Chapter 3.
Lord of the Nine Thousandth Circle of Hell.
Return to Earth (Part 3)

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—  What went wrong? —  The open passage had definitely been leading to Earth.

Yet the feelings were exactly the same as ten thousand years ago on his way to Hell.
The situation didn’t add up.
Kang Yu was desperate for answers.

—  Kia-ya-ya! —  The monsters shouted even louder and rushed towards Kang Yu, pointing their crooked swords at him.

Kang Yu used his black dagger to fight them off.
Within moments, the monsters’ hands had fallen to the ground.

After successfully defending himself by injuring his opponents, he sat on the ground to inspect his sword.
Although almost all of his Man Ma Jung was sealed, he was still the great ruler of the Nine Thousand Circles of Hell.
It was easy to handle such insignificant opponents, even with only a sword.

‘I’ll deal with these guys first.’ With monsters screaming wildly and attacking from all sides, he did not have time for reflection at the moment.

Kang Yu was more relaxed than ever.
He looked at the monsters.
An anger with the aggression of a predator began to rise inside him.

The monsters also felt his anger.
Their legs began to fail them.

‘There seem to be eight of them.’ If Man Ma Jung was available, he wouldn’t even have to move.
He would have just brought them down with the help of the Power.
However, things were different now.

‘How unusual it is, having to move again.’ He pushed his foot off the ground, instantly deflecting the monsters’ attacks.
Then, he sliced off their heads.

The experience accumulated by thousands of years in countless wars had helped him turn the crowd of monsters into a pile of cold corpses.

[ Ding! ]

[ Level E Goblin successfully murdered.

[ Experience points increased.

[ Level increased by 3.

‘I leveled up?’ By killing the monsters that attacked him, or more precisely goblins, the Status Window had appeared again.

Kang Yu confirmed that the level really had increased by three points.
So had his energy per unit.

And it wasn’t just an increase in numbers, Kang Yu could feel that his body had become stronger.

‘It doesn’t matter now, raising the level, raising the energy, it doesn’t matter at all right now.I need to find out what this place is, whether it’s Earth or not.
At the very least, I need to know if there are people living here.’

‘Oh, it would have been a lot easier with the powers of Alec,’ he smiled involuntarily as he remembered the Power to Fly.
That ability allowed one to defy the law of attraction, but as it turned out, required much more power than Kang Yu now had.

Right now, he only had enough strength to fly as high as he could jump.

Despaired by how weak he was in his current situation, he was ready to fall dead after the goblins.

‘I need to gather more information.’ He needed to learn more about this unknown place.

Kang Yu extended his hand to the dead bodies of the goblins and barely opened his mouth.

—  Devourment.

The Power of a Devourer.

The unique ability that had made him ruler of the Nine Thousand Circle of Hell has awakened.
The dark power coming from the hands of the young man completely wrapped around the dead bodies of the goblins.

—  Aaaaaah! Aaaah…—  As the creepy voices faded away, the dark smoke that had absorbed the energy of the bodies dispersed.

Gradually, Kang Yu began to gain information about the goblins.

The power of a Devourer didn’t allow him to read minds, but it did allow him to absorb information from the bodies he devoured.

He learned about goblins’ body features, their habits, lifestyle and weaknesses.

But the information he was most eager to learn was not there.
There was no information about this place.

‘Damn it.’

Now that the battle was over, Kang Yu allowed his frustration and disappointment to take over him.


Among the energy that he had just absorbed, there was also an incredibly familiar power.

—  This is… —  That energy was barely visible, but it was impossible to deceive his instincts.

Kang Yu’s eyes were shining as he uttered: “Magi.”

The bodies of goblins contained very little, but still some amount of Magi.

[ Ding! ]

[ Magi level has increased by a unit.

The moment Kang Yu thought about the Magi he’d just obtained, a notification window appeared.
At the same time, he felt a small amount of force entering his body.

—  Damn it! —  Though he now had more strength, he swore yet again.

Magi was the power that the creatures of Hell have.
That meant that if this place was Earth, there shouldn’t have been Magi here.
The likelihood that this wasn’t the Earth increased.

‘No…’ There was anxiety on his face.

The reason he’d wanted to be the strongest in Hell was so that he could someday return to Earth.

Here, there were only endless massacres.

In his mind, in that long period of time, all he had done was fight.
After all, no one in Hell was interested in anything but victory over the enemy.

‘For me, there is no such thing.’

Even in the battles with the Great Demons, Kang Yu had remained uninterested, for he won every time.
As such, he felt no satisfaction from his victories.

He was interrupted from his thoughts by a sound:

—  Kia-ya-ya!

