Chapter 37: The Chosen One (Part 2)

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— Kang Yu, come here!

On the next day, Kang Yu and Han Sol went together to meet Dae Su at the designated meeting point.

Dae Su had arrived early, and cheerily waved to Kang Yu as soon as he spotted him.

— Please be quiet.
— Kang Yu narrowed his eyes with a shake of his head, when he saw Dae Su’s teasing smirk as if to point out that he’d arrived with Han Sol.

— He-he-he, did everything go well yesterday?

— Yes, it was fine.

— Thanks God! Also, Kang Yu, these are the guys I told you about.
— He pointed at a girl with brown hair and a guy with a sword on his hip

— Wow, — said Kang Yu as he saw the guy with the sword.

He was astoundingly handsome.
His appearance was so ideal that you could compare it with a perfectly made sculpture.

Just staring at him made it seem like everything around him was painted in brighter colors.

— That handsome one is Kim Si Hoon, and the little girl’s name is Choi Eun Bi.

— Hey, who’s a little girl?!

— Ha, if you aren’t a little girl, then who is?

— Well, you look like you’re way over 40 years old.

— Wh..what?!

Eun Bi, after ending the quarrel with Dae Su, walked towards Kang Yu.

Her eyes were lit up and she extended her hand.

— Are you the one who Dae Su admires? I’ve heard many things about you! Also, you can address me as ‘you’, Kang Yu oppa!

‘Is this a second Dae Su?’ Kang Yu held back a laugh as he stared at the friendly looking girl.

— Alright.
Then let’s begin with discussing our abilities and ..

—  Kyaa-a-a!! Unni, are you the support? You are so beautiful!  And your boobs are just wow! Even Cerberus would turn all of his heads to look at you.

(Editor’s Note: For those who don’t know, ‘Unni’ is how girls call their older sisters or generally other girls who are older than them.)

— Ah? …Thank you.

— Selfie! Let’s take one! I will brag to all my friends about this later!

Han Sol didn’t know what to say.

Kang Yu, who couldn’t finish what he was saying, watched with surprise at how Eun Bi took Han Sol’s hand and dragged her off somewhere.

Soon, the guy with a sword hanging on his belt came up to Kang Yu and reached out his hand.

—  It’s nice to meet you.
I’ve heard a lot about you from Dae Su.
My name is Kim Si Hoon.

— Ah, yes.

— I’m on level 12, and I have a class A ability.
As you can guess, I’m a Damager.

He gave Kang Yu all the necessary information clearly, and he spoke politely with confidence.

A Class A special ability at Rank 2, huh.

‘He looks like a comic book character.’

Kang Yu extended his hand in return.

In fact, the boy was so perfect, with his beautiful character and outstanding abilities, that Kang Yu felt his stomach twist.
Kang Yu knew he was not the best person to create a party with.

‘It’s fortunate that these guys don’t seem like Andras Guild members.’

Kang Yu realized that he felt possessive over these two Players.
He wanted them.

His demonic desire spread all over his body.

He didn’t get even a drop of bad or repulsive feeling in Si Hoon or Eun Bi.

He didn’t know why neither of them had joined a guild yet, but Dae Su seemed right in saying they were trustworthy.

— And Eun Bi is a magician with a special ability of Class B.

— I see, thank you.

— She’s a little noisy… Sorry.

— That’s okay.

Kang Yu was going to continue speaking with Si Hoon, but Dae Su came up to them, his strong chest puffed up in triumph, and asked:

— How is it? Don’t you think you can trust them too?

— Yes, I do.

—  Heh heh, it’s because I’m Kang Dae Su! You can’t hide good people from me!

— Is that why you were almost killed by your own party recently?

— Well… that’s…

Kang Yu made a good point, and Dae Su looked away sheepishly.

— We met thanks to God’s will!

Kang Yu didn’t answer.
He didn’t know how to answer that kind of nonsensical statement and just stared at the person he was talking to.

Dae Su coughed and changed the subject:

— Mm-hmm.
So what do you think of that composition?

— At first glance, the party looks perfect.

One tank, two damagers, plus a buffer and a support in one person.

The line up was perfect, and they didn’t need extra Players.

Moreover, the team’s abilities were around the same level: two Players with special ability class A, two Players with special ability class B.

It wasn’t just an ordinary hunting party, but more of a monster party ready to destroy everything in its path.

‘This is pretty good.’ Kang Yu looked at the four people in front of him and his eyes shone.

Looking at this party, he could see that there was huge hidden potential.

Just as he had once made Pallock and other powerful demons his subordinates, now he has gathered a party of talented Players.

‘But I need to keep an eye on them for a little longer.’

In fact, capable Players and a good distribution of roles didn’t make a party perfect.

There were plenty of points to be assessed, from a sense of battle to the ability to strategize and think logically.

