Chapter 56 – The Secret Video Recording (Part 2)

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— Die! — The group of people threw themselves at him, their voices filled with hate.

‘Twelve men.’ Kang Yu quickly counted his opponents as he prepared to repel their attack.

The man leading the attack drew his sword.

— Huh?

But when he pointed his sword at Kang Yu, he was thrown back.

Unable to believe what just happened, he kept looking between Kang Yu and the black blade that had appeared out of nowhere.

The leader wasn’t the only one who was amazed at what just happened.

With a light semi-circle movement, Kang Yu swiftly dodged an axe flying right at him

Using the Power of Acceleration, he started moving in the alley at a great speed.

[Power of Iron Curtain]

Kang Yu, who was previously using the Power of Blade, replaced it with the Power of Iron Curtain and began using it with the Power of Acceleration simultaneously.

His fist was shrouded in black mist.

Fast as the wind and strong as a bomb, he swung at the black-robed people before him.

On impact, they flew apart like pebbles under the wheels of cars.

— Aah!

The weapons in their hands wound up useless.

Kang Yu continued using the Power of Acceleration, striking those who hadn’t been hit yet.

With a crackling of their bones, their bodies fell to the ground.

— What the hell is that…

— Where did it come from?

The moment three of them fell to the ground dead, the others looked at Kang Yu cautiously.

They knew for sure the fallen guys weren’t weak.

Each of them had attained 5th rank, and their leader was at 6th rank with perfect fighting skills.

They were all Players who, even without high-class abilities, were gifted with strength.

Besides, it was not just one Player fighting against the young man, there were twelve of them.

Even if Kang Yu had seven ranks, he couldn’t have been this much stronger than the Devil’s followers.

— 8th rank?

— Come on, that’s impossible.

The men, still doubting their own eyes, raised their weapons again and charged at Kang Yu.

However, it made no difference.

No, in fact, compared to the last time they tried to attack, it only got worse.

— Ahhhh!!! — Terrible screams came from the people whose arms and legs were abruptly torn off, splashing scarlet blood all around.

Several others tried to attack Kang Yu, but they met the same fate.

In this situation, there wasn’t even a need for sophisticated techniques nor extensive knowledge of psychology.

With speed and strength alone, he was able to bring them all to their deathbed.

The number of uninjured people was now halved.

— Mo… monster…

Their faces were distorted with fear.

This was a man with power several times greater than all of theirs combined.

Kang Yu’s brutal actions terrified them.

The leader of the Devil’s followers made a stern expression and shouted:

— All of you! Release your power!

— But Commander…

— We’re all going to die here one way or another!

Hearing the commander’s orders, their faces became expressionless.

‘What are they planning to do?’

Kang Yu frowned upon hearing the phrase ‘release your power.’

Before he could think about it properly, the answer was shown to him.

The group was reading mantras in an incomprehensible language, and Magi began to surround the men in black robes.

‘Magi.’ Kang Yu squinted.

He couldn’t understand why they were using Magi.

‘Could it be… they’re followers of the Devil’s Teachers?’

More importantly, Kang Yu still couldn’t figure out why they were so desperate to get the videotape.

‘Does it contain some kind of secret that I’ve missed?’

The guy replayed the five-minute video in his mind again.

No matter how much he thought about that video, there was nothing in it but the mystery of a new life.

The faces of the men using Magi were distorted, their veins swollen, eyes red.

Their skin began to turn black, and their bodies grew in size rapidly.

— Oh! — Kang Yu watched their transformation with interest.

‘They’re turning into demons.’ Kang Yu had thought they were ordinary people up till now, not realizing they were Devil’s followers.
Now that they were turning into demons, Kang Yu was sure of it.

‘But…’ Kang Yu squinted.
‘They’re weak.’

They were weak.
Both physically and morally.

The guy couldn’t find any other words to describe them.

A body that obtains Magi will become demonic.

But there was a significant difference between them.
He was a demon with the appearance of an ordinary human, while they were humans taking on the appearance of demons.

A demonic body is easily tempted, with an undying hunger.

Though it may not seem like a big problem at first, it is, in fact, difficult for humans to cope with unfading desires.

There will come a time when they become intoxicated with their own power and grow tempted to quench their demonic thirst.

‘They don’t just turn into demons, they become Hell creatures.’

Kang Yu looked at the cold eyes of the creatures that were human a second ago, that now had nothing human left in them.

A thirsty mind, a body swallowed up by Magi.

The black-robed men had turned into creatures that Kang Yu had learned to cope with for ten thousand years.
Fighting them was something he’d perfected.

