mbarrassed because Kang Yu is implying the dragon has a better sense of respect than Young-ju.
FYI, the original text just says “she” without specifying which girl says this line and blushes, but it doesn’t make as much sense for Echidna to dismiss Kang Yu’s words.)

Hwa Yeon returned to the place where Young Ju and Kang Yu were, now finished dealing with the aftermaths of the fight.

— First of all, we need to get to the main office.
It’s the only place capable of decrypting the video.

— Okay.
Kang Yu, you’re going too, right?

— Well, if that’s the case, then we should go.
— Kang Yu shrugged his shoulders and followed Baek Hwa Yeon.



They arrived at the headquarters of Hwaran, not far from the scene.

Unlike the ‘perfect’ Players’ Control Department, Hwaran’s office was decorated with taste, but no frills.

— Commander, you’re here!

As soon as Baek Hwa Yeon crossed the threshold of the building, Players wearing their trademark clothes appeared from everywhere to greet her.

Hwa Yeon nodded firmly and said:

— Kang Dong Hong has died in the line of duty.
I’ll contact his family.
Prepare a reward for his service.

— Ah…

— He is a hero of our country.
Make any unworthy information about him disappear.

— Got it!

Hwa Yeon looked around and continued:

— Where is Commander Jang Hyun Jae now?

— He’s currently in Japan studying the Level SS Gate.

— Huh…

Jang Hyun Jae.

Her mentor and the person responsible for the first squad.

He was such a strong and powerful man that there was not a single soul in Korea who did not know his name.

‘If only the commander were here…’ Baek Hwa Yeon took a deep breath.

She thought to herself, if only he was here right now, Kang Dong Hong would never have died.

— We’re going to the lab.
Get the decoder ready.

— Yes!

Baek Hwa Yeon headed to the lab with her guests.

After decrypting the video on the SD card, they moved their eyes to the black screen.

The first thing they saw was the image of someone unknown wearing a red mask of the devil.

‘The red mask of the devil.’ Kang Yu’s eyes glinted with interest as he watched the video.

He suddenly remembered what Cho Dok Hyun had said to him recently.

‘Did he find information about this service?’ Kang Yu continued to watch the video carefully.

— Cardinal, if I may speak.
— The video showed another person kneeling in front of the masked man in the dark room.
His whole face was tattooed with geometric patterns.

He bowed his head at the masked cardinal’s feet as a token of respect, and spoke in a trembling voice:

— We are almost finished preparing for the draft.

— How long do we have to wait?

— Four weeks… if we speed it up, we can make it in three.

— Three weeks… — The masked man nodded his head at this.
— Faster than I thought.
Are you getting enough support? —

— Yes, I am.
Maybe because they’re Big Guild Players, but most trained victims had special abilities above Class B.

— That’s great… Ha-ha-ha.
There’s not much time left before my wish will be fulfilled.
This is incomparable with our first steps.
But it’s still a long way from our goal.

— But if we successfully complete the last case, we’ll get even more support…

— That’s enough.
— The masked cardinal interrupted him in a low tone.

Even through the mask, you could sense a terrifying expression.

— Be careful with your words until we have completed all the preparations for our calling.

— Yes! — The man worshipping him at his feet responded politely.

That was the end of the videotape.

A heavy silence hung in the room.

Hwa Yeon and Young-ju kept looking at the blank screen with serious faces.

— Hmm… — Kang Yu, too, frowned, digesting the information from the short video.

‘Cardinal, Vocation and Big Guild’ were the three key points of the video.

The first one.
Considering the red mask person was called ‘Cardinal,’ it could be assumed there was someone with an even more powerful position.

They are preparing to summon someone or something to Earth.

There’s a large guild supporting them.

— At this point, we have only one option.
We have to check all the major guilds.

— Huh? — Hwa Yeon was surprised to hear what Kang Yu muttered.
— What makes you think that? —

— First of all, once they find out about the spy, they’ll be even more secretive with hiding information about their summon.
At this point, we won’t be able to find the Devil’s Teachers themselves.
Which means there’s nothing we can do but find their sponsor.

— Oh… — She exclaimed, impressed by his analysis given the short amount of time he had to think about it.
— Do you work in this industry? —

A strategist or an analyst.
If a person doesn’t belong to one of these specialties, it’d be quite difficult to understand the situation so quickly and propose a plan of action.

— No, it’s just… he’s like that on his own.
— Young-ju made eye contact with him.

Ever since they met, they’d only had short conversations, but they’d already grown familiar with each other.

— What do you suggest we do? — Young-ju, acknowledging his abilities, asked for his advice.

— Well, there’s only one thing we can do now, — Kang Yu said, and continued in a calm tone: — ‘Hanul’, ‘Red Rose,’ ‘Onnuri,’ ‘Mir,’ and ‘Sanalae.’ Young-ju, one of the guilds, excluding yours, must be linked to the Devil’s Teachers.

— I know.
But there’s no way to find out exactly which one is connected to them.

The large guilds were so strong that even the government didn’t dare to bother them.

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It wasn’t easy even for the government to do research on them.

— There is one way…

— Which one?

— That one.
— Kang Yu smiled.


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