Chapter 7.
The Anger of a Demon (Part 2)

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‘Who does he think he is?!’ Tae Hyun glanced at the overturned pot of kimchi jjigae and snickered at Kang Yu, who was howling.

— Are you crazy? — How dare his sister drag some homeless guy into the house? She seemed to be too kind, and she doesn’t have any willpower.
— Where did you find that tramp?

— Ka… Kang Yu, run away! — Han Sol screamed, ignoring her brother’s question.

Tae Hyun was bordering level 30, while the “Devourer” was only at level 4.

Without taking into account the Devourer’s level, which wasn’t that high, compared to the girl, he was still incredibly strong.

Regardless, Han Sol didn’t want to drag her savior into domestic disputes, and she especially didn’t want the guy to get hurt.

A tempting thought came to her mind:

‘What if Kang Yu could resolve this situation as well?’ But it was just a passing fantasy, and the girl shook the thought away.
Tae Hyun was at B-level despite being second rank, even though you usually have to get a third or fourth rank to get to B-level.

A Player’s strength was classified according to his abilities and level.

Therefore, we can say that compared to other people, he was a more talented player.

‘Kang Yu is in danger.’ She looked at the young man with anxiety in her eyes.

— Aaaah, my kimchi jjigae! — Kang Yu sobbed, looking at the soup spilled across the floor.
He couldn’t have known the girl’s worries.

Tae Hyun didn’t like the reaction, and his face twisted.

— Hey, bum, stop yelling and get up.

Kang Yu slowly turned his head towards the smug face of Tae Hyun.

Rage was building up in him.

—  Аh?! — When he faced Kang Yu, Tae Hyun, unexpectedly took a step back.

‘What the…?’ A human couldn’t have that kind of gaze.

It was the gaze of a ferocious, wild beast.

‘No…’ His face turned pale.

Wild beast? No, it felt different.

It was a hatred that pulled him down, strangled him.
Animals couldn’t do that.

He was frightened by the eyes he saw.
Empty and dark, they were like the deepest abyss.

‘It’s like…’ Tae Hyun found the right word to describe that look.

He had no doubts about it:

— Demon.

He had never seen a demon in person, nor did he know exactly what they looked like.

But for some reason, he was sure that there was no other term that could describe Kang Yu’s face and darkness in his eyes.

Tae Hyun took a deep breath and gathered his strength.
Suddenly, the evil energy that had been hovering in the air before had evaporated.

‘It must have been my imagination.’ He looked carefully at Kang Yu.

A homeless person could never have emitted such a frightening wave of ardent anger.

Tae Hyun shook his head trying to throw away the sensations he had just experienced.

He didn’t want to admit that some homeless man who yelled at him because of the kimchi jjigae he spilled could scare him, even for a moment.

Kang Yu turned to Tae Hyun, who was looking at him, and spoke in a quiet voice:

— You.

— What?

— Did you spill my kimchi jjigae?

— Ha, you’re really out of your mind.
— Tae Hyun, dumbfounded by the absurdity of what was going on, giggled unintentionally, and concentrated on the Power in his fists.

When he found himself on level 10 of the second rank, he had discovered a special skill, Flame of Hands.

The blue flame flashed in his palms.
Because of the fire, the temperature in the air rose to such an extent that it seemed to light up the house a little more.

“Special skill.”

This is a unique ability that only one Player has.

It was a power that was supposed to help protect the Earth from the huge amount of monsters jumping out of the Gate.

— Look out! — Han Sol hastily shouted out, and she extended her hand.

A light arrow came out of her palm and headed for Tae Hyun’s head.

Her special skill was Light, rank D.

In fact, her strength was more suitable for support and rather than causing damage.

As soon as Tae Hyun waved his hand, his fire swallowed up the arrow.

An incomplete ability was nothing more than fun for the Player.

— Ha! — Tae Hyun smirked and attacked Kang Yu.

The blue flames thickened and headed towards the guy.

— Huh? — Kang Yu twitched his head with a sharp movement and escaped the attack.

Suddenly, a black blade appeared from the back of Kang Yu’s hand.

Kang Yu concentrated, lowered his head for a second, and then, with swift movement, deflected another attack, this time swinging the blade back.

— Ah! — Tae Hyun shouted and staggered.

‘He wasn’t that fast.’ The blade was a threat, but the enemy lacked speed.

Tae Hyun, focusing on the blade, rushed forward.

At that moment, Kang Yu hit the enemy in the solar plexus with a sharp movement of his leg.