‘Now that you’ve transformed, I won’t be able to find out why you want this video.’ Kang Yu clicked his tongue and gazed at the people who had become monsters.

Because their mind was clouded now, even using the Power of Fear, he wouldn’t be able to find out any information.

After becoming giants with red eyes and black skin, they dropped their weapons and dashed in Kang Yu’s direction.

In an instant, they were blocked by Echidna.

— Don’t you dare touch Kang Yu!

Unlike the guys earlier who have already been defeated, these attackers were much more powerful.

Following her instincts, Echidna stood in front of Kang Yu to protect him from the monsters, sensing a danger to Kang Yu’s life.

The demons, catching scent of the girl’s great power, shrunk in retreat.

— Echidna.

— Kang Yu…? — Turning to Kang Yu who put his hand on her shoulder, Echidna continued worriedly: — Kang Yu, it’s dangerous.
You could get hurt.
This time, I… —

— You just don’t know me well yet.
— He smiled and stepped forward.
— I can stand up to guys like this for sure.

It’d been a long ten thousand years.

Before becoming Lord of Hell, he’d fought and defeated a colossal amount of demons.

That’s why there was no one in this world who could handle this better.

Kang Yu produced a blade of Magi in his hand, and looked at the monsters in cold blood.

In a flash, the men who had turned into demons ran in his direction, ready to attack.

‘I wonder if it’s because of their healthy bodies.’

Every time they pushed off the ground, the asphalt under their feet sagged.

Escaping their attack, Kang Yu sunk a blade into the space between the ribs of one of the demons.

The blade, which was about 30 centimeters long, plunged deep in the demon’s chest.

For a man, this wound would have been fatal.

‘But it’s different with a demon.’

Demon bodies had a very different rate of cell regeneration.

He fired another blade of Magi into the demon’s chest.

The wound swelled up and the body was blown to shreds, blood fountaining to the side.

‘And this is how he dies.’

Kang Yu, ignoring the pieces of flesh lying around, moved on to the next monster.

— Ahhhh!

With each movement, each of the monsters cried in excruciating pain.

Although they’d decided to ‘unleash their power,’ the style of battle and the outcome of the battle has not changed a bit.

In fact, it was the other way around.
Now that Kang Yu determined they could no longer provide any information of use to him, he was even more motivated to finish them off.

— Ahhh!

Because of their clouded desire for information, they couldn’t even feel the slightest fear.

As monsters, they could only continue crying instinctively.

They were neither hunters, nor feeders, nor creatures capable of defeating even weaker creatures.

They were only followers that obeyed the instructions of a lord far away from them.

As they squealed, the monsters began to flee.

Kang Yu, watching the demons running in all directions, laughed coldly:

— It’s too late to run away.

He slowly stretched his right hand forward.

The strongest Magi flared up in his body.
The ground trembled.

[Land of the Blades]

Breaking through the asphalt, hundreds, thousands of blades shot up.

Like a wave in stormy seas, the blades quickly caught up with the fleeing monsters.

Rising from the ground, the dozens of blades ruthlessly pierced the bodies of the fleeing monsters.

— Ugh.
— Kang Yu exhaled and took his phone out from his pocket.
— Seriously, what is in this video? —

Holding up the phone, he played the video again.

Yet again, the moans and seductive words of the woman were heard.

— Hmm… — Kang Yu frowned.

‘No matter how you look at it, it’s just porn.’

At that moment, while he kept staring at the screen in perplexity, he heard a voice:

— Are you sure it’s here?

— That’s right! The signal was definitely coming from here…

Baek Hwa Yeon and Chae Young-ju were heading in his direction quickly.

‘Chae Young-ju?’

Hearing the familiar voice, he became confused.

— Kang Yu… – Young-ju’s eyes were wide.
She hadn’t expected to meet him here.
— You… why are you here? —

— I’m the one who should ask you that.
What’s going on here?

— Ah… — Remembering the reason why they’d come to this dark alley, she continued quickly: — Kang Yu, did you happen to find a memory card with a video here? —

— This one?

Taking the SD card out of his phone, the girl’s eyes twinkled.

— Yes, that one!

— But why are you looking for a video like this…

— The card contains a very important video.

— What…? — The guy stared at Young-ju in shock.

Young-ju’s gaze on him was sincere.

— I need it.

— This card…? — Kang Yu asked again with a serious tone.

Young-ju nodded her head urgently.

— There’s something we need to know.
Hand it over now and we’ll find out Hurry up.

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The guy looked down at the memory card, and goosebumps ran through his body.

The contents of the card came back to light in his mind.

‘If I give it to them now, they’ll find out…?’

What could possibly be so important in this kind of video?


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