Chapter 31.
Guard of the Thousandth Circle of Hell (Part 2)

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A five-meter high monster that resembles a dog.

A creature that moves at an incredible speed, with skin stronger than steel.

This was the first powerful guard Kang Yu met when he entered Hell’s First Thousandth Circle.

‘What is Hell’s guardian doing here?’ Even though the Hellhound dog looked like a Gate monster, there was a huge difference between them.

They both had Magi, but the monsters took more energy from Maryok which were imprisoned in the mana stones.

They were different from the guards.

Being almost demons, these creatures took power exclusively from the Magi.

When Kang Yu noticed, the dog growled loudly, eyes sparkling fiercely.

With every breath of the Hellhound, the tongues of flame flew out of her mouth.

— What’s going on, really? What could have happened for the Hellhound to find herself here on Earth?

Even Kang Yu, the ruler of the Nine Thousandth Circle of Hell, went through great agony and suffering to create a temporary rift to get to Earth.
A dog couldn’t do that for sure.

‘Devil’s Teacher Tricks?’ But it was just a guess.

— Bloody hell…

Kang Yu used the Power of Dark Spear to create a two-meter long spear from Magi.

‘I don’t have any good memories of that fiery bastard.’ When Kang Yu was in the First Thousandth Circle of Hell, those dogs were hunting him like food.

As soon as you look at a Hellhound, you are almost guaranteed to die.
In fact, even Kang Yu was on the verge of being killed by a Hellhound several times.

— Well, it’s different now.
He may have been at the bottom of the food chain before, but now things have changed.

Now creatures like that monster have become Kang Yu’s food.

Most of Kang Yu’s strength may have been sealed, but not enough to lose to some dog.

The hound gave a low growl and spit out black flames at Kang Yu.

Of course, this fire was very different from the Hellfire created by the leader of the Andras Guild.

And, of course, the flames that comes from this fire can instantly burn anything or anyone.

Successfully escaping a fiery attack, Kang Yu threw his spear at the Hellhound.

The spear pierced the dog’s thick skin like an arrow.

The troll boss died from only one hit, but not only was the Hellhound not even injured, she became even angrier.

The hound leaped off the ground with its paws and jumped towards Kang Yu.

The ground at the point where the dog had jumped from was blown apart as if by a bomb.
The creature raced toward Kang Yu at breakneck speed.

Kang Yu looked at the healthy canines of the dog that could snack a man in an instant.

He cleverly pushed off the ground and kicked at the dog’s huge teeth.

The teeth were shattered by a blow filled with Magi, and she was thrown to the side where she had stood before.

When Kang Yu flipped in the air, he landed on the ground, creating a hole with his right hand.

The Power of Ground Shaking.

The Magi, coming from his hand, spread all over the earth.

As if from an earthquake, the soil between Kang Yu and the dog fell apart.

The dog resembling a Hellhound fell into the pit and roared like a normal dog, only several times louder.

The power of the Dark Spear.

As the Hellhound jumped out of the failed pit, Kang Yu created another spear.

Strongly gripping the handle of the spear, he swung and put it into the head of a staggering dog, and the dog roared again.

— What a resilient dog she is!

Even with her head pierced by a spear, the Hellhound could jump and get out of the pit.
Staggering, she tried to attack Kang Yu again.

The dog wasn’t even going to try to run.

The Hellhound is an eater at the top of the food chain of the First Thousandth Circle of Hell.

She won’t be able to escape from the battlefield with her pride.

The hound roared up and flinched.

The muscles on her hind legs tightened, and her body showed tendons.
The dog began to emit even more Magi.

The lights of flame that she was ejecting now enveloped her whole body.

The flame, with the characteristic sound of a bomb explosion, headed towards Kang Yu.

The fire hit a tree next to Kang Yu and when it exploded, it crumbled to the ground.

— This dog still can’t lose, — said the guy with a sneer, looking at the hound from hell, who, even though fatally wounded, continued to move, killing herself.

Kang Yu clenched his fist and then swung it back as if he was pulling a bowstring.

The Power of the Heavenly Majesty.

He felt the energy pouring into his body.

There was no one better than Bafomet in the increase in strength.

Putting his left foot forward, he swung with ease and gave with all his strength under the breath of a hellish hound.

