Chapter 36: The Chosen One (Part 1)

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— I’m sorry about what happened today.
Yeon Ho will leave the guild and we will talk to the rest of the members so that it doesn’t happen again, — Chae Young-ju said with a serious expression and tilted her head.

She had offered Kang Yu support, but her subordinates weren’t even listening to her orders.
Of course, she felt humiliated.

— Well, I got the equipment I wanted, so it’s okay.
— Kang Yu raised the armor in his hand.

Looking down, he read the basic information.


Name: Power Armor

Type: Unique

Effect: Resistance to physical damage +200, Resistance to magic damage +80.

Special feature: Increases resistance to physical attacks by twice by 10 seconds (can be used once a day).

‘As expected of high-end equipment.’ He would have had to use three epic items for the same effect, but now he’d only have to wear a single piece of armor.

‘It’s not a bad feature either.’ Kang Yu figured it could be used with the Power of Darkness to achieve great results.

He turned his head to Young-ju and spoke in a calm tone:

— However, if it happens again next time, I’ll have to rethink our ‘friendship.’ — He’d already obtained the high-end item he wanted, so he thought it would be appropriate to leave a remark like this now.

What had just happened was a complete failure on Young-ju’s part, as head of the guild.
Her subordinate disregarded her orders.

Kang Yu agreed to help them in the future, but Yeon Ho, disregarding their alliance, was dismissive and negative towards him from the start.

‘Even though I can understand why he was acting like that.’

Kang Yu, who is more of a demon than a human being, was very susceptible to desire.

That included knowing what his opponents want and how much they want.

‘He seems to be blinded by the feeling of love.’

‘Blinded by love’ seems like a trivial phrase, but it perfectly describes the current situation.

— I’m sorry, there’s no excuse for his behavior.
— Young Ju took a deep breath and apologized again.

It wasn’t really because of Yeon Ho’s behavior that she was acting like this.

It’s because of the Powers that Kang Yu showed in the battle with Yeon Ho.

The person who became a Player two weeks ago fought and defeated a Player with the 7th rank.
That was more than enough to change her attitude.

Kang Yu’s status has changed from a Player with whom it would be ‘good’ to have a good relationship to a Player with whom it would be ‘perfect’ to have a good relationship.

Despite her passionate nature, she couldn’t afford to talk to him in a disrespectful manner anymore.

— Then we’ll meet again.
—  Kang Yu waved at her and turned to leave.

Left alone, she kept staring at Kang Yu’s back in the distance.

— Ah… — She took a deep breath.

‘Is he really human?’

It was no longer a question of whether or not he had the talent.

It was clear that he had powers that were beyond comprehension.

‘Now I’m not sure I can beat him anymore.’ At this rate of development, it wouldn’t be surprising if he overtook her very soon.

He may become a monster in the future that no one can stop, so she had to think about the future now.

— There may indeed be a World Ranker in Korea.

World Ranker is the term for the top eight strongest Players in the world.

So far, no Korean Players have been able to make it to the top.

It was rumored that Baek Kang Hyun, who holds 1st place in Korea, had a good chance to be one of them, but in the end, he was unable to become a World Ranker.

‘But in Kang Yu’s case…’

If he continues to develop himself at the same pace, it would not be difficult for him to take a spot in the World Ranker.

Park Hyun Woo came up to Young-ju, who was deep in thought.

— Commander, has Kang Yu left?

— Ah, yes, just now.

— I heard about what happened with Yeon Ho…

— I’m thinking about getting the Commission together and suspending Yeon Ho.

Hyun Woo didn’t say anything.

— Don’t be so surprised.
He made a mistake.

— I see.
— The guy smiled sadly and nodded his head.
— There’s something I have to say.

— What?

— The government has successfully introduced a spy to the Devil’s Teachers.
If it goes well, they’ll be able to catch them by the tail.

When she heard Hyun Woo’s words, her eyes sparkled with interest.

— Tell me more about it.


