Chapter 85 – You believe me, don’t you? (Part 2)

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It’s been two weeks since El Quero was caught.

After Hwa Yeon’s call in the morning, Kang Yu immediately headed for Suwon.

— The manufacturing was just completed.

The sword glinted blue as Hwa Yeon placed it on the table in front of him.

Kang Yu ran his fingers along the blade and asked:

— Is all Legendary equipment made so quickly?

After all, it’s only been two weeks.

Making the sword was not a simple matter, so he wondered if it was made too quickly.

He couldn’t help but question if the quality of the item was up to standard.

— The hardest part about making Legendary gear is finding the materials for it, — Hwa Yeon replied.

— Hmm..
still, it is a costly business.
Hwa Yeon, you didn’t overwork yourself to prepare the sword, did you? — Young-ju said with suspicion in her tone.

— So what if I did? You and Kang Yu are showing much better results in defending our nation than the Hwaran Squad right now.
It’d be shameful for me to stand idle and watch, — the girl countered.

At the moment, the Devil’s Teachers were a far greater threat to civilians than the monsters in the Gates.

Although only Players have fallen victim to them thus far, no one knows when casualties among ordinary people will appear.

— I’m not trying to protect civilians by tracking down the Teachers… I have my own reasons.
— Young-ju looked away.

— Well, I’m doing it for the safety of the whole world! — Kang Yu smiled.

Young-ju scoffed.

— Don’t bother pretending to be righteous.
I’ve known you weren’t that kind of person since our very first meeting.

— You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to.
— He shrugged at her cold response.

Though he’d said it with a joking tone, he was completely serious.

‘But I agree, I’ve been doing it for another reason lately.’

The Devil’s Teachers somehow knew another way of extracting Magi.

If he tracked them down to understand how they did it, he could get many times more Magi than expected.

The original purpose of hunting the Devil’s Teachers was to protect all of humanity, but at some point, an opportunity for personal benefit had arisen.

— Whatever the reason, the fact remains that you help a lot.
Although not everything may go according to plan, now we can hope for a better outcome, — Hwa Yeon said, smiling sweetly.

She spoke with such conviction that Kang Yu admired her.

‘I’m starting to understand why Hyun Mo has a crush on her.’

If they weren’t in the same relationship as they are now, Kang Yu probably would have been interested in her, too.

Although at first glance she appears straightforward, she knows how to adapt to the situation and draws a clear line between what is good and what is bad.

If things had been different, and he was part of the squad with her, he would certainly have wanted to win her heart.

— Don’t you dare fall in love… — Young-ju muttered.

— What?

— I’m saying, you’re not allowed to have any strange feelings towards Hwa Yeon! A bad guy like you is definitely not worthy of her!

Hwa Yeon coughed and asked:

— Ahem.
Young-ju, why did you suddenly bring this up?

— It’s written all over his face that you’ve charmed him! Be careful, Hwa Yeon.
If you get involved with this bad guy, your life will change for the worse!

— Young-ju, get it together.
There’s clearly something wrong with you…— Kang Yu said.

— But it’s true! — Young-ju shouted with obvious anger in her voice.

Kang Yu looked at her in surprise.

— But I had no such thoughts.
Don’t you think you’re the only one thinking about it?

— I… I am, just in case! — she shouted again, her cheeks quickly turning red.

Hwa Yeon chuckled as she said:

— It’s like you’re jealous.

— About what?!

— Hahaha, I’m kidding.

— Hah! I could never be jealous because of a guy like him even in theory!

— She’s talking nonsense again… — The guy shook his head wearily and turned away, studying the sword on the table instead.


[Name: Sword of El Quero

Type: Legendary

Binds to the user once equipped.

This item can only be used by Players with a unique aura.

Use: Lightning Speed Attack +700

Effects: Strength +2, Agility +2

Feature: You can walk on the surface of water.

Description: A sword made of thorns from the tail of El Quero.]

‘In total, the stats will increase by four units.’

The first thing Kang Yu wanted to check was how much this Legendary item would increase stats.

Likely because the sword was made from El Quero, its properties were better than the average Legendary equipment.

— Do you like it? — Hwa Yeon asked.

— If I could use it, I would certainly want to get my hands on it.
I like it.

— Hahaha, that’s great.
Honestly… even I felt greedy and wanted it, but since I can’t use it, I thought I should at least help with the production.

— You invest in the right things.
Kim Si Hoon is a Player who will continue to develop at a great speed.
In no time, he will start helping us in battle against the Teachers.

— You said he was your little brother?

— Yes.
Although we are not bound by blood, our relationship is fraternal.

— Hahaha.
If you’re the one saying that, I expect a lot from him.

— He won’t disappoint you, — Kang Yu assured her.

Kim Si Hoon was the best prize he could have won.

‘Because he’s a descendant of Musin.’

If Kang Yu had not returned to Earth, it was he who would have become a man capable of rewriting history.

The guy could not even imagine what heights Si Hoon could reach.

— Oh, there’s something else I wanted to say.

— Say it.

— Maybe you can address me as ‘you?’ — She leaned back in her chair and continued, — Normally, I don’t let people do that… but we’re on the same team right now.
I don’t think it’s fair that you’re the only one who speaks politely to me.

— Well… if that’s the case, I’ll switch to ‘you.’

