Chapter 60 – Bait (Part 3)

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— Woah, that’s fate.
Si Hoon, I didn’t expect to see you here!

— Kim Yeong Hoon…? — Si Hoon frowned when he saw the man headed in the same direction as their next hunting ground.

Kim Yeong Hoon.

The deputy commander of one of the five largest guilds in the country, namely Mir, and also the son of CEO Kim Jae Hyun.

In other words, a child born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

The only reason he became famous was because he was a man born into a rich family.

Of course, he doesn’t actually have anything.

Unlike his outstanding father, who was ranked among the top of the country’s strongest players, which could be counted on fingers, he had average abilities.

However, the fact that he had no talent to become a Player did not prevent him, someone born with money and power, from following in his father’s footsteps.

After all, thanks to money, he could get out of any situation as the winner.

— Do you know him?

— Isn’t he the deputy commander in Mir? — asked Han Sol and Dae Su, looking at each other.

Kim Yeong Hoon leaned slightly towards them and said:

— It’s nice to meet you.
My name is Kim Yeong Hoon.
Oh my, Si Hoon is always in a party with beautiful people, — the man said, looking at Han Sol with beaming eyes and a happy smile.

— What are you doing here…? — Si Hoon kept his gaze on him, suspicious.

Si Hoon, who is by nature a calm man, was growing very angry.

— Huh? Of course, I’m here to hunt.
What else is there to do here?

— In that case, get out of my sight and go hunting.

— Ha-ha-ha! Aren’t you being a little rude to your big brother?

— Are you kidding?! — Because Kim Yeong Hoon called himself his big brother, Si Hoon started shaking.

Angrily looking into the guy’s eyes, Si Hoon growled out sharply:

— How dare you call yourself my big brother?!

— Ha-ha-ha, yes, we’re not ordinary brothers.
— Yeong Hoon smiled and nodded, clearly enjoying the situation.
— Unlike you, I don’t have dirty blood in me.

— You bastard! — Si Hoon drew out his sword with hatred in his eyes.

‘Dirty blood.’

He’d heard those words before, and they were carved deep into his heart, a wound on the inside.

— What is it? Are you going to attack your brother? — Yeong Hoon also took out his shining blue sword in return.

Even watching from the outside, it was clear that he was excited.

Si Hoon shuddered when he saw him pull out his sword.

Yeong Hoon was strong.
No, he wasn’t really that strong.
To be more precise, it was the expensive outfit that made him strong.

Si Hoon turned silent.

— Ha-ha.
That’s right.
Hmm… there have been rumors about you lately.

— Rumors? — Si Hoon frowned and looked at the guy across him.

— They say you have a high-class special ability.
At least rank S.

Si Hoon looked at him with surprise.

— Huh.
I didn’t know you’d turn out to be the one who became a high-class special ability player in such a short time.

— What are you talking about…?

— We need a ‘victim’ like you.
— Yeong Hoon smiled madly and licked his lips.

— A victim…? — That didn’t sound good.
Si Hoon frowned at this.

Yeong Hoon turned his gaze to his four teammates, his eyes gleaming.

— Oh-ho-ho.
And your teammates have good abilities, too.
Thanks to you, we’ve hit the jackpot.

Si Hoon didn’t know how to respond to a statement like that.

— And of course, we won’t use that beautiful lady as a victim.
I think there will be… other activities for her.

Kim Yeong Hoon lustfully ogled at Han Sol from head to toe.

The girl wrapped her arms around her body like a snake, quivering.

— What are you planning to do…?

— Ha-ha.
If you come with me willingly, you’ll know,

— Who’d go with a bastard like you…

— Well, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.
But we’ll make you do it anyway.

Kim Yeong Hoon raised his sword to his partner on his right:

— And you stay out of it.
This is my prey.

— Understood, — said the guy standing next to him, bare of emotions.

Si Hoon was shaken with anger.

He remembered the humiliation he faced because of Yeong Hoon, his half-brother from his father’s side.

Even though they shared one father, their lives were as different as the sky and earth.

When Kim Jae Hyun was younger, he had an affair with another woman and that’s how Si Hoon was born, who received only contempt and mockery from Yeong Hoon since he was a child.

But at some point, Jae Hyun became sick of his passionate love and left Si Hoon alone with his sick mother.

They were left to fend for themselves, with no one to help them.

That’s why there was a huge hole in Si Hoon’s heart filled with hatred, now pouring out.

‘If only I were a little stronger…’ This thought had visited him hundreds, thousands of times.

He believed that eventually, after going through all this torment, he’ll finally achieve it.

The spirit of Musin Jeon Tae Hwan.
A special ability of the SSS class.

Unlike other Players, he was able to level up much faster.

‘However…’ Inexplicable despair was rising inside him.

There was still a huge gap between him and Yeong Hoon.

Firstly, the latter was already on rank 6, secondly, the difference in their levels was too big.

No matter how good a special ability he had, it was unrealistic to compensate for such a big difference in levels.

‘If only I had a little more time…’

If he’d obtained at least rank 4 or 5, then there would have been at least a small chance of beating Yeong Hoon in battle.

But it was stupid to hope for.

After all, he was a low-level Player only at rank 3.

— Well, perhaps I should teach my insolent little brother a lesson in courtesy! – Yeong Hoon gripped the sword’s hilt tighter and pushed off the ground.

He was approaching Si Hoon with great speed.

