Chapter 63 – Do you know me? (Part 3)

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— Aah!!! It… it hurts! It hurts! — Yeong Hoon’s sobbing scream flew around.

— That’s enough! — Kim Jae Hyun’s worried voice could be heard from the machine.

Kang Yu loosened his grip a bit.

— Phew… Phew… — Yeong Hoon, who had never experienced such pain before, grabbed his twisted leg, tears spilling from his eyes.

Kang Yu gave a sharp warning to the man on the other side of the call:

— 20 minutes.
If you don’t show up in 20 minutes, the other leg will suffer.

A voice that knows neither mercy nor any human feelings.

On the contrary, he seemed to be enjoying what was happening and it could be heard in his voice, which angered Kim Jae Hyun.

He started giving a speech with blatant irritation in his voice:

— I don’t know who you are.
And I don’t know what you want.
If you’re doing this for a ransom, you’re way out of line.
I will find you.
I will find you… and I will kill you.

When Kang Yu heard such a frightening speech, he smiled.

— Good luck.

Squeezing the marble tightly in his fist, he broke it into many pieces.

— Well… — He laughed, turning again to the trembling Yeong Hoon.

His face looked like it was painted white as he stared up at Kang Yu.

Right now, he was so scared that he even forgot that his leg had been turned upside down.

— Spare me… mercy! Pl… please! Do… do you need money? I’ll ask my dad for as much as you want!

— Money is fine, but that’s not what I want from you.
— Kang Yu squatted in front of the guy.

He looked too calm for a man who had just crushed a bone in someone else’s leg.

This reaction, or rather the absence of one, scared him most.

Yeong Hoon started trembling even harder, and he spoke in a quiet, shaky voice:

— Then, what do you want?

— Peace and tranquility on Earth, — Kang Yu said without hesitation.

When Yeong Hoon heard this, he bit his lip, not believing such words.

— Don’t… don’t talk nonsense and just say what you want!

— So you don’t believe me… — Kang Yu looked at the guy with pitying eyes.

Leaving all the details aside, his words were true.

The Devil’s Teachers were the ones who were trying to turn the Earth into another Hell.
He didn’t want that at all.

— Let’s get ready, shall we?

Kang Yu extended his hand to Yeong Hoon, who was screaming hysterically.

— Um… please! Don’t–don’t kill me! Please!!!

— What, are you making a bastard out of me? I’m not going to kill you, jerk.

— Well… then…

— We have to get ready to meet your dad.

Saliva gathered in Yeong Hoon’s dried-up throat and he swallowed it, and there was a ray of hope in his eyes.

Kim Jae Hyun.

He thought that his father, who was perfect in everything, could still get him out of this sad situation.

‘I don’t know what you want from me…’

He was pretty sure Dad would handle this crazy guy.

— Thank God.

— Thank God…?

— Yes.

Kang Yu smiled widely and grabbed Yeong Hoon’s head.

He chose one of his 666 Powers and hit the hostage’s head with a strong discharge of Magi.

— Ah…

His eyes rolled up, his body quivered, and foam came out of his mouth, dirtying his clothes.

When Kang Yu looked at the shaking Yeong Hoon, he continued quietly:

— Thank God that Kim Jae Hyun loves you.

A father’s love for his son.

It was clear from the anger heard during the conversation that Yeong Hoon was loved by his father.

— It’s pretty easy to use a person who is blinded by feelings

Kang Yu laughed.


Kang Yu used a Power on Yeong Hoon, finished preparing the plan, and escorted Si Hoon and his party outside.

Red Rose and Hwaran, who’d received his signal, were waiting for him at the exit.

— These people…

— Huh? Isn’t that Chae Young-ju from Red Rose and Hwaran’s 3rd Division Leader Baek Hwa Yeon?

Han Sol and Dae Su looked over.

— I’ll explain later.
For now, take Si Hoon and take cover in a safe place.

— But…

— Kang Yu! Where did you go after the call? — Young-ju immediately ran up to them.

Han Sol, who’d only ever seen that girl on the news, was shocked when she called Kang Yu familiarly and started talking to him.

— Kang Yu, are you friends with the Red Rose Guild Leader?

— Yeah, I’m forced to be.

— I should be the one saying that.
— Young-ju squinted and stared at him.

She turned her head towards Han Sol.

— I think you know who I am.
Who are you?

— Ha… Han Sol.

— Um… — Young-ju was looking at the girl.

She was scanning the girl until her eyes stopped on her chest.

Young-ju shrieked and her forehead was covered in blood vessels.
After taking a deep breath, she continued:

— What’s your relationship with Kang Yu?

— Huh… what’s your relationship with Kang Yu? And why are you communicating with him in such a friendly manner? — Han Sol stared straight into her eyes, not looking away.

‘She didn’t look like a daring girl.’

But now Han Sol looked like a wild tiger showing its claws.

At that moment, Kang Yu interrupted the girls with their psychological fight.

— You’ll get to know each other later.
It’s not that important now.
Han Sol, take our teammates and get out of here.

— Ah…

— When we get this sorted out, I’ll come home and explain.

— Okay.
— Han Sol nodded with a slightly disappointed expression on her face and left the gate with Dae Su.

Young-ju, quietly watching the girl leave, turned her eyes to Kang Yu.

— So, who is the baited fish?

— Him.
— Kang Yu pulled Yeong Hoon closer and threw him to the floor.

Young-ju’s eyes gleamed.

— As expected, the Mir Guild.

— Did you expect it to be them?

— I was just wondering if it was them.
Thinking about which of the large guilds might have gotten involved in such a crazy act, it could only be their guild.