— Good.

He never thought that using ‘you’ was difficult, but taking into account that the girls were communicating with each other in a friendly way, it was probably better if he also foregoes polite treatment to fit in.

— Is there still no news about the stones?

— All members of the Squad are working hard on it, but there have been no results.

— Same with my guys from the guild, — Young-ju piped in.
— They’ve been catching five times more monsters for two weeks now, but still no pure power.

— Maybe we were mistaken?

Kang Yu himself had visited various Gates these past two weeks as well, but to no avail.

He was beginning to think his assumption that the other monsters were involved was wrong.

— We can’t be sure yet, so we’ll keep looking.

— Good.

— I think I’ll go now, — Kang Yu said, getting up from his seat.

Young-ju followed suit.

— Do you have nothing to do? Why is it that every time I come to Suwon, you’re here too?

— You’re not the only one who caught El Quero.
Even though we’re giving you the sword, we’re hoping to benefit from it later.
So I want to see for myself the results.

— Hmm.

He couldn’t argue with that.

The guy swallowed his displeasure and nodded his head.

Young-ju, clearly rejoicing in her victory, chuckled and snorted loudly.

— Ah, hyung!

— Oooh! Kang Yu, it’s been a long time!

Kang Yu met with Si Hoon and his party on their way out of the Gate after completing their hunt.

He saw Han Sol everyday, but it was the first time in a long time since he’d seen the others, so he decided to chat with them a little, after which he invited them to his place.

— Oho~ Is this your new home? — Dae Su asked admiringly, looking around the apartment.

— Kang Yu, is that you? — Echidna came out from the next room.

Eun Bi’s gaze lit up.

— Kang Yu, who is this cute girl?

— Kang Yu called me.

— Ca…lled?

— Mhm.

Not believing her ears, Eun Bi trembled.

— Kang Yu… are you using this child for all sorts of things?!

— What are you talking about?

— Aren’t you afraid of rumors? It’s disgusting!

— Even though she looks like a child, she’s ten times your age.

— No matter what… this is illegal!

She looked very anxiously at Echidna.

Kang Yu slapped the delirious Eun Bi on the back of her head and went to the living room.

— Today, I want to give something to Si Hoon, so I invited everyone to visit.

— To me…?

— Yes.

Kang Yu held out the Sword of El Quero to Si Hoon.

— What is this?

— Look and find out.

The guy came closer and looked at the information.
His eyes widened immediately and he said:

— This… this is a Legendary sword! It is, isn’t it?

— Yes.

— And you’re saying you’re giving it to me?

Kang Yu nodded his head.

Si Hoon looked at the sword in confusion.

— Why such a gift so suddenly?

— Because you deserve it.

— Kang Yu!

The boy’s eyes flushed red as if he was about to cry, and he touched the blade of the sword with trembling fingertips.

— I… I have no right to accept such a gift.

— It’s up to me to decide whether you have the right to do so or not.

The guy didn’t answer.

— What level are you at now?

— 38.

A little more and he would get 5th rank.

Of course, he rose levels much slower than Kang Yu, but compared to other Players, he was probably the fastest.

— Do you realize that you are improving much faster than other Players?

— But that doesn’t make me special…

— Not, it’s precisely because you’re special.
Of course, your team is a great help, but the main reason lies in your uniqueness.

Si Hoon fell silent.

— You’re going to become even stronger.
It’s okay if it takes you some time to realize that you’re more than worthy of this sword.

— Kang Yu…

— You believe me, don’t you?

— Of course I do! I will do my best to prove my worth to own this sword! — Si Hoon shouted with confidence in his eyes.

A real fire burned in his eyes, filled with self-belief.

Kang Yu nodded his head in satisfaction.

All that remains is to pass the rite of unity.
As expected, he reached for the sword.

— Ah? What is it?

Only, he didn’t take the sword.
The guy’s hand brushed past the equipment and grabbed Kang Yu instead.

‘What’s with him now…?’

— Actually, when I first saw you… I felt kind of weird.
It was like my whole body was against you.

‘That’s because you’re the Defender of the planet, and I’m the one who broke the system.’

— But then that feeling disappeared.

‘Because I made you my subordinate.’

— And now… haha.
Maybe it sounds a little strange… But I feel like we’re spiritually connected.

‘Because we really are connected.’

— Kang Yu…

‘Don’t look at me like that.’

Kang Yu smiled awkwardly and abruptly removed the guy’s hand.

The expression on Si Hoon’s face immediately turned sad.

Goosebumps ran through Kang Yu’s body.

‘Have I gone too far?’

He had the feeling that he first forced Si Hoon to trust him, then turned his back on him.

Kang Yu realized that a line had to be drawn in their relationship.

— Si Hoon…

— Ah, Kang Yu, there’s something I wanted to tell you.

The guy took something out from his pocket.
As soon as Kang Yu saw it, his eyes widened.

— During the last hunt, I noticed something strange.
After examining their bodies, I found this.

Si Hoon was holding two black pebbles the size of a fingernail.

Kang Yu immediately reached for the stones.

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These were the stones filled with pure power that he’d been so desperately searching for these past two weeks.

What’s more, there was not one, but two!

The corners of his lips immediately stretched upward.

‘Si Hoon, let’s go all the way together.’


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