

It was a mask depicting the face of a demon.

— How difficult.

This time, too, Kang Yu could not find out the identity of the Cardinal.

Anger began to take over him.

He took a deep breath and exhaled, trying to calm himself.

‘Now they won’t show up again anytime soon.’

His eyes flashed.

— So we have to smoke them out.

The guy was in no hurry.

Tightly clutching the mask in his hand, it crumbled to pieces and fell to the ground.

— They… they failed.

— What did you say?

— The death of all Shadows has just been confirmed.

— Is this the work of Chae Young-ju?

— We haven’t verified it, but there’s a good chance you’re right.

— Right.
It’s rare for someone other than Young-ju to be able to defeat the Shadows.

Baek Kang Hyun’s face twisted into a displeased grimace.

He had no idea that the Shadows would be so useless.

Most likely, they were killed either by Young-ju herself, or members of her guild.

— How difficult…

He even thought that his decision to deal with the girl was in vain, because in the end he only lost important people.

A lump of anger rose to his throat from the constant defeats.

— How many of the splinters have been collected?

— About 30%.

— Not bad at all… — Baek Kang Hyun nodded approvingly.

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‘They won’t be able to find the stones of pure power.’

He was confident in this.

After all, how can you find something when you don’t have the special device to detect it?

Baek Kang Hyun smiled broadly, running his fingers over his demon mask.


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