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In particular, he was being labeled as a reliable partner of Red Rose.

— What are you thinking so hard about?

— Huh? Nothing…

— I have a question for you.

— You have a question? — She looked surprised, and tilted her head to the side.

He continued quietly:

— Do you know anything about the ‘splinters of the rift?’ — Kang Yu wanted to learn more about the notifications that appeared when he killed the creatures from Hell.

There was a chance Young-ju would know something about it.

— No, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it.

— Huh… I see.

— What is this about?

— When I killed the unknown monster, I received a notice that I destroyed a Level B splinter.

— Oh… — She nodded and her eyes sparkled with interest.
— I’ll try to find out about it.

Kang Yu nodded his head and continued:

— There’s one more thing.

— Tell me.

— When are you planning to tell me about your request?

— Ah… — Young-ju’s facial expression darkened as soon as it was mentioned.

Kang Yu spoke seriously:

— I think you heard about how they call us reliable partners.
However, there is one unresolved issue in our relationship.

The girl didn’t say anything.

— You’ve already invested so much in me.
Would it hurt if I suddenly refuse to comply with your request?

— Oh…?

— Don’t worry too much about it.
If your request isn’t too unreasonable, I’d like to continue our partnership, too.
— Kang Yu kept talking and leaned over the back of the chair in front of Young-ju’s desk.
— So, isn’t it time to open the veil of mystery? —

— Ha… — Young-ju let out a sigh.

When the girl realized there was no way to evade this, she started talking:

— There are some bastards who call themselves the Devil’s Teachers.

Kang Yu remained silent.

— I can’t say how many of them there are or when exactly they came out.
But lately, they’ve been showing themselves.

— Go on…

— These are psychos who kidnap people to sacrifice them.
Our guild, united with the government, is trying to track them down.

— So…

— So I was planning on asking you to help us destroy these Devil’s Teachers once we catch their trail.
We don’t have any solid proof yet, but we’re sure this pseudo-religion is very strong.

A heavy silence filled the room.

Kang Yu finally understood why Young-ju was going around gathering strong Players.

‘She plans to wage war against the Devil’s Teachers.’ It’s no surprise that one of the largest guilds was aware of this situation, considering the government was trying to gather information on them.

‘Not bad.’

No, it was more than just ‘not bad.’

If Kang Yu, who was initially pursuing the Devil’s Teachers anyway, could get the support of a large guild and the government, it’d be great.

‘The only thing I don’t know is…’

Kang Yu, with a frown, said:

— Why are you so interested in destroying them?

Chae Young-ju didn’t answer, and kept her lips pressed together firmly.

It was clear why the government is after them.

The main purpose was certainly to ensure the safety of the civilians.

But such a thing wasn’t exactly Young-ju’s responsibility.

She was no law enforcement officer, so she should have no reason to hunt them.

Of course, if a person was acting according to their morals, he or she would want to stop these Devil’s Teachers.

But Young-ju, as a leader, should first and foremost take care of her subordinates.

She couldn’t put the guild in danger just to satisfy her sense of justice.

‘She won’t benefit from it either, unlike me.’ Kang Yu had already received quite a few Magi through their ritual.

Since she wasn’t interested in Magi, she had no other reason to go to war with them.

— First of all, I’m not volunteering to do this for free.
If we catch them, we will receive decent compensation from the government.

— Oh, so the reward is the rea…

— Besides that, I have another reason.
— Young-ju quietly cut off Kang Yu’s words.

Kang Yu could feel anger coming from the girl.

Her hatred was so strong that it made her feel like her lungs were filling up with fluid.

‘She really is strong.’

Feeling Young-ju’s murderous hatred, Kang Yu thought this.

It was the first time that he felt her strength like this.

‘This is why she’s at the top of the Korean Players.’

He could barely contain himself from inviting her to fight and find out how strong she is.

— At their hands, one of our Players died.
I can’t let it go on like this.
Absolutely not, — she said in a cold, icy tone.

‘It must have been someone important to her,’ he thought.
It was easy to guess from how emotional she was acting.

Kang Yu nodded affirmatively and responded seriously:

— I understand.
I will fulfill your request.

— Thank you…

— I told you I’d pay you back properly.

Saying that, the man changed the subject.

— Did you do what I asked?

While Young-ju had called him to find out more about an unknown monster, Kang Yu had come to pick something up.

— Yes.
— Young-ju took a rectangular card out of the drawer.

It had a picture of Kang Yu and permission to enter the S-level gate.

— I’ll ask you again just in case: you’re not going hunting there, are you? If you are, I can’t give it to you.

— For the hundredth time, I’m not going to.

— So why do you need that pass?

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— There’s something there I want to check.
— Kang Yu smiled a little and took the S-level gate pass.

After sticking the card in his pocket, he left the Red Rose building.

On his way to the parking lot, he opened his status window.

‘I can finally use it.’ He opened the status window and looked at his special ability of Rank 5.


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