It was a scream from somewhere far away.
The young man’s eyes lit up again.

“It’s…” This time, it wasn’t the voice of a monster or a demon.

He felt it intuitively.
It was definitely a human scream.

And besides…

“A lady.”

Kang Yu’s body was trembling.
The tremor spread all over his body.

The shouting that came to his ears seemed to help cheer him up.

—  Lady! —  If someone had heard it, they would have called him a pervert for shouting like that.

But now he didn’t care what anyone would think of him.

Approximately ten thousand years.

For ten thousand years, he hasn’t seen any girls, not even in pictures.

In fact, it would be strange if he was able to retain his composure.

Kang Yu confidently took a step, then another one, and ran in the direction where the scream came from.

The Power of Acceleration.

It was a power that the demon Walefar used in his life, before it went to Kang Yu.

A black Magi emitted from his body, enveloping the young man’s legs.

Then it began to disperse a little, and Kang Yu rushed like an arrow.

By human standards, it was an incredible speed, but for Kang Yu, it was the speed of a snail.

If he could still use Man Ma Jung right now, he’d have arrived in the right place in only a second.

It was frustrating for him to realize that he could no longer use his power at full potential.

—  Ki-ee-ee!

—  Kee-ee-ya-ya!

The screams became clearer and clearer.

However, they were mixed with the sounds of Kang Yu’s recent attackers, the goblins.

‘As long as she doesn’t look like Lilith!’ He wouldn’t mind if she turned out to be old or overweight.

The important thing was for her to have two eyes, one nose and one mouth – that’s enough.

‘And no tentacles!’ Even as he thought this, remembering Lilith’s ugly tentacles, he was still focused on the Magi, now concentrated in his legs.

For the first time in a long time, he felt his breathing grow heavy.

It wasn’t even a fight to the death, he was only trying to run faster, but it was making him gasp for air.

‘I found it.’ A wasteland stretched out of the thick forest laid in front of him.

And there were about a dozen goblins surrounding the girl, making her scream in terror.

She was sitting, clutching her bloody and obviously wounded legs firmly.

—  Ah… —  Kang Yu unwittingly exclaimed.

His body trembled when he saw those things surround the girl.

Black hair almost reaching her waistline, an unusual cut in the eyes.
Puffy lips, a rising nose, and a small spot to the left of her mouth.

She was so beautiful that if Kang Yu had passed by her in the streets, he surely would have lowered his head in embarrassment.

But now, her beauty wasn’t important at all.
Now, her extraordinary beauty seemed to be a very minor problem.

‘She’s human.’ That was surely a human being.

Two eyes, one nose, one mouth were the characteristics of a human being.

She was not festering tentacles, nor wings like a bat.
Not a monster covered in bleeding skin.
It’s an ordinary human.

‘Oh, the Great…’ He couldn’t stand it anymore.

Kang Yu was so excited, that for the first time in ten thousand years of Hell, he wanted to turn to God again.

—  Gyr-u-uh!

—  Ouch…!

The girl looked at the untidy swords of goblins running around her, and was horrified.

Seeing the sword pointing in her direction, the girl must have reached a state of waiting.
Waiting for death.

At that moment:

—  Kia-ya-ya?! —  the goblins, surprised, screamed.

Kang Yu broke their circle and started exterminating goblins one after the other with quick movements as if he were a predator.

—  — А…? —  The eyes of the girl who fell to the ground rounded.

She looked at Kang Yu with a look full of disbelief as he had brutally killed a herd of more than ten goblins in just a few seconds.

—  Kihek! —  The last goblin’s head fell thanks to the sharp black blade.

Rotating the blade in his hands after taking the goblin’s life, the young man walked towards the girl sitting on the ground.

—  Thank you.
—  She stood up with her wounded legs and nodded in gratitude.

Kang Yu was a little shaken and took her in his arms to help her stand steadily.

—  Ah… —  She held his hands, and it was as if an electric charge ran through his body.

If he was in Hell, he would never have felt so good.

A human being.

Yeah, it was a human, a human he missed madly, a human he wanted madly to meet.

The sensations he was getting now were stirring his mind.

All the feelings he had endured for ten thousand years, suppressed for so long, spilled out.
These feelings overwhelmed all others, completely occupying his mind.

—  My name is Han Sol.
Thank you for saving me.
—  She looked at Kang Yu, who was holding her, but she didn’t try to free herself and just bowed her head once more in gratitude.

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Kang Yu looked at her and made a sincere offer:

—  Let’s get married.

—   What?!

—  It would be great if we have three children.

—  What?!

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