From the beginning, the blade was nothing more than a distraction.

Something that could take Tae Hyun’s attention and distract him.

— You bastard!

The damage caused by the blade was small.

Tae Hyun, still speaking crudely, swung at Kang Yu again.

But this time, too, he ducked successfully and hit Tae Hyun twice, without much effort.

Kang Yu stepped towards the staggering guy and reached out with his left hand.

Tae Hyun hastily activated his Power, his hands ablaze with flames, and he directed them towards Kang Yu.

Kang Yu guessed that his opponent would do this, so he pulled his left-hand back and hit him in the jaw with his right hand.

When he got hit, he fell to the living room floor.

Tae Hyun, pale, looked at Kang Yu from the ground up.

The most important thing was that his endurance and speed have not decreased.

That meant that his opponent was a player with lower levels and skills.


‘Who is he?’ This guy used battle methods he’d never heard of.

Tae Hyun realized that the sword was just an illusion and Kang Yu instantly found his weaknesses.
Using the blade as bait, he went on to hand-to-hand combat.

— Ahh! — Tae Hyun was in so much pain that he squealed but still rushed to Kang Yu.

But the outcome was the same.
Kang Yu surpassed him in strength by so much that it seemed as if he was fighting a small child.

— What the hell are you?!

There were no flaws in his actions.

It felt like there was a clear advantage in his fighting skills.

It felt like he had decades of training and fighting behind his back.

Tae Hyun, who just a few minutes ago watched a homeless man eat kimchi jjigae, sobbing, was now sobbing himself, but in pain.

— Ahhhh!

Kang Yu’s black blade was removed from his hand.

— It hurts! It hurts!

— I haven’t finished yet, — Kang Yu said in a cold tone, and shook his palm, which the blade was sticking out of just a second ago.

He broke the guy’s arm and not only the scream but also the crunch of his bones echoed through the house.

— Aah! —  Tae Hyun was in incredible pain.

Kang Yu, shaking with anger, looked at his right hand again.

The Lord’s wrath could not be filled with just one broken arm.

— You almost redeemed yourself.
You shouldn’t have overturned my kimchi jjigae.

— Kimchi jjigae?! It’s just soup! Hey, you’re hurting me!

Kang Yu gave Tae Hyun a hard look.

— What? — He heard something that didn’t fit in his head.
— Are you saying it’s “just soup?”—

It’s bullshit.

You can’t use the word “just” to “kimchi jjigae”.

It’s unthinkable.

— It’s you.
You’re saying it.
Kimchi jjigae.
Is only.

— Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh saaave meee! —

It was time for more violent measures.

Kang Yu kicked a guy’s head like a soccer ball over and over.
His whole face was covered with splatters of blood almost at once.

— Ahhh! Ahhhh! — Tae Hyun was moaning in pain.

Compared to Kang Yu, he should be superior in all respects.
Accordingly, he shouldn’t be feeling this hellish pain.

But the pain was getting stronger and stronger.

— So, say it again.
What do you think about kimchi jjigae?

— Oh… kimchi jjigae is a holy dish.

— That’s right, —  Kang Yu said, nodding with a smile.

He grabbed the guy shivering in terror by his hair and quietly said it:

— Once again… What is kimchi jjigae?

— It’s a divine meal! — Tae Hyun answered with a tearful voice.

Kang Yu didn’t like that answer, and his face changed.

— You’re being too quiet.

— Kimchi jjigae is the best thing humankind ever came up with.

— You’re not putting your soul into words!

— Kimchi jjigae is a! Wonderful! Dish!

— Even louder! Like how believers pray to the Lord God! Like a guy in front of a girl he loves! Put your feelings into it!

— Kimchi jjigae is the best dish on Earth! — It was a scream turning into a shriek.

But it could not satisfy Kang Yu’s wish.

He bent over and shouted:

— Are you loud enough? No! Raise your voice to the seventh octave!

— Kimchi jjigae!!! — And then, when he broke his voice, he coughed up.

Kang Yu has awakened to the cruelty again.

— What did you just do? Aren’t you going to talk properly?

— I’m… sorry!

— Let’s do it one more time.
Let’s do it again!!!

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— Kimchi jjigaaaeee!!! The best!!! Dish!!!! — In this scream, he put all his remaining energy into it.

Now Kang Yu was happy and slammed the guy on his shoulder with a smile.

— Ugh… — Tae Hyun exhaled and cried.

He had tears and snot, and soon it all turned into a mess on his face.

— What the… Crazy person…

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