Chapter 6.
The Anger of a Demon (Part 1)


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The house was a little over 20 pyeong.


The young man with a large appetite was gulping down the dish prepared for him so loudly so that the sound of his munching could be heard all over the house.


— I suppose… You are very hungry? — Han Sol looked at the insatiable guy and hesitantly smiled.


You could say she was a bit discouraged by his display of greediness.


Kang Yu wasn’t paying attention to the girl’s rouge face, he was only focused on the food.


— It’s delicious, — he said, as he placed a rather thick piece of meat on a spoonful of white rice and dipped it in soup, then put a kimchi leaf on top with sticks.
Then he opened his mouth and swallowed it all at once with a spoon in his mouth.
At the same time, he felt dizzy with joy and his vision was blurred.


— Damn delicious.
—  He savoured the flavours that he hadn’t tasted for ten thousand years with every cell of his body.


He was as excited as he was when he first met Han Sol.


— Oh… — His excitement was replaced by pleasure.


The agony of the last ten thousand years appeared in his head as a huge panorama.


— Damn, it’s so delicious, — Kang Yu cried like a small child, emptying the pot of kimchi.


Actually, he didn’t need ‘food.’ After his body had absorbed Magi, his bodily functions had become like a demon’s.


Because of the Magi’s movement in their bodies, demons didn’t need food.


‘Poor guys.’ Kang Yu, who was now enjoying himself with a delicious meal, felt pity for demons.


Because there was still a human element left in the guy, even though he didn’t need food, he could taste it.
To be more precise, the demons could also distinguish between the tastes, but they were distorted and did not bring them any pleasure.


— Is it that good? — Han Sol asked, looking at the sobbing man devouring the kimchi jjigae.


She was confident in her cooking skills.


Because ever since she was a little girl, she often did her own housework.


And the kimchi jjigae she had just cooked was made with a few secrets she had learned from years of experience.




The food she cooked wasn’t so delicious that someone would cry.


— It was very, very tasty.
— Kang Yu feverishly nodded several times to confirm it.


— I’m glad you liked it so much.
— She smiled, satisfied.


Although it was unusual to see a guy crying over food, especially since it was an everyday meal, it certainly didn’t upset her.


This was undeniable proof that her kimchi jjigae was excellent.


‘Thank God.’ She’d been worried that she had nothing to offer her savior besides food, but looking at his reaction, the guilt started to dissipate.


She felt his kindness and felt even more warm feelings towards the young man.


‘What am I thinking about….’ It was far from a situation to think about developing relationships.


She thought about the conditions she was living in and took a deep breath.


— Ah… — Kang Yu looked at the empty pot with a sad look.
— It wasn’t enough… –


Though he did not need food, his empty and motionless ten thousand years body finally came into motion, and all his feelings were so intense that he was ready to scream.


— Shall I cook some more?


— Yes!


— Ha-ha, wait a minute.


Kang Yu’s eyes were glowing as he nodded involuntarily.


To Han Sol, the young man’s image seemed adorable, which made her smile a little.
She stood up, taking the completely empty pot.


— It’s nice to watch a young man eat with such an appetite.


— This is the best kimchi jjigae I’ve ever had in my life.


And those weren’t just empty words.


The flavor of the dish she cooked was so vivid, it felt like a drug had been planted in it.


‘I can’t lose that flavor.’ By all means, he wanted to keep eating that kimchi jjigae.
How? The answer was simple: ‘By getting married.’


Of course, the taste seemed even better because he had anticipated it for ten thousand years.


But now there was no way he could think with logic nor reason.


He imagined their future together again, with delicious kimchi jjigae, and his eyes shone even brighter.


‘I’ll make you happy!’


He was the lord of the Nine Thousandth Circle of Hell, the monster who ate tens of thousands of demons.


He, who was at the tip of the food chain, lost control of emotions to just kimchi jjigae.
It looks like a comedy, but it’s actually a drama.


— You were eating with such an appetite that I’ve decided to make more.
— She presented a second meal and smiled nicely, pushing the pot closer to Kang Yu.
She was being very courteous to this man she hardly knew.


— Thank you, — Kang Yu took a spoon and started to stuff his mouth with the second serving.
The spoon was rattling as he ate nonstop.


— It’s perfect! — First he felt the delightful taste on the tip of his tongue, and then, just like last time, pleasant emotions rushed through his whole body, and he continued to indulge in the dish.


Han Sol continued looking at him with a tender gaze.


At that moment, the door opened with a rumble, and a young guy entered the room.