His sharp sword, emitting poisonous energy, was pointed towards the guy.

But this attack was successfully repulsed by Dae Su.

The sword hit the raised shield with force, and Dae Su, not expecting such power, bit his lip and then declared:

— I don’t know what your relationship is with Si Hoon, but I, Kang Dae Su, won’t let you touch him!

— What kind of a muscular pig is this? – Yeong Hoon, with his face distorted, stared at Dae Soo who hit him back.

He repulsed the attack and immediately pulled the shield forward and struck.

The big one, Dae Su’s height of two meters, was resisting Yeong Hoon.

— Huh? — A worried cry came out of Dae Su’s mouth.

As soon as Dae Su’s shield touched the black armor covering Yeong Hoon’s whole body, it was thrown back with a strong discharge.

— Bastard, why are you interfering?! — Yeong Hoon, dissatisfied with Dae Su’s interference in his fight, pointed the sword at him.

— Dae Su, watch out!

He was thrown back from the unexpected attack after using his shield.

He fell on the shield and it shattered into thousands of pieces.

— Oh, shit! — Si Hoon, after swearing, quickly dashed at Yeong Hoon.

‘Fifth position!’

The gap in levels between the brothers was more than 30 units.

If he didn’t try his best, he wouldn’t have a single chance to win.

— Boost!

At the same time, Han Sol, feeling that her teammate needed strength, started buffing.

In an instant, his body got stronger.

‘If so…’ Si Hoon’s eyes glowed as he pointed his sword at Yeong Hoon.

As soon as Si Hoon started attacking, the guy raised his sword and countered the attack.

Because of the big difference in levels and characteristics, from strength to speed, Yeong Hoon was superior to his brother in everything.

But for some reason, he was still unable to repel all the attacks.

— Ignorant fool… — Yeong Hoon’s face quickly turned red, watching Si Hoon’s sword that touched his armor.

Although Yeong Hoon was superior to his opponent in every aspect, the fact that he missed an attack from a weaker Player made him feel shameful.

— And you’re all in your repertoire.
— Yeong Hoon looked at Si Hoon unhappily.

Since he was a child, Si Hoon has always performed better.

Yeong Hoon could never get ahead of Si Hoon, neither in studies nor in sports.

And as a Player.
Si Hoon had talent, but Yeong Hoon didn’t.

‘But!’ Yeong Hoon’s lip corners were twitching.

Talent didn’t matter.
He had the power and money to replace his lack of talent.

Yeong Hoon knocked away his opponent’s sword and kicked him on the chest.

A bright light came out of his shoes, and Si Hoon flew back with force.

— Ah…

— Ha-ha-ha! That’s right! This is your limit! Can’t you see the real difference between us! No matter how hard you try, you can never get to my level.
— He approached Si Hoon lying on the ground and hit him in the face.
— Ha-ha-ha! So, are you coming with us yet? —

Yeong Hoon’s rough slapping caused him to bleed.

— Shining Spear!

— Holy Punch!

To protect Si Hoon, Han Sol and Eun Bi used magic.

— Ahh! — Even Dae Su, who lost his shield, ran to Yeong Hoon to attack him with his bare hands.

— Ha, you’re all crazy here… — Yeong Hoon, with a fatigued look, dodged all the magic attacks.

At that moment, Dae Su ran up to Si Hoon and dragged him away.

— Ah…

— Si… Si Hoon!

Si Hoon leaned on his sword and staggered to stand.

Han Sol quickly approached him and started healing his wounds.

— Run, everyone… — said Dae Su.

— We can’t do this!

— This… this is my problem and I have to solve it.
— Si Hoon walked to Yeong Hoon, wobbling in his steps.

He was angry.

He was pissed off by the fact that this man still managed to wrap his finger around him.

He was angry that he didn’t have enough strength to defeat him.

He couldn’t stand it anymore.

He was enraged by his own weakness.

— Do you need strength?

That was when someone’s rude voice sounded in his ears.


‘So the Devil’s Teachers were connected to the Mir Guild.’ Kang Yu’s eyes gleamed as he silently watched the battle between Yeong Hoon and Si Hoon.

Once he mentioned ‘victim,’ the guild’s connection with the Devil’s Teacher was fully proven.

‘So Si Hoon is that rich man’s illegitimate son…’

The last time Kang Yu saw a picture of Yeong Hoon, he’d certainly noticed a similarity, but he couldn’t have imagined that they were connected in this way.

‘Time to move out?’ Kang Yu had finished calling and informing everyone involved in their plan.

He got up from his seat and came out of hiding.

At that moment, strong energy started to flow from Si Hoon.

— Huh?

‘What the hell is that?’

Surrounded by the strong energy, Si Hoon raised his sword again, which he used as a cane to stand up with.

‘Turning point?’ Kang Yu stopped and watched the guy.

Si Hoon directed his sword at his opponent.

— Yes! I need strength!

‘I’m right.’

— A force strong enough to kill that bastard! A force that can protect the people I love!

‘His monologue can be heard all throughout the Gate.’

Like a bomb, a force broke out of Si Hoon’s body.

His blade caught fire with a blue flame Kang Yu had never seen before.

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He received several notifications.

[Your subordinate Kim Si Hoon has received the power of ‘Musin.’]

[Your subordinate Kim Si Hoon has gained new abilities: Dragon Strike and Dragon Walk.]

I approve if it’s you.
Be the main character, kid.’


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