Kang Yu handed his pass to one of the Hwaran Squad gate guards and went inside.

— Oh! — A cry of admiration came out of Kang Yu’s mouth upon entering the gate.

Inside the S-level gate, there were many lakes surrounded by rocks from all sides.

— It’s spacious.
— Kang Yu couldn’t even see the edges of this gate.

Kang Yu wasn’t sure of the exact size, but compared to a low-level gate, it was enormous.

‘I think it was said that this gate is the size of Seoul.’

Remembering the information Young-ju had told him about this gate, he used the power of the Observer to avoid monsters.
Kang Yu reached a remote cliff and prepared to call on a creature from Hell.

‘Hell Monster…’ Kang Yu couldn’t stop thinking of the Boer.

In some situations, the Boer was much stronger than other demons living in Hell.

However, no matter how strong he was, he was still different from the demons capable of thinking and reasoning.

Humans are weaker than lions and tigers, but they were the ones who owned the Earth.
It was the same in Hell.
It wasn’t the strong monsters who ruled, it was the intelligent demons.

‘That’s why you can control Hell’s creatures.’

And if it’s possible to subdue their will, then it’s also possible to direct their killing force in the right direction.

‘My goal is Cerberus.’

The Cerberus was the most powerful creature living in the Third Thousandth Circle of Hell, which even demons of the Fourth Thousandth and Fifth Thousandth Circle of Hell could not oppose.

— Well, let’s begin.
— Kang Yu closed his eyes and began to focus.

Powerful Magi began to emit from his body.

He was using as much Magi as he could.

Drops of cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

Because of how Magi evaporates, wind was circling around him, like a storm about to start.

The soil, unable to withstand the power coming from Kang Yu, started to crack.

The ground turned red, divided by thick cracks.
It became completely dried up, as if all life was sucked from it.

‘Now!’ At the right moment, his special ability began to take effect with all his Magi spilling out.

[You used the special ability of the 5th rank of ‘Master of Hell creatures’ (Rank: S)]

[Creating a rift to apply the ability]

Along with the notices, a blue crack appeared in the air, similar to broken glass.

The crack gradually increased in size until it formed a twenty-meter blue gate.

— A blue gate? — Kang Yu, who was tired and confused, didn’t realize he was speaking out loud.

Usually, the gate was white, gray, or black.

Kang Yu had never heard of a blue gate.

‘Did I screw up?’ Furrowing his eyebrows, he looked at the gate.

But he could feel his Magi inside that very gate.

Besides, the failure message hasn’t come up yet.

[A rift has been successfully created]

[Magi, blending in with Man Ma Jung, has created a wider rift]

[System error has lost communication with the outside world]

[Gates will open to RNO]

— What? — Kang Yu, reading the notices before him, frowned.
— What the hell is RNO?

Not understanding what was written, Kang Yu’s face gradually grew darker.

[Hell Creature Calling commenced]

From the 20-meter blue gate, a bright light shone, drowning out everything.

Gradually, the light began to fade and a creature crawled out of the gate.

— What… that’s… — Kang Yu mumbled quietly when he gazed at the monster.

Black scales.

Two wings.

Two bright reptile-like eyes.

— A dragon? — A dragon was coming out of the Blue Gate, standing at its full height.

Notifications sounded again.

[The call of a Hell Creature has been completed!]

[You have called Echidna (Rank: S) — Half-snake-Half-Female]

[Player Oh Kang Yu is now the owner of Echidna.
If the level of devotion declines, attacks from the called creature are possible.]

Kang Yu, after reading the notice, pressed his lips together firmly.

The creature named Echidna was looking at her new master, who was standing on a cliff with a serious expression.

He was frowning not because he now had a dragon, but because of her appearance.

She was breathing so quietly that it seemed like she was about to die.

Her wings were so thin that they could be pierced with any sword.

Small pieces of flesh were hanging between her wings.

Covered with stab wounds, Echidna was bleeding scarlet blood.

‘What is happening now?’ The creature called by his ability was ready to fall dead at any moment.

While Kang Yu was at a loss at what just happened and how it happened, Echidna was slowly approaching him, gasping weakly for air.

At that moment, people’s silhouettes appeared from the blue gate that the monster had just come from.

— Huh? — Kang Yu looked at the people who came out of the gate in bewilderment.

There were five of them.

It was as if they had just finished a fight, and they were brushing dust off themselves.

— «#%:

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