‘However, it’s worth taking them in.’

If they develop according to Kang Yu’s plans, they would likely become great helpers for him.

— I’ll hunt with you today.

— Huh? You’re coming, too?

— Yes.
And if I see any flaws or mistakes, I’ll let you know.

— Woah! We’ll be sure to listen to your amendments! Thank you, Hyung! — Dae Su responded excitedly with sparkling eyes.

(P.P.: Hyung is a guy’s address to a guy older than himself.
It gives a closer shade to the relationship.)

‘It’s an investment in the future.’

Kang Yu, who had already gained a passionate desire to form a good team, looked at the Players in front of him again.

He was sure that by investing in them now, he would get a huge return and benefit in the future.

Of course he looked forward to it.

— Let’s go straight to the gate.
And unless there’s an emergency, I’ll just be standing behind you.

— Heh heh.
Okay, Hyung. —  Dae Su, holding a powerful shield that covers most of his body, headed toward the gate.

As they walked to the gate, their team immediately became an object of attention.

— Look at him! He’s beautiful!

— Is he some kind of celebrity?

— The girl next to him is hot too!

Of course, they caught attention because of Si Hoon and Han Sol’s looks.

However, they weren’t the only ones who got attention.

There was another very prominent person at the party.

— Ahhh! It’s a monster!

Dae Su, who was two meters tall and was walking normally, scared a little kid into crying.

— Huh? Baby, I’m not a monster.

—  Ahhh! Mom!

While Dae Su remained confused, the girl cried even louder.

Dae Su, not understanding what was happening, turned his head away.

‘What should I do?’ He didn’t know how to calm the child down.

But more and more eyes were turning to them.

Kang Yu sighed and decided to console the child, but Si Hoon was ahead of him and got there first.

He went down on one knee and stroked the girl’s head lightly.

— It’s okay.

She looked at Si Hoon with her teary eyes.

— Even though he looks like this, he’s not scary at all.

— He isn’t?

— Yes.
So don’t cry.

— Okay. — The girl’s gaze immediately brightened up.

The guy got up and returned the little kid to her mother with a light smile.

There was nothing special about what was happening, but since it was Si Hoon, it looked more like a scene from a movie.

If Kang Yu had done the same thing, it wouldn’t have looked so cool.

‘That guy…’ Kang Yu exhaled again.
‘He looks too much like a movie protagonist.’


The green orcs, exhaling noisily, were waving their heavy clubs.

They were about 160 centimeters tall.

Compared to an adult boy, they were much shorter, but due to their muscular build, they were strong opponents.

However, Dae Su was able to push three monsters away with just one movement of his shield.

Dae Su, who was two meters tall with a physically strong body, could easily shove them aside.

— What do you think, you jerks?!

Dae Su, who pushed back three Orcs with his shield, laughed loudly with pride.

Once they fell to the ground, the Orcs rolled from side to side, unable to rise to their feet.

— Lightning strike! — Eun Bi shouted out in a clear voice, and the end of her staff starting to sparkle with a charge of Maryok, which then, turning into lightning bolts, shot towards the Orcs.

— Dae Su, there’s six more in the back!

— Roger that!

Dae Su concentrated energy in his shield and turned around, thrusting forward.

— This way, you bastards!

The Orcs, seeing the tantalizing glow, ran towards him.

— The Power of Light!

— Oh, thank you!

The Light Charge created by Han Sol headed for Dae Su’s body, after which she created a Light Arrow and shot the monster.

Thanks to Han Sol’s buff, Dae Su’s body became even stronger.

Si Hoon cleverly flew to the Orcs who had attacked Dae Su’s shield, and smoothly cut their throats with his sword.

Even disregarding Si Hoon’s attractive appearance, Kang Yu liked him because he was very skilled with the sword.

In a flash, all six monsters lost their lives at the hands of Si Hoon.

— Huh! As much as I love Kang Yu hyung, Si Hoon, you’re awesome! Did you do kendo before you became a Player, by any chance?

— Oh, yeah, not for long.
It was just a hobby.

— But your sword skills don’t look like an amateur’s. — Dae Su kept admiring Si Hoon’s excellent skills and turned his head towards Kang Yu: —  What do you think, Kang Yu? Everybody has cool skills, right? —

Kang Yu nodded his head slightly in response.

Like Dae Su said, you couldn’t tell from the outside that these Players were only at second rank.

— Heh, heh, heh.
What did I say? There’s no amazing Player who can hide from m-

— First, I’ll tell you what needs to be corrected, — Kang Yu said in a calm tone, cutting off Dae Su’s bravado.

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Since high-caliber Players have gathered in their party, of course their hunting ability was high.

However, they also had flaws.

‘Shortcomings that need to be corrected.’

Kang Yu narrowed his eyes and continued.


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