Chapter 35 I Told You, I’m Stronger than You Think (Part 3)

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— It’s a deal.

Moon Yeon Ho smiled triumphantly when he heard Kang Yu approve his idea.

Convinced that Kang Yu was no match for him, he relaxed his shoulders with a confident look.

‘I’ll make you respect our leader.’ He touched his left eye.

His old scar was ‘burning.’

As a low-level Player, he had been attacked by his own teammates.

And the person who saved him at that moment was Chae Young-ju.

So for him, she was not only the head of the guild but also the person who gave him a new life.
She was the person to whom he swore eternal loyalty.

He had given his heart and soul to her.

That’s why Kang Yu’s behavior was annoying.

He looked at the newcomer with a look that could burn him alive.

Moon Yeon Ho, who heard Kang Yu calling the commander Noona, felt outraged and nauseous.

He felt as if a stranger had just spat on his tender feelings that he’d treasured over the years.

— I… — He turned his gaze on the girl.

Chae Young-ju, not expecting such a situation, stared back at Yeon Ho in dismay and indignation at the same time.

Even in her anger, she looked like an angel.

It made him even angrier — Kang Yu was acting too familiar with that untouchable beauty.

‘I’ll make you realize the difference in our strength.’ Even if the new recruit was talented, Yeon Ho refused to just let him intrude on his territory like this.

If Moon Yeon Ho just lets him go now, he wouldn’t be able to resist stabbing the insensitive guy later.

That’s why they were on their way to the gym on the fifth floor now.

Kang Yu didn’t care where they were going, he was just following Moon Yeon Ho.

Yeon Ho felt another wave of anger overcome him, because Kang Yu appeared so casual and lighthearted, as if he was nothing more than an ordinary guy walking for a picnic.

— We’re here.

— Oh, great equipment! — Kang Yu exclaimed in admiration as he looked around the gym.

— Let’s see if you can still be so calm in a few moments.

— You too.
— Kang Yu shrugged his shoulders while standing in one corner of the room.

Chae Young-ju came up to him.

— Look, this is a crazy idea.
Just give up.

— Ha-ha-ha, it’s okay.

— You’ll be sorry… — she said, genuinely concerned.

Kang Yu gave her a little smile.

He knew very well why she was worried, too.

He knew that a newcomer who became a Player two weeks ago should never be able to defeat someone in a big guild.

However, she didn’t know him at all.

No one knew.

No one could possibly understand.

— It’s time to get started.

Moon Yeon Ho, without even bothering to take out a weapon, put his hands forward, ready for the fight.

— I’ll give you a head start– three attacks.
You can attack first.

— Ha.
I think you’ve read too much ‘Muhyeop.’

(P.P.: Martial Arts novel.)

Yeon Ho didn’t say anything.

— Don’t try to be so cool, why don’t you take out your knife? — Kang Yu advised him, wagging his finger.

Kang Yu, who was sure of his win, didn’t want to listen to Moon Yeon Ho’s complaints and excuses later when he lost.

‘If we’re fighting, then I’m not holding back.’

If you have to hide your power, you have to hide it entirely.

If you’re going to reveal it, then show the full extent of it.

And now is the right time to show all of his power.
It’s the only way he can win and get the perfect equipment.

— Hey, I told you to grab your knife.

— I’m not gonna fight a new guy to the best of my ability.

— Oh, is that so? — Kang Yu’s lips are stretched out in a smile.

The image of Moon Yeon Ho made Kang Yu burst into laughter.
In his eyes, his opponent was powerless.

‘Well, there’s nothing I can do if he doesn’t want to fight seriously.’ Kang Yu pulled his hands forward as if he was preparing to shoot with the bow.

He concentrated Magi in his legs and used the Power of Acceleration.

It was as if his body had fired forward.

Moon Yeon Ho, who had refused to pull out his knife and was waiting for Kang Yu to attack, could only stare at him.

Kang Yu used the Power of Acceleration combined with the Power of Heaven and ended up in the air.

Not only did he break the law of inertia, but he also moved at a speed physically impossible.

He twisted in the air and threw his leg forward with all his strength, hitting Moon Yeon Ho in the stomach.

His body flew back, hitting the floor and flying to the wall.

The wall bent a little, and there was smoke surrounding him.

Yeon Ho felt like he was about to vomit, and really threw up on the floor.

Kang Yu’s face looked compassionate.
His opponent looked so pitiful and shameful now.

— How? — With a cough, Moon Yeon Ho asked.

He looked up from the floor and looked at Kang Yu with a frightened expression.

He didn’t even look like himself with how shocked he looked.

— Wha… What was that? How did you… — Anyone would be confused if they were watching.
Young-ju couldn’t even form a proper sentence.

She was looking between Kang Yu and Yeon Ho, who just threw up.

The new Player, who was only two weeks old, just knocked down a guild member almost at rank 7.
And it wasn’t just any Player, it was the Chief of Staff.
Even in her wildest dreams she wouldn’t have imagined that Kang Yu could beat him with one hit.
She wondered if there was information that she was missing.

— Ready for the second attack?

