— Alright.

— I’m sorry I interrupted your meal.
Oh, and you need to add something else to your dish for better taste.

Baek Kang Hyun took the plate of kkakdugi next to the udon and dumped its contents into Kang Yu’s mix of kimchi jjigae.

(P.p.: Kkakdugi – a kind of kimchi with the addition of sliced radish cubes)

—  It will taste better this way! — Kang Hyun flashed a confident smirk

— Adding kimchi to kimchi jjigae…?

— Heh, you don’t understand anything.
The spice is very different, the spice!

— Well, I’ll give it a try.

Kang Yu chuckled as he mixed everything in the plate and began to eat.

Now the soup did not resemble kimchi jjigae at all, but it had a semblance of some kind of garbage.

Han Sol, who had seen this combination for the first time, looked down at the plate doubtfully.

— Kang Yu, is it delicious?

— Sure.

Having emptied all the ordered dishes, the guy got up from his seat.

— Well, let’s go?

— Kang Yu, are you okay? You declined such a great offer… — Han Sol looked worried.

— Do you feel regretful about the 50 million won?

— Oh, no, that’s not what I meant! It’s not even my money.
It’s just… I know he doesn’t look like the kind of person to do it, but… what if he decides to get revenge?

— Let him, if he dares! — Kang Yu exploded into laughter.
— I’ll make him regret it.

Yes, to the fullest extent.


Walking around the mall once more, they headed to the parking lot.

Han Sol was beaming from ear to ear.

— Today was so much fun!

— Yes, — Echidna agreed.
— I was able to buy clothes that Kang Yu likes.

Both girls had wide smiles on their faces, clearly satisfied with the day.

— Well, that’s good, — Kang Yu said with a slightly tired expression.

Although he had been close to losing his mind from constantly walking in circles around the mall, he wasn’t in a bad mood at all.

In addition, thanks to today’s trip, Han Sol and Echidna were able to become much closer with each other.

— I’ll bring the car, wait here.

— Okay, Kang Yu.

He went to his car, temporarily parting with the girls.

This time, Echidna sat in the front seat.

Kang Yu, already accustomed to his new car, easily pulled out of the underground parking lot.

— It’s such a pity.
— Han Sol suddenly spoke.

— Hmm?? What are you talking about?

— About the Legendary Elite equipment.
I noticed you hesitated.

— Oh, yes, that’s a pity, of course.
— The guy clicked his tongue, recalling the offer/

Thoughts about the Legendary equipment have not left him since lunch.

— It’s a good thing you were able to turn down the offer.

— You think it’s a good thing?

— Yes.
— Han Sol narrowed her eyes.
— He struck me as a… disturbing man.

Kang Yu thought about the guy who had sat down with them.
Thinking back to it, Baek Kang Hyun’s accent was pretty cute, and he seemed like a nice guy.
He certainly didn’t make Kang Yu feel worried.

‘It must be a woman’s instinct.’

Kang Yu thought that he should learn more about this man from Young-ju and Hwa Yeon.

— Well, for me, I just didn’t want to obey anyone.

— I agree.
I can’t imagine you following someone’s orders.

— Kang Yu shouldn’t have to listen to orders, — Echidna piped in, sounding displeased as she clutched at his shirt.

She idolized Kang Yu and did not even want to imagine him following someone else’s decrees.

— Don’t worry.
That won’t happen.
— Kang Yu tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

There was silence in the car.
Most likely, Han Sol and Echidna were too tired to keep talking, after a whole day of wandering around the mall.

‘Legendary Elite equipment…’

The silence felt heavy, and Kang Yu remembered the recently received offer again.

‘It is doubly a pity to miss something that was so close.’

Kang Yu even thought about asking Young-ju for such equipment, but he himself was aware of how valuable it was.

Even Young-ju could hardly find it.

At that moment, a melody sounded from his phone.

— Hmm?

Kang Yu slipped the phone into a holder on the dashboard, and put an earpiece in his ear.

— Hello?

— It’s Baek Hwa Yeon.
Can you talk?

— I’m driving… What is it?

— Can you come to Hwaran’s main office right now?

— Now?

If it’s the main building, he’d have to go all the way to the Level S Gate in Suwon.

It wasn’t far from Seoul Station, but it wasn’t exactly close either.

— Yes, it won’t take long! — The girl said excitedly.

Kang Yu cocked his head to one side.

— Did something happen?

— The government award has been prepared for you.
You can get it at the main branch, so it would be nice if you came right now.

— Oho~

So this was about the reward Hwa Yeon had promised.

— What’s the reward? — he asked.

— You’re going to ask me after how much effort I put into getting something like this?

The girl spoke a little differently than usual.

Kang Yu became even more interested, hearing her speak like that.

— I just want to know if it’s worth it.

— Hahaha! You’re going to love it.
For all the service you’ve done, you will be presented with Legendary Elite equipment which has been stored at Mir Guild all this time.

Kang Yu’s eyes sparkled.

The same Legendary Elite equipment that has been haunting him for the last few hours.

All his regrets disappeared in an instant.

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Kang Yu smiled broadly.

‘As expected, the important thing is to live as a person should.’

(Editor’s Note: He means living the way he wants – not having to submit to others.
And maybe he also means not betraying Red Rose, who sponsored him first.)

He felt as if he had finally received the answer he had been looking for after a long, long time.


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