Chapter 69 – Rite of Calling (Part 4)

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There was a split in the air, like a crack in glass.

It started as a small crack and soon grew to a large size.
Thick black Magi spilled from it.

‘Hell Magi.’ Kang Yu frowned.

It was exactly the kind of Magi he was used to.

The summoning circle shone even brighter.

— This is…

— Wha… what’s going on?

The voices of Hwaran’s second division members were shaking with anxiety.

Suddenly there was a rift.

Another gate formed inside the gate.
Everyone could instantly sense something bad about it.

— Ha-ha-ha! Oh, immortal! Come out! Absorb our mortal souls with your great power! — Yu Dae Shik shouted like a crazed man.

He lifted his hands off the circle and spread them wide.

Even he didn’t know which of the demons was about to reveal himself.

The only thing he wanted was the appearance of someone with great power.

There was a low growl.

As the crack widened, strong hands reached out from the rift.

Black skin, a pulsing body.

Grasping at the edges of the rift, he began to tear it like paper.

The crack in the air grew even bigger and his red eyes flashed.

— Who has called me, the demon of the Seventh Thousandth Circle of Hell, Orias?

— Woah! — When Yu Dae Shik heard the voice from the rift, he crawled onto his knees where he was standing.

He bowed his head to the floor before the monster coming out of the rift.

— Oh, Orias! My mortal soul welcomes you!

— Did you call me?

— That’s right, my lord, — Dae Shik politely replied to the demon before him.

Orias looked down at the man with his scarlet eyes.

— It’s…

— A demon…?

Every guild member’s face was riddled with shock as they gawked at the monster.

A body up to seven meters tall.

A muscular body ready to explode with power, and huge wings stemming from his back.

A wild look and two horns on his forehead.

Even if someone did not know the purpose of his calling, they would definitely understand it with just one glance at the demon’s appearance.

(Editor’s Note: Basically even if someone randomly saw this scene, the demon looks so strong that they would understand it was called to rule the Earth.
He looks impossible to defeat, compared to the regular Gate monsters.)

— Why did you call me? — Orias asked in a low voice.

— We offer you the blood of pitiful mortals! Accept us as disciples, and we will follow you! We will fulfill all your orders to get rid of the mortal species! — Yu Dae Shik shouted back.

— Do you say you wish for immortality? — uttered Orias with a smile, lowering his gaze to Dae Shik, who bowed before him.

Having been born and living so long as a demon, he considered humans who desire immortality, and step on others to acquire it, to be low.

— Do you desire eternal life?

— Yes!

— Do you want to always experience passion and pleasure?

— Yes!!! — Dae Shik almost shrieked with jubilation.

He bowed even lower, hitting the ground with his head and drawing dark red blood from his forehead.

— I wish to have an endless life like you! I want power and authority!

He looked up at the wild Orias.

A demon from Hell.

For Dae Shik, he was both an aspiration and the messiah.

‘Eternal life! Unfading passion! Constant pleasure!’ The tempting words spoken by Orias looped in his head.

Before following Hell’s teachings, Dae Shik was one of few Muslims in Korea.

That’s why he wanted to cross the line of mortality and devote his entire infinite life to Allah.

But one day, someone wearing a red mask appeared in his life.

The teachings he was spreading changed Dae Shik’s values completely.

‘By following such a doctrine, do you have a real reason to yearn for immortality? We can give it to you.
Blind faith in God is nothing more than comfort.
Is there meaning in infinity after death?’

What he heard then shocked him.

Eternal life without death?

No fear of death?

How could this be? For he was born to accept the fate of man and eventually die.

But demons are beings who don’t need to care about a notion such as ‘fate’.

Dae Shik had no reason not to bow down to him.

— Ha-ha-ha! That’s great! A man with enough passion!

Orias could feel the passionate desire coming from the man.

This passion, burning strongly like fire, excited him.

The demon continued:

— Speak, son of man.
Where are the victims who will give me pleasure?

— There.
— Dae Shik pointed his hand towards the Hwaran Squad.

From Orias, a raging flame of desire began to grow.

— That’s not bad.
Not bad at all, — the monster growled, eyeing his meal.

The corners of his lips twitched and stretched out into a smile.

He was agitated by the power he felt from the Hwaran men, who pointed weapons at him.

He did not understand how mere mortals could radiate such a powerful force, but the monster knew for sure that there would be enough of them to entertain him.

— That demon… — Young-ju looked at Orias warily.

