— Hah?

Before he could get an explanation, he noticed the reaction of the two girls.

Han Sol’s face suddenly turned pale and her body trembled, and Eun Bi’s nose was gushing blood from an excess of emotion.

Kang Yu reflected on what he just said.

‘Oh shit.’ He immediately pulled away his hand from Si Hoon.

— Ka… Kang Yu, if that’s what you’re saying…

‘Just don’t blush.’

— I’ll do my best.
I will follow you anywhere.

‘You moron, don’t blush, I said.’

He desperately hid his face in his hands.
But it was too late to change anything.

‘Well, how am I going to explain this?’

Han Sol’s pale face flashed in his mind.

The misunderstanding was definitely set.


— Then, we’ll meet tomorrow morning.

— Yes, stay safe.

Dae Su spoke up:

— Kang Yu! Can’t I go with you?

— I already told you.
We’re going to a Gate above Level A.
The more people I have to protect, the more dangerous it will be.

— Ah…

— Or, are you confident that you can stand up to A-class monsters alone?

— Well… no, I’m not sure.

— Do you know what that means?

— Okay… But my name is Kang Dae Su! Even though I can’t go with you right now, I won’t give up!

— That’s right.
I’ll be waiting for you.

Kang Yu smiled broadly.

After coming up with a rough plan to resolve the misunderstanding, he said goodbye to Dae Su, Eun Bi and Si Hoon.

Although he wanted to go to the Gate right away, there was something else to be done.

‘We need to come up with an effective plan.’

There were many Gates.

Recklessly walking through all the Gates would not be very efficient.

If he tells Young-ju and Hwa Yeon about this, they could develop an effective plan of action, then things will work out better and faster.

‘I should go to Red Rose.’

It didn’t take long to get from his new home to the guild’s office, even on foot.

He turned towards Han Sol and Echidna, who were standing next to him.

— I’m going to the Red Rose office.
I might be back a little late.

— Is there anything I can do to help?

— Not yet.

A large number of people will only slow down the work.

It didn’t take many people to create an effective plan.

Echidna and Han Sol both looked at him with disappointment and nodded their heads.

— Then we’ll stay home.
Be careful.

— Good.

Kang Yu waved to them and headed for the office.

The girls stood in the doorway and stared at the retreating image of the guy until he disappeared.

— Han Sol, you look tired.

— It’s nothing, don’t worry about it, — the girl said, patting Echidna on the head.

Echidna grabbed the hem of her dress.

— It can’t be nothing.
Um, you know, Kang Yu is very grateful to you.
I have a special bond with him, so I know that for sure.

— Oh… Aw… really?

Han Sol’s cheeks turned pink and she smiled, taking Echidna’s hand.

— It’s time for dinner.
I’m going to cook whatever you want today.

— Oh oh! Pork! I love pork!

— Heh, okay.
Then, let’s go to the store fir…

The girl trailed off and frowned sharply, her gaze turning serious.

— Who are you?

In front of them stood frightening people in red masks who had come out of nowhere.

The two girls were surrounded by ten people dressed in robes so black they blended in with the surrounding darkness.

— Are you asking who we are?

— You don’t need to know that, — a second person continued.

— We only need one thing.

— Your lives.

— Now you must…

— Call him.

They spoke intermittently, complementing each other’s words.

Their actions seemed so cohesive that it seemed as if they were led by one mind.

— Call… him? — Han Sol repeated.

— Oh Kang Yu.

— Call the guy you were just with.

— And then everything will be over for you.

The girl bit her lip.

— I can’t do that.
I don’t know who you are, but I won’t follow your…

— Should I just call Kang Yu?

— Eh… Echidna?

— Wait a bit.
I’m going to call now.

Echidna, as if not understanding what situation they were in, calmly closed her eyes.

Through the special bond between master and summoned being, she called Kang Yu.

— He’ll be here soon.

— I like that you think quickly.

The scary masked men laughed in unison.

Kang Yu, who was on his way to Red Rose, immediately returned.

— Who are you? — Kang Yu asked, standing between the strangers and the girls.

— You don’t need to know who we are.

— Follow our instructions.

— And then we will grant you death without torment.

Kang Yu looked at the masked men with interest.

— Are you guys from the Devil’s School?

— We don’t have to answer.

— We’re the ones asking questions here.

— You sound like fools.
— Kang Yu couldn’t help but smile.

Although they surrounded Han Sol and Echidna, there was nothing to worry about.

Not reacting to Kang Yu’s words, they continued their speech:

— It’s just as he said.
This guy is smug.

— A good-for-nothing that knows nothing about life.

— He gets everything he wants from the world, hiding behind Young-ju’s skirt.

— Yes, I can see you are narrow-minded.

The masked men approached the girls from behind and grabbed them.

Curved daggers touched their necks.

— Be careful, — Kang Yu said.

The masked men chuckled.

— It’s too late.
Nothing you say will change what we do.

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— No, I’m not talking about that… — The guy broke into a wide smile.
— I’m saying it for you.

One of Echidna’s arms turned into a dragon wing and she swung it at the masked man standing behind her.

With the sound of breaking bones, he was sent flying back.

— Don’t you dare touch me.
— Echidna looked down at him with cold eyes.
— Only Kang Yu can touch me.


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