Chapter 51 – Judge, I am Innocent (Part 2)

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— Kang Yu… — When she woke up, the girl with disheveled hair rubbed her eyes and called his name.

— Eсhidna? — Kang Yu responded with bewilderment.

She was lying on him with one leg thrown over him, and she kept blinking while staring in his eyes.

— Huh? — She tilted her head to the side and looked down at her own body in surprise.

Echidna herself didn’t seem to understand why she was in human form.

— Did you know you could turn into a human being?

— No, this is the first time… — said the girl, raising her human hand and lowering it in awe.

Kang Yu, not knowing where to look, turned away from the girl who was looking at herself and moving her hands back and forth.

At that moment, the door squeaked open and Han Sol entered the room in her apron.

— Kang Yu! Breakfast is almost rea…

Kang Yu didn’t know how to react, so there was a terrifying silence hanging in the room.

The situation in which Kang Yu was lying down with a naked girl looking at herself looked rather strange, and Han Sol frowned.

— Kang Yu…

— This is a misunderstanding.

— Why… she’s… so small…

— I’m innocent, — Kang Yu said with injustice in his voice, looking at Han Sol, who was staring in shock.

This was an unfair situation.

How could he have known that Eсhidna would turn into a human in his sleep.

‘Judge, I’m not guilty.’

It took Kang Yu a long time to explain everything to Han Sol.


After Kang Yu finally explained the situation, Han Sol spent some time with Eсhidna in the living room.

They put Han Sol’s baby clothes on Eсhidna.

— Any idea how that could have happened?

When Kang Yu asked this to Echidna, she put her hands in front of her while trying to remember.

— Last night…

— Last night?

— Last night when I slept on Kang Yu, I felt some warm energy pouring into my body.

No one knew how to respond.

— I’m sorry, what?

Kang Yu had a frown on his face.
Han Sol, unsure what to make of this situation, looked at Kang Yu.

Eсhidna continued:

— Very warm… and strong energy…


— The power was spreading through the body… and I felt like we were becoming one.

‘Why are you doing this to me?’

— It hurt at first… but then it felt good.

‘Did I do something to you? Is this revenge? Huh?’

The longer she kept talking, the hotter Han Sol’s accusing glare at him felt.

— Kang Yu, you wouldn’t happen to have…

— Nothing happened, — Kang Yu said after a heavy sigh.

— You can turn back into a dragon, can’t you?

Kang Yu wasn’t sure of her strength right now.

When Kang Yu saw her strength shrink with her size last time, Kang Yu was scared that she wouldn’t have the power to become a dragon again.
That would be a problem.

— I think I can, — she said, and swung her left hand to transform it into a wing.

It was strange to see a person with wings instead of hands, but Kang Yu needed to make sure she could still return to her former state.

— That’s great.

It would be beneficial if she could turn into a dragon or a person when the situation calls for it.

After all, being a dragon, even a small one, she’d attract quite a lot of attention.

‘Although, maybe she would attract even more attention with that appearance.’ Kang Yu glanced at Eсhidna.

She had inhuman beauty.
You’d think it was a doll that came to life and learned how to move.

‘I believe she will be able to handle herself.’ At least she can transform whenever she wants.

— Hmm… — Kang Yu thought about the reason why Eсhidna was able to become human.

He recalled the words she had said again.

‘Is it because she was tamed?’

It’s very likely that by using the Power of Revival on Eсhidna, some of his human energy was transferred to her through his blood.

‘Anyway, it doesn’t matter as long as she can be a dragon again.’

While Kang Yu was leaning back on the sofa, Eсhidna came up to him and sat down on his lap naturally.

— What are you doing…?

— It’s very comfortable.

The feeling of soft skin on his knees stirred him up.

‘There will be problems if she continues to sit on my lap in human form.’

When she sat on his lap as a dragon there was no problem, but in this situation, he felt like he was committing a crime.

So Kang Yu lifted Eсhidna up and sat her down beside him.

She looked up at the man with the gaze of an abandoned puppy.

— You don’t like it when I’m human?

— That’s not true.
No matter how you look at it, you being in human form is much more convenient.

— Then why won’t you let me sit on your knees?

— Um… How do I put this… — Kang Yu felt sweat roll down his neck.

He didn’t know how to best explain the situation to her.

Han Sol peeked out from the aperture, interrupted their conversation and called them to the table.

— Breakfast is ready!

With a sigh of relief, Kang Yu called back to her:

— Yes! That sounds great.

Avoiding giving Echidna an answer, the man headed for the set table.

