Chapter 64 – Do you know me? (Part 4)

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— A man… who are you?

— What? — Kim Jae Hyun’s eyes widened.

He looked at his son questioningly.

— Yeong Hoon, it’s me, your father!

— Man, what are you talking about? — He stared at the man with suspicion.

It seemed as if the young man had lost all his memories of his father.

— Yeon… Yeong Hoon… — Kim Jae Hyun’s eyes were shaking.

His son was treating him as though he were a stranger.

That fact shocked the man so much that his entire body began to shake.

— Ah… ah… — He could hardly close his mouth.

Everything inside him seemed to have turned upside down.

A little more and he’d puke.
The words he just heard made his mind go dark.

His son was eyeing him like he was completely unfamiliar.

— What did you do? — The trembling Kim Jae Hyun turned his head to glare at Kang Yu, who was smiling a lot.

Seeing that smile, the man couldn’t hold back any longer and his emotions took over him.

— I’m asking you, what did you do?! — Kim Jae Hyun shouted so loudly that his scream could take away his hearing.

His image of a business gentleman collapsed in an instant.

It couldn’t have ended up any other way.
In a situation like this, it’s simply impossible to keep a sober mind.

His son, his beloved son had forgotten about his father.

It caused more shock and fear than the twisted leg.

Who knows if he would feel the same way if his son died in front of his eyes.

Kim Jae Hyun didn’t know.

He thought that if his son had died, at least he wouldn’t have grabbed onto his hands while saying such heartbreaking things.

— First of all… let go of me, man! Where am I, anyway? — Yeong Hoon started to push the man away.

Every time his son addressed Kim Jae Hyun as ‘man,’ like a stranger, his mind would clog up more and more.

— You… you… — He looked at Kang Yu with hatred, trembling.

Gently letting Yeong Hoon out of his arms, he got back on his feet.

He could feel the world around him collapsing.
No, it felt like it had already collapsed.

There was unimaginable anger boiling in him.

— Chi… chief!

— Get it together!

The man threw aside his guild members on either side of him.

Right now, nothing could reach his ears.

Kim Jae Hyun turned his eyes to his opponent’s lips.

The corners of the guy’s lips, raised in a happy smile, were imprinted in his mind.
He could almost hear Kang Yu mockingly laugh at him.

He finally stopped perceiving the reality around him.

— You bastard!

There was an explosion caused by Maryok.

The land around Kim Jae Hyun was cracked as if it had dried up.

One of Korea’s ten greatest players.

The man with Rank 8, and about to reach Rank 9.

He has four Class S special abilities that he could use against Kang Yu.

The earth around him shook.
Because of the Maryok explosion, the asphalt on the ground started to shrink.

Golden Maryok was burning in both of his hands.

The Maryok in his palms was unusual; it looked like one of the celestial constellations.

His body was surrounded by a cloud of ordinary Maryok.

He threw himself at Kang Yu.

— Wait! — Suddenly, Chae Young-ju appeared in front of the man, blocking his path.

In her hands, she was holding a metal chain with red spikes, which she threw at Kim Jae Hyun.

As soon as he clenched his fists, the energy around him rattled the chains.

Like a powerful explosion, the wave of energy from his fists spilled around him.

With that kind of superpower, he could no longer be called human.

His fist, upon hitting the chains, caused an explosion that sounded like a gunshot.

— Out of the way! — Kim Jae Hyun, who had already lost his mind, shouted out.

Young-ju, like a wild animal who wasn’t going to let go of its prey, threw her chains at the man again.

Just like him, she was among the top 10 strongest Players in Korea.

The red metal chains wrapped around his body like a snake.

The sharp spikes instantly left lacerations on his skin.

Kim Jae Hyun immediately ripped off the chains that were holding him back and threw them aside.

Dark blood flowed from his wounds, but he didn’t care.

Completely ignoring Young-ju, he kept moving to his prey.

But after the Red Rose Commander, Baek Hwa Yeon came to block his way.

Her snow-white sword was pointed at Kim Jae Hyun’s throat.

He pulled the sword out of her hands and expanded his cluster of Maryok.

Because of the man’s enormous strength, the girl was thrown back.

— Ah… — Hwa Yeon coughed.

She was weaker than both Chae Young-ju and Kim Jae Hyun.

Hwa Yeon couldn’t beat him.

— Hwa Yeon! Get back!

— Got it! — She nodded and rolled out of the way.

Young-ju took her place with her hands wide open.

The bracelet hanging from her wrist caught fire in red.

A scarlet chain began to appear from the bracelet.

They were her ‘Bloodthirsty Chains’..

Her signature weapon.

After creating enough red chains, she made a net out of them and launched it at the crazed man.

Unable to ignore this attack, he raised his right fist.

