erence to the theory based on the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment— a kid is given a marshmallow and told to wait 15 minutes alone without eating it in order to get a second marshmallow.

You fight the temptation of eating the first marshmallow in order to get more later, thus fighting temptation with temptation.

People simply can’t give up the sweet marmalade in front of them.

It doesn’t mean they’re stupid or narrow-minded.

The decision is wholly influenced by passionate desire, a mechanism that blocks the ability to make other decisions.

‘Of course, there are also those who are able to control their desires.’ Kang Yu’s eyes gleamed.

He didn’t believe that all humans blindly indulge in their impulses.

However, resisting temptation would be difficult for the red masked man, as it would be for all the Devil’s Teachers.

‘Since they’ve got Magi.’

Anyone who possesses Magi is bound to turn into a demon.

And demons, as we know, are always starved for more.

Even Kang Yu, who has lived as a demon for so long, often found it hard to resist temptation.

That’s why Kang Yu was sure that they couldn’t curb the thirst, what with their inexperience.

— And who are you thinking of using as bait? — asked Young-ju, who had been quietly listening to their conversation.
— If it’s a low-level player with a high special ability, he’s probably already been noticed by the press, or he’s joined one of the big guilds.
Unless you’re saying you want to be the bait yourself? —

— No.
That would be hard to pull off because everyone already knows me as a talented rookie sponsored by Red Rose.

— So, you’re going to start a false rumor?

— That would just be advertising the bait.
It wouldn’t work.

Listening to Kang Yu’s answers, Young-ju bit her lip and frowned.

— Well, then who?

— I have someone in mind, — Kang Yu said with a confident smile.

A player who’s at a low level but has a special ability higher than S class.

A person who doesn’t want to join a guild and is not yet known to the public.

Kang Yu knew the perfect person.

‘Kim Si Hoon.’

A man with outstanding skills who was able to subjugate himself.

A player who received a first rank ability, not of Class S, but SSS.

‘A bait that is impossible to resist.’

Remembering the unknown man with the red mask, Kang Yu narrowed his eyes.



A week has passed since the spy incident.

After the girls approved Kang Yu’s proposal, rumors about Kim Si Hoon began to spread quietly around the country.

His name wasn’t in the headlines nor discussed by high-level Players.

Instead, his name became the main topic of gossip among entry-level Players.

‘Unusual.’ Kang Yu’s gaze was bright as he scrolled through social media.

The rumors were on the Internet, sounding like a fairytale fable.

‘A player at a low-level gate who hides his special high-end abilities.’

Not too conspicuous, but enough to spark interest.

He didn’t know who had a hand in this, whether it was Young-ju or Hwa Yeon, but the information was spreading at an incredible speed.

‘Even though I thought that neither of them had any talent in this industry.’

That Hwa Yeon, a straightforward, cold female general, and that passionate, hot-headed Young-ju both had no talent for falsifying classified information.

‘But I know who could have done it…’ In Kang Yu’s memory, there was one face that appeared every time he went to the Red Rose office.

A young man who gives the impression of being a calm man.

The Head of Human Resources, Park Hyun Woo.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter who handled it, it’s all good.’

Kang Yu put his phone in his pocket, then turned his head towards the ragged window leading to a room in the basement.

Through the glass, one could see a middle-aged woman lying on the bed, and Si Hoon, who was caring for her.

‘Their house is even worse than Han Sol’s,’ Kang Yu thought while watching the boy.

Si Hoon was chosen as bait a week ago.

Kang Yu guarded his house 24 hours a day without going in.

After all, he had no idea when the Devil’s Teachers would come for him.

‘I can’t lose this guy.’

Even though Si Hoon was being used as bait, not once did Kang Yu think of putting him in real danger.

Si Hoon didn’t know it, but his soul was completely under Kang Yu’s control.

And Kang Yu wasn’t going to let the boy’s extraordinary strength waste away as mere bait.

‘After all, since I made him my subordinate, I should be responsible for him.’

He believed that Si Hoon had every right to shout at him and call him names for what he was doing, but that didn’t mean that Kang Yu would avoid taking responsibility.

‘In the future, you’re going to be an outstanding person.’ With a forlorn gaze, Kang Yu continued watching Si Hoon care for the woman, most likely his mother.

He will become more and more powerful.
And the strength Kang Yu has put into him will make him even better.

Considering that, the rumors will likely spread at an even faster rate.

— Mom, I’ll be leaving now.
— Si Hoon opened the door and headed out.

He was on his way to the gate as usual, where Han Sol, Dae Su, and Eun Bi were waiting for him.

As he walked outside, Si Hoon let out a sad and heavy sigh.

Then he stopped, thought for a moment and shook his head, and whispered to himself like he was making a promise:

— Hold on! A little more and you can repay all your debts!

Si Hoon briefly touched the sheath hanging from his belt and continued on his way.

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Kang Yu, who was hiding nearby, smiled:

‘So he became a Player to pay back his debts and take care of his sick mother.’

Kang Yu cocked his head to the side and followed Si Hoon.

‘Seriously… is he the main character?’


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