Eсhidna, watching Kang Yu retreat, puffed her lips out in a hurt manner.

— Hmm… Today, we have to pick up some clothes for her.

— Clothes?

— Yes.
My old clothes are very shabby, and the size is wrong.
She needs new clothes.

— Oh, that’s right.

Kang Yu looked at what Eсhidna was wearing.
She didn’t fit in Han Sol’s old clothes.

‘Especially in the chest area.’

Kang Yu coughed and turned to Han Sol again.

— Where should we go?

— There’s a mall nearby.
Will you be coming with us, Kang Yu?

— No.
I have some things to do, so I can’t go with you.
I’ll leave Echidna in your care.

— Kang Yu, you’re not coming with us…? — After hearing his response, Eсhidna gripped the ends of her shirt unhappily.

Kang Yu gently stroked her on the head and said:

— Stay with Han Sol today.
I’ll be back tonight.

— Okay… — She nodded a little and bit her bottom lip.

When Kang Yu looked at her again, he thought for a moment.

‘For Eсhidna to exist as a human being, she’ll need an ID card.’

If she didn’t have an ID, they may face a lot of problems in the future.

Kang Yu thought about how he’d make identification documents for Echidna when he remembered Young-ju.

‘I was going to meet her anyway.’

Now he had another reason to meet with her.

‘I need a permanent pass to enter the S-level gate.’

The pass he received before was temporary, and it won’t work a second time.

That’s why Kang Yu was planning to find Young-ju and ask her for a new pass.

‘The S-level gate…’

Originally, Kang Yu did not plan to enter such a high gate so quickly.

He was going to hunt at the Level A and Level B Gate, gain some experience, and then move on to the Level S Gate after gaining Rank 6.

But with Eсhidna’s domestication, his plans changed dramatically.

While picking at the food with his fork, Kang Yu glanced at Eсhidna.

‘With the help of Eсhidna, I can hunt with ease at the Level S Gate.’

No matter how you spin it, she was a dragon.

She could easily fight against a couple of S-level monsters.

In fact, Kang Yu himself could handle such monsters.

But the problem was if he was caught in an unexpected situation.

A couple of S-ranked monsters is nothing, but if he was attacked by more monsters, even Kang Yu would have a hard time coping with them.

It’s in this kind of situation that Eсhidna’s strength would greatly help him.

— I’ll give you a lift to the store.

— Thank you, Kang Yu.

After everyone finished eating, Kang Yu called Young-ju on his way to the store to let her know he was dropping by her office.

Eсhidna made a sound of disappointment as they went separate ways.

— Don’t make such a moody face.
I’ll see you tonight.

Echidna was stubbornly clinging to him.
Once Kang Yu convinced Echidna to let him go, he headed straight to the Red Rose office.

After entering the building with a pass from Young-ju, he went to her office, like always.

— It’s me.

— Ah, come in.

Kang Yu opened the door and walked into the spacious office.

— So, what business did you come in for today?

— I have a request for you.

Kang Yu told her everything that had happened at the Level S gate.

— You’re saying there were Players from another world?

— Yes.
They say it’s called RNO.

— Hm… — Chae Young-ju squinted her eyes, hardly able to believe her ears.

Not knowing how to continue, Kang Yu asked her with a baffled voice:

— You really don’t know anything about the system?

— I don’t know anything about it at all.
This is the first time I’ve heard of it.

— Hmm… I see…

— And the creature you tamed came from RNO, too?

— Yes, it did.

— Can I take a look at it?

— I came alone today.
I’ll introduce you a little later.
But there’s not much you can learn from it.

After Echidna’s father had disappeared, she lived all alone.

So it was likely that she knew almost nothing about the world she came from.

— It would be nice if you could help her make an ID.

— Huh? You’re asking me to make an ID for a tamed creature? — She looked at Kang Yu, stunned by this strange request.

Kang Yu had to tell her more about Eсhidna.

— Oh, so it turns out you tamed a dragon… Seriously, who are you, anyway?

— Isn’t it a little late for you to ask that question?

Young-ju, who wasn’t happy with Kang Yu’s answer, rolled her eyes.

— You can make an ID, can’t you?

— Huh… Well, I don’t know.
Send me her photo first.

— Thank you.
There’s something else I wanted to ask you.

— What? – Young-ju looked tired from having to fulfill Kang Yu’s numerous favors.

— It’s about the S-level gate pass.
This time…

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Kang Yu was interrupted by a knock at the door, and they both turned to look at the door.

— I have something to say.

The girl who entered the room was tall, and her long, silver hair was tied in a ponytail.

— Baek Hwa Yeon?


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