If he doesn’t step back now, he’s bound to get caught.
But even knowing that, he didn’t stop.
He kept going forward as if he couldn’t see any of the sharp thorns that were getting closer and closer to him.

Eventually his whole body was wrapped in the net.

— Aah! — Kim Jae Hyun yelped in pain.

There were many thorns on each chain, piercing his body.

But he could care less about his wounds.
With both hands, he snatched the chain off the body with zeal.

Meanwhile, the cluster of Maryok was getting bigger and bigger around him.

The metal chain that wrapped tightly around him broke like a thin thread.

— I told you to get out of the way! — Kim Jae Hyun shrieked hysterically.

He got rid of the chains and threw them aside.
His body was covered with bleeding lacerations.

No one would be surprised if he died right on the spot from the numerous wounds he sustained.

But at Level 80 with Rank 9, such wounds couldn’t kill the man.

— What a psycho… — Young-ju was in shock from his wild behavior.

‘It’s no use attacking from the front.’

A feature of the legendary weapon, the bloodthirsty chains, was suction of energy.

In other words, the moment the spikes pierce the victim’s skin, they begin to draw power from them.

But the problem was that Kim Jae Hyun wasn’t getting any weaker despite that.

‘Even if he dies, he will continue running amok.’ Young-ju frowned.

— Ahhh! — He wouldn’t stop until he finishes what he had started.

Baek Hwa Yeon, who had drawn back from the battle, pushed off from the ground to attack him.

— Young-ju! Help me!

— I’ve got it!

Young-ju pointed her hand towards the girl.
The red chains lined up in front of Hwa Yeon, creating a strong defensive wall.

Kim Jae Hyun crashed into it, the impact leaving cracks on the ground for dozens of meters.

Shaken up, he raised his right fist to use one of his abilities.

Maryok openly flew from his fist.

It flew at Hwa Yeon as well, but she successfully escaped by dodging behind the shield of chains made by Young-ju.

The Maryok that collided with the shield opened a hole in it.
At that moment, Hwa Yeon drew her sword and swung it from the sky to the ground in his direction, cutting through the charge of Maryok.

The man who was already seriously injured grew weaker.
Hwa Yeon’s eyes gleamed.

‘Heavy Wind.’

She used one of her abilities.

A vortex rose around the blade of her sword, spinning at an incredible speed.
Even Kim Jae Hyun, who was blinded by his rage, hurriedly stepped back, recognizing danger.

However, the blade ruthlessly slashed through his body.

Though the sword just barely touched him, he couldn’t escape the vortex of wind.

From his waist to his collarbone.

A fountain of blood poured from the long cut.

His body convulsed from the almost fatal wound.

Hwa Yeon paused seeing this.

Kim Jae Hyun’s death would be a problem for them.
If he dies, they can’t get closer to the Devil’s Teachers.

Taking advantage of her moment of doubt, he used a Power.

— The Abyss! — The man slammed both his fists into the ground.

With a sound like roaring thunder, a powerful energy like a volcanic eruption poured out.

The explosion of Magi hit Hwa Yeon.

— Ah… — Thrown back by the powerful force, she fell and skidded through the ground.

The girl threw up dark blood.

Staggering, Hwa Yeon rose from the ground.
If she continued to stand around, she’d probably suffer a lot more.

However, her fears were for nothing.

Kim Jae Hyun wasn’t targeting her at all.

— Ahh! — A scream like a monster’s scream.

The man covered in blood from head to toe rushed at Kang Yu.

The distance between them was reduced to twenty meters.

But taking into the account that he was no ordinary Player, it’s more like he was a step away from Kang Yu.

— Sighting chains!

Young-ju wasn’t going to put up with the fact that the man who ignored her could only see Kang Yu.

She threw five more chains to follow.

15 meters.
The chain hit his right leg.

10 meters.
The chain caught on his left arm, from his wrist to his shoulder.

5 meters.
The chain clung on his right shoulder.


— Ha-ha… — Kim Jae Hyun looked down at his stomach, where the metal chain was digging into his skin.

He was breathing heavily.

Blood spilled onto his chin the moment he opened his mouth.

His gaze was directed at the person in front of him.

He smiled as if the young man were laughing at him.

— Ah… ah… ah… — Gathering the last of his strength, he swung his right hand.

But there was nothing left in his fists.
No Maryok; no special ability.

His fist met Kang Yu’s chest powerlessly.

Kim Jae Hyun’s strength was exhausted, and he fell to the ground.

Kang Yu bent down a bit and looked at him.

Their eyes clashed in the air.

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The man who was about to pass out could hardly keep looking at him.

Kang Yu slowly reached out, grabbed his face and pulled it towards his own.

Their faces were so close that it looked like their noses were about to touch.

— Do you know who I am now?


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