The giant dog, who weighed a lot more than Kang Yu, howled.

Her chin was skewed and black blood was pouring out of her mouth and her whole body was shaken.
This time, the hound lost consciousness.

— Phew.
As expected of the Power of Heaven, it requires a great deal of Magi.
— He had only used the Power literally for a moment, but it used half his Magi.

Kang Yu exhaled with noise and walked up to the dead body.

He remembered the moment when he got to the First Thousandth Circle of Hell, he had to put a lot of effort into killing the guard dog.

‘When it comes to the effort, the dogs were just as difficult to deal with as the Supreme Demons.’ When Kang Yu passed through the Two Thousandth and Three Thousandth Circle of Hell, the guards were getting stronger and stronger, and Kang Yu had not yet fully understood how to control the Devourer’s Power.

That’s why the Hellhounds were a real terror to him.

Then, a notification window appeared:

[You’ve successfully killed a splinter from the rift].

‘A splinter from the rift?’ The message that came up before his eyes was different in content from the usual notifications.
‘I think when I came to Earth, I heard something about the core of the rift, but a splinter…’

It’s very likely that creatures coming from a rift were called ‘splinters’.

‘But how did it get here?’ The questions were only growing.

But Kang Yu couldn’t find the answers to them yet.

In the end, he wasn’t able to verify his assumptions, but he needed to find the answers.

His thoughts were interrupted by new notifications:

[Experience Points received]

[Level up by 5 units]

‘Five units…’ When Kang Yu saw a notice like that, his eyes expanded.

That number wasn’t even compared to killing the troll boss.

Kang Yu was also afraid that after receiving the 4th rank and 30th level, it would be difficult to raise it.
Then, he suddenly got 5 units of experience.

‘I went up to level 34 in one go.’ He’s exceeded today’s plan by as much as 4 units.

His eyes shone in anticipation of the next announcement.

[When you get to level 30, you get rank 4].

[You have a special ability of Rank 4]

‘Oh yes.’ Kang Yu’s current target was rank 4.

By killing the Hellhound alone, he gained so much experience that it was hard to imagine how much he would have gained if he had only continued his troll hunt.

Before testing his new special ability, Kang Yu decided to test his strength.

He used the Heavenly Power and emptied more than half of his reserves, but now he felt a rush of energy.

The Sealing power continues to weaken, and he once again became convinced that sooner or later he would be able to release all his power.

When he felt the Magi doubled, he smiled satisfied.

‘Now I can use two Powers at once without problems.’ He was more than satisfied with the result.

The Magi he just received flowed in his body.

Kang Yu felt a strange feeling.

‘What is that?’ He tilted his head sideways and felt for his Magi again.

It spilled out of Man Ma Jung many times faster than usual and spread all over his body.

‘Magi moves around his body much faster.’ He knew that he could use the Powers more naturally than before.

— It’s possible… — Kang Yu opened the status window to test the new ability.

[Special Ability Rank 4: Lord of Magi (Class: A)]

[Application: Faster and more natural possession of the Magi.
You are able to hide your own Magi from other Players.]

It’s because of the ability, as expected.
It was the merit of a new ability to help manage the Magi.

‘A Class A ability!’ Kang Yu’s eyes shone.

The ability he received this time was different from the previous ones.

If his previous ability helped in obtaining Magi from the outside, then this ability increased the powers that were already there.

This is a real victory.

Now he can hide the Powers he has in battle with monsters.

It was an ability he did not have, even as Lord of the Nine Thousandth Circle of Hell.

‘If it goes on like this, I will soon get all my Man Ma Jung and become much stronger than I was in Hell.’ Even if he was caught by the Great Demons, he would be able to get rid of them without any problems.

— He has no mana stones, — Kang Yu said.
But as expected, there was no Maryok in the body of the Hellhound, so the guy clicked his tongue.

Since the Hellhound Guardian had used up all her energy from the Magi, she had no mana stone.

‘I’ll go out first.’ Kang Yu left the gate, satisfied that he got more from the hunt today than he had intended to.

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When he left the gate, he walked towards the house with a light gait.

— It’s been a long time! — At that moment, someone turned to him.

Kang Yu turned his head towards the source of his voice.

In front of him, the red-haired girl he had already met at PC Bang was standing against the wall.


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