— Hey, Han Sol! They say you went to the gate alone without my permission? Come here.


It was a handsome blonde with short hair, dressed in an ironed suit.
He stormed up to the girl, cursing.


The girl’s eyes grew serious.


— Tae Hyun…


— Tae Hyun, who allowed you to talk to your sister like that!


With her brother’s arrival, she started trembling a little.


He smirked and stood tall in front of Han Sol.


— I asked you, who let you go to the gate alone?


— I’m also a Player now.
And you’re the reason I can’t find a party.


— You’re still an amateur, you don’t know anything.


Tae Hyun‘s face had an intimidating grin on it.
He forcefully grabbed the girl’s shoulder.


— I told you to cut the crap and join our guild.
Everyone in my party will treat you well, — her brother hissed in her ear.
His eyes were gleaming.


Han Sol looked at her brother with disgust.


Tae Hyun.


Her brother, who was three years older.


“‘Garbage like this man cannot be called my brother.’ She clenched her fists tightly and continued to stare at her brother.


Ever since the Gate opened five years ago, Tae Hyun had become a real problem.


Even though their father passed away early and their mother was raising two children on her own, it hadn’t been so bad.
Their mother had a good career and made a lot of money.


But in high school, Tae Hyun was involved in a violent case, after which more problems began to arise regularly.
He even went as far as neglecting and blackmailing his mother.


Because of that, their mother got sick, and then things got much worse.


And, as they say, trouble doesn’t come alone. Tae Hyun joined the Players.


It turned out that he had good skills, so he quickly reached level 10, got a B-rank certificate, and joined the guild called Andras.


Andras Guild.


The guild, named after one of King Solomon’s 72 demons.


As a guild with a name like this, there were many bad rumors about it.


Tae Hyun had bent over backwards to achieve a higher position in his guild.


Even though it wasn’t a large guild, Tae Hyun‘s guild had an important place among medium guilds.
So he wanted a higher rank.
That’s why he was in need of Han Sol.
More precisely, her appearance.


‘If she accompanied the elders…’ There were no girls who could match the beauty of Han Sol.
If he’d presented Han Sol to an elder, he would be able to get a high position.


Despite wishing to make his family member a scapegoat, he felt no remorse at all.


— I don’t want to! There’s no way I’m joining your guild.


— Ha, dummy.
You just don’t know how the world works.
Do you think if you always do the right thing, it’ll make life easier? Ha? If you come with me to the elders now, it’ll make life easier for you and me.


— How… how can you say that to a family member?


— Ha, family? That’s bullshit.
How can people who look like tramps be my family?


— Who do you think made us live like this?!


Tae Hyun just smiled in response to his sister’s screaming.


— Who are we living like this because of? Because of the early death of our father, or because of our useless mother.


— You bastard! — She lashed out with anger.


Han Sol squeezed her fists even harder and swung at him.


He was no longer family to her.
He was a wolf in sheep’s skin, no, not even like that —  he was garbage.


Tae Hyun stopped her fist with only a slight movement of his hand.
He grabbed and squeezed her wrist, inflicting pain all over her body.


Now, she, a level 6 girl, couldn’t possibly compete with the guy at the 30th level.


— Let go of me!


— If you’ve got nothing but a pretty face, then think about using it.
Your brother’s an angel, clean up your bad habits.


— Tae… Tae Hyun!


— Go away, woman, — he ignored his mother standing before him and stomped to the living room without letting go of the girl’s wrists.


— How about we do it today, huh?


When he walked from the lobby to the living room, he saw Kang Yu eating kimchi jjigae.


— Are you messing with guys? — Tae Hyun asked with a mockery and looked at the girl.


When he let go of Han Sol’s wrist, he looked at Kang Yu and said:


— Hey there, you’re bothering me.
Get out of here.


After letting out a few more swears, he sauntered over to Kang Yu‘s side.


But the young man was so focused on the food that he didn’t care about Tae Hyun‘s outrage.


— You bastard get out, I said! — He went out of his mind and swung at Kang Yu, who ignored him.


But instead of hitting the guy, he turned the table over.


— А…


Kimchi jjigae…


It fell…


On the floor…


— Ahhhhh!


Lord of the Nine Thousandth Circle of Hell.


The monster ruler of Hell, who has made Great Demons bow before him.


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The greatest of demons, the greatest of Devourers, the greatest of rulers.


With a voice like the roar of tens of thousands of demons, he screamed:


— My kimchi jjigae!!!

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