Kang Yu stretched his hand out to the staggering, obviously anxious Moon Yeon Ho.

Kang Yu, still in the air, made a black spear and threw it at Yeon Ho.

He dodged the spear and quickly pulled out his knife, pointing the knife at Kang Yu with a completely white face.

— Huh? I thought you were going to let me attack you three times as a handicap.
— Kang Yu asked, approaching his opponent with slow steps.

Yeon Ho didn’t answer his question.
To be more precise, he just didn’t have the time to answer it.

He concentrated power in the hand with the knife.
There was sweat running down his spine.

‘That was dangerous.’

If it weren’t for the high-end robe and armor, he’d probably have passed out.

Yeon Ho’s eyes were shaking from side to side, stopping at Kang Yu.

‘Did you say you just became a Player just two weeks ago?’

What kind of nonsense is that?

Neither Chae Young-ju or even Baek Kang Hyun could become that strong in two weeks.

What was happening could be compared to a situation where a three-year-old kid got back on his feet to fight a fully grown adult.

His strength couldn’t be justified just by the fact that he was ‘talented.’

— What did you use?

— I didn’t use anything.
It’s just proof that I’m stronger than you.

— Don’t talk nonsense! How can a Player who showed up two weeks ago…

— See, now you’re trying to change the offer you made when you made a mistake thinking I was weak.
You’re the one who’s talking nonsense.

Yeon Ho didn’t answer anything.

— Now that things have gone wrong with your plan, are you going to back out?

— It’s… it’s…

Watching Yeon Ho look so confused, Kang Yu grinned a little.

A second later, the smile changed to a serious expression, and he uttered in a harsh voice:

— If you’re going to do something, then do it properly, fool.

Yeon Ho’s face turned sour, and his body was shaking with anger.
He felt a sense of shame for doing such a poor job, and his face turned red.

‘I think this is his true identity.’ Kang Yu looked at Yeon Ho’s almost purple face and smiled.

— You bastard! — Yeon Ho, feeling the mocking gaze directed at him, widened his eyes with anger and tightened his grip around the knife.

‘I can’t let the fight end like this.’ Yeon Ho wasn’t here alone.

The girl who’d stolen his heart, Chae Young-ju, was watching.

He couldn’t show her such a pathetic side of him.

— Killing Knife! — Moon Yeon Ho shouted and his knife stretched to the ceiling with a long bluish beam.

At that moment, his knife began to emit powerful energy and stretched ten meters long.

— Did you have to shout it out?

Yeon Ho didn’t answer.

— You did, didn’t you? Did you scream on purpose to make it look cool?

— Shut up!

— Hey, why bother trying? You threw up already, it’s too late to be cool.

— Oh, you…

— You should have listened when I told you to take out your knife.
To grab it now, you look even more lame.

— Ahh! — Yeon Ho yelled, reacting to harsh criticism, and looked fiercely at his opponent.

Kang Yu knew he had pissed Yeon Ho off, and now he was watching his actions in cold blood.

‘He’s definitely strong.’ Kang Yu hadn’t been able to assess his opponent’s strength up until this moment, but when he saw the sharp knife and the power he put in it, he was convinced that Yeon Ho was really strong.

It’s likely that even if Kang Yu used the Power of the Iron Curtain, it would be difficult to stop the enemy.

‘If he fought like this from the start, it would have been harder.’ If only Yeon Ho had shown off less and started attacking immediately, their fight would’ve been evenly matched.

Kang Yu was just watching Yeon Ho, who was angry and ready to attack any minute.

It didn’t matter what his level and abilities were, the fact that he was fighting like this and easily losing his temper showed his lack of experience.

‘Power of Darkness.’

Kang Yu’s shadow on the floor has lengthened noticeably.

— Die-ee-ee!

If Yeon Ho was in the right state of mind, he would have noticed the shadow approaching him.

But he’d lost his temper to Kang Yu’s provocations, and could hardly tell apart his own shadow from the shadow of another person.


After ensuring the shadows crossed, Kang Yu smirked as his Power began to act.

Yeon Ho’s knife was pointed at the guy’s neck.

— No, Yeon Ho!

Young-ju was ready to intervene because he was no longer attacking Kang Yu for the sake of fighting, but with the clear intention of killing.

In his everyday life, Yeon Ho wasn’t an emotional person at all.

It was the first time that Young-ju had seen him so passionate that he lost his mind.

But before she could intercept Yeon Ho’s stabbing, Kang Yu turned into black smoke that faded into shadows.

— Wha… what the hell?! — Yeon Ho exclaimed, thrown off.

Trying to find Kang Yu’s location, he started looking around quickly.

— Here’s the third one.
—  Kang Yu said when he reappeared from Yeon Ho’s shadow.

Using the Power of the Wave, he launched an impulse all over Yeon Ho’s body.

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He sputtered blood and immediately lost consciousness, falling to the floor.

Young-ju, who’d run to stop the fight, was staring at Kang Yu with her mouth wide open, incapable of comprehending what had just happened.

Kang Yu came closer to her and whispered:

— I told you, I’m stronger than you think.


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