She grabbed the bracelet hanging from her hand.

She could sense a completely different power coming from him compared to the energy of Gate monsters.

He was far more powerful and destructive.

— Squad, prepare for battle! I don’t know what’s going on, but it looks like we’re gonna have to toughen up! — Ku Hyun Mo put on sunglasses and pulled out his weapons – two small knives.

He immediately started concentrating Maryok in both hands.

— It’s the first time I’ve seen such a frightening big guy.
— Hyun Mo gulped as he looked at Orias.

He hardly ever showed signs of anxiety, but standing in front of such a monster, even he couldn’t help but be nervous.

The energy coming from the demon was just so powerful.

— If he escaped beyond the gate, there would certainly be a ruckus.
We must stop him by all means, — Hwa Yeon said, pulling out a white sword and preparing to fight.

Young-ju clicked her tongue.

— If my guys were here, it would be much easier…

— But they’re not.
It would be good enough if they could even get to the Gate before the demon gets out of here and causes chaos.

The best way to resolve the situation was to kill the man before he called the demon, but it was too late.

The other way was to kill the demon himself.

Young-ju and Hwa Yeon were staring at Orias while they gathered Maryok.

— O Demon, who lives through eternity! Show these mortal beings your power!

— Wonderful.
War and murder is the best entertainment for me.

The seven-meter monster stretched his body and spread his wings wide.

Veins protruded on his skin.
His body was functioning at the expense of the strongest Magi.

Orias’ gaze landed on the Hwaran squad.

The anticipation of the coming battle made him quiver with excitement.

The monster, stomping his legs, extended his hand forward, and pulled a giant sickle out of the rift.

— Hey, ugly bugs! — Orias shouted out, waving his sickle.

The Second Division, led by Ku Hyun Mo, reacted first.

Twisting the knives in his hands, the Commander shouted out:

— Position C! Let’s show this pumped-up pig what we can do!

— Yes sir!

The squad moved forward in a neat, coordinated manner.

Their construction was like a spear.

Hyun Mo, who led them, smiled.
He confidently thrusted forward.

The sickle and the knives crossed in the air.

Hyun Mo cried out as he flew back with force.
The monster was even stronger than it seemed at first glance.

— He’s so damn strong! — shouted out Hyun Mo, trying to calm the tremors in his body.

If he had to keep fighting that demon one-on-one, he would have died from the next blow.


— Ha-ha! How well done!

— As expected of the commander!

…he wasn’t alone.

While Hyun Mo was distracted, the squad rushed into battle without delay.

Of course, the demon was able to repel most attacks, but not all.

Wounds started to appear on Orias’ body.

— Nice!

The more wounds there were on his body, the happier his voice became, and the more his excitement increased.

He swung the giant sickle.

Along the trajectory he traced, a series of Magi explosions followed, throwing aside the Hwaran men to the ground as if it was nothing for the enemy.

— Ha-ha-ha! Did you see that, you pathetic people? This is demon power! The infinite power that an immortal creature has! — Yu Dae Shik screamed with a crazy look.

The power shown by Orias was terrifying.

‘And this is only our first attempt at calling!’

The wall separating the worlds was getting weaker and weaker.

Which means they could easily summon even stronger demons.

If that was the case, they could take over all of Korea.
No, even the whole world could fall to his hands.

Dae Shik could envision his life of immortality as ruler of the world.

Just imagining it gave him goosebumps all over his body.

— Ha-ha-ha! This is it, humans! Make me laugh! Cheer me up! — Orias shouted in a crazy voice.

He looked around eagerly for a stronger opponent.

His gaze stopped at the man who was just standing still and watching him.

— Huh? — When the demon saw Kang Yu, he frowned.
— Eh… how is that…? How… why? —

Orias was looking at the guy with eyes full of horror.

The sickle in his hands fell to the ground and his body shook.

— What… why is he here? No… no.
This can’t be happening! — Orias was muttering under his breath like he’d lost his mind.

He shook with such fear that he looked pathetic.

— Orias…? — Dae Shik looked at the demon in bewilderment.

Orias looked in his direction:

— Son of man, cancel… cancel the summoning!!!

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— What…?

— Abolish it!!!

— Why so suddenly…

— I’m… I’m going back to Hell! Quickly cancel your calling and bring me back! Aah! Can’t you see that monster is coming our way?! Bring me back to Hell! — Orias’ screams spread all over the cave.


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