— Let’s see… — After separating with Young-ju and coming home, Kang Yu opened his status window.

[Status Window]

Player name: Oh Kang Yu

Level: 34 [Rank 4]

Special Ability Rank 1: The Power of the Devourer (Class: ????).

Special skills are sealed.

Special Ability Rank 2: Overwhelming Hunger (Class: C)

Special Ability Rank 3: Thirst for Maryok (Class: A)

Special Ability Rank 4: Master of Magi (Class: A)

Strength: 23

Endurance: 21

Physical ability: 20

Maryok: 0

Magi: 53

Intellect: 11

Wisdom: 13

Effect of Equipment used:

Resistance to physical attacks: 330

Resistance to magical attacks: 170

If someone could see his status window, they’d be surprised at such unusual readings.

If he were an ordinary Player of the 4th rank, 30 units of Magi should have been impossible.
But Kang Yu had over 50.

‘The other parameters are also quite high.’ The most important indicator for him, of course, was Magi, but strength, endurance, and physical strength weren’t any less important.

Of course, it was a waste of Magi when he used it to physically strengthen his body.

If the other parameters could strengthen the body as much as Magi strengthens it, then he could use that Magi for more purposes.

‘Intelligence and wisdom are useless to me.’

Those were the two parameters that have been useless to Kang Yu from the start.

‘It’s a pity I can’t choose which parameter to raise.’

Each time he reached a higher level, randomly selected parameters increased by a random number of units.

Kang Yu heard that after getting 2nd rank, the system decides which parameters are necessary for a special ability to function better.

In his case, however, it was quite the opposite.
Anything would increase except Magi.

‘I wonder if that’s because I already have a lot of Magi.’ The system must have assumed so.

Now, at level 34, he already had so much Magi that he shouldn’t have.

Considering the fact that it becomes more difficult to raise the parameters, it’s quite understandable why the system gave no increase in Magi each time he leveled up.

‘I guess it’s because I crossed level 30.’ This would explain the slow rise of all the parameters, including the Magi.

— It’s a pity.
— If Kang Yu had the chance, he would have been happy to invest exclusively in the rise of Magi.
— However, by defeating Hellhound, I actually exceeded my plans.

Originally, he was just going to get to level 30, but thanks to killing the Hellhound by himself, he rose to level 34 at once.

‘If it goes on like this, I’ll soon get rank 5.’

Not to mention, by agreeing to the deal with Red Rose, Kang Yu gained access to higher level gates.

Since he could skip the Level B Gate and go hunting directly in the Level A Gate, the leveling process will go much faster.

‘I think I’ve got a bit of leeway.’

The current situation was very different from the moment he first arrived on Earth, when he couldn’t use his powers at all because he had no Magi.

In the battle with Yeon Ho, he realized that he had achieved great results in the Player World.

Or at least his powers have began to return to him.

Now that he had the opportunity, he decided he should take care of Dae Su and Han Sol.
Just as Young-ju spared no expense to invest in his development, he would try to do his best for Dae Su and Han Sol.

‘She’s doing the right thing by investing in prospective Players in advance.’

Investing in talented Players from the start is beneficial for the future.

Talent and development opportunities become even more valuable with the help of investors.

‘Dae Su and Han Sol also deserve to be invested in.’

Of course, compared to Kang Yu, they were weak.
But they were only weak compared to him.

Among the normal Players, a tank with a special ability of Class A and a Class B support was considered talented.

Not to mention, they were friendly with Kang Yu…

If he made efforts in developing them at this point in time, the chances of them betraying him in the future were extremely low.

‘It’s worth going hunting together with them tomorrow.’

But it wasn’t in his plans to help them level up quickly.
On the contrary, that would only prevent them from developing to their full potential.

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It was most important for them to gain battle experience right now.

As long as they fought on the battlefield, they would naturally be able to develop their skills on their own.

— Time to go home.

Kang Yu headed back to the house feeling satisfied, carrying his new armor on his shoulder.


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