It seemed as if personal feelings were involved in her assumption.

‘They seem to have a bad relationship.’

He remembered what Kang Seon Soo said.
The pieces were coming together now.

— Shall we just interrogate him and get all the information we need?

— No.
He’s just a pawn.
He doesn’t know the information that’s important to us.

— Then…

— I called Kim Jae Hyun.
He’ll be here in 20 minutes.

It didn’t mean anything to Kang Yu, but Young-ju frowned.

— Wait a minute! What do you mean, ‘I called Kim Jae Hyun?!’ — She looked at the guy lying on the ground, shocked.

A single thought made its way into her head.

— Did you… take him hostage?

— I heard somewhere that he loves his son very much.

— Do you realize that’s crazy…  — Young-ju felt discouraged to look at the person she was talking to.

She’s made concessions to him hundreds of times, and she’s even prepared to accept that Kang Yu is holding Yeong Hoon hostage, but to call his father here…

— Kim Jae Hyun won’t let it go.

— He said the same thing to me, — Kang Yu said calmly.

— Ah… So that’s why you said to bring reinforcements.

Young-ju took a deep breath.

She had no idea that a war with another guild would suddenly break out like this.

‘Well, sooner or later this day would have come…’

After all, if they found out that Mir is connected to the Devil’s Teachers, they would not be able to simply ignore this fact.

To catch the Devil’s Teachers, they would have to screw up their relationship with Mir even more than it already was.

‘Perhaps this ‘sooner or later’ will come today.’ Young-ju bit her lip.

Because Kang Yu had called very suddenly, she didn’t have time to gather a lot of people.

It was the same with Baek Hwa Yeon.

Right now, most of her people were caught up in some kind of government operation.

— It’s okay.
Our battle won’t be hard, — Kang Yu assured her.

Hwa Yeon frowned and asked:

— I’m sorry, but neither Young-ju or I could bring a large army with us.
If we’re having a war against the Mir Guild, the battle can’t be easy.
Don’t you think your decision was rushed?

— Hwa Yeon, what do you think the outcome will be if you fight against an enemy who has lost his mind?

— Of course, we’ll win…

— That’s right, — Kang Yu said confidently, knowing that they will.

Hwa Yeon glanced at him, skeptical.

— Are you saying that Kim Jae Hyun will attack recklessly?

— He loves his son too much.
— Kang Yu shrugged his shoulders.

Young-ju shook her head with a frown.

— Kim Jae Hyun is different from that brainless bully Yeong Hoon.
He won’t run after his captured son even if he loses his mind.

After all, he’s the cold-blooded and calculating man at the head of one of Korea’s largest organizations.

In response, Kang Yu laughed a little.

— No, he will.

— Are you going to wave his son’s broken leg in front of his eyes? — Young-ju asked, gazing at the guy’s upside down leg.

Kang Yu grinned and shook his head.

— Do you think that’s enough to drive him crazy?

— What are you going to do?

Young-ju looked at Kang Yu, feeling cold with unease.

The guy didn’t answer her question and instead turned his eyes on the road.

— I think he’s here.

— Ah…?

There were about 20 SUVs on the road.

Thanks to special equipment, all the cars passed through the Gate without falling apart.

The door of the leading car opened, and an upright-looking middle-aged man came out of it.

This man with brushed back hair was seething in anger.

— Now it’s clear who arranged it… — Getting out of the car, he gave Young-ju and Hwa Yeon a heated glare.
— Idiots.
Did you think I’d give up so easily if you took my son hostage? —

At that moment, he realized it wasn’t just Red Rose and Hwaran involved.

His angry eyes were darting side to side.

— Who was the bastard talking to me?

— I’m here, — Kang Yu said, and waved as if he were welcoming a close friend.

Everyone around him felt the man’s rage grow even stronger.

— Thank you for not running away.

The doors of all the cars swung open and about 200 people came out.

Kim Jae Hyun eyed Kang Yu, and continued:

— Where’s my son?

— Ah, here he is, — Kang Yu said, raising Yeong Hoon from the ground slightly and throwing him in the air.

— Chief!

— It’s dangerous!

Suddenly, there were two people in front of Kim Jae Hyun, blocking his path to shield him.

It looked as if they thought a bomb might be attached to his son’s body.

There was dead silence hanging in the air.

They watched intensely, expecting something to happen now, but nothing happened.

Moreover, Yeong Hoon’s body did not fall, and instead gently landed on the ground, thanks to the black smoke surrounding him.

— Move over…

— Wait a minute, Chief.
We don’t know what trap they have waiting for us yet…

— I told you to step back.

Ordering his subordinates to step aside, he lifted Yeong Hoon’s body from the ground.

Pulling his son into his chest, he began to shake with fury.

— I don’t know why you did this, but…

Like an explosion, Maryok surrounded him.

Kim Jae Hyun glowered at Kang Yu.

— By doing that, you no longer have any chance of winning.
You will die a very tragic death.

At that moment, the unconscious Yeong Hyun came to his senses.

— Yeong Hoon! — Forgetting what was happening, he gave his son a strong hug.

He stroked the cheeks of his son, who slowly opened his eyes.

But Yeong Hoon’s expression was like he saw a stranger.
If this was a movie, all the viewers would be crying now.

— Ah… ah…

Kim Yeong Hoon opened his eyes.

He lifted his head and looked around, slowly turning his gaze to the person hugging him.

His body began to tremble in fear.

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But that fear wasn’t directed at Kang Yu, the one who had just brutally broken his bone.

His fear…

— A man… who are you?

…was directed at Kim Jae Hyun.


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