Chapter 29.
You even added ramen.

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Kang Yu was looking around.

The Hwaran Squad was led by the attention-grabbing Baek Hwa Yeon, who wasn’t an ordinary Player.

It was very likely that they noticed Kang Yu jumping over the fence while using his Power.

— We won’t do a long inspection, so don’t worry.
We just want to make sure that there are no wanted people among you.

Baek Hwa Yeon spoke in a composed manner, and the squad understood her orders with one glance.

They nodded politely to her and headed towards the Players.

‘I don’t think they noticed.’ Kang Yu, who had expected to get caught, sighed in relief.

It’s good if they didn’t notice anything.

‘Anyway, they’re looking for team killers.’ Of course, he immediately thought of the Andras guild, the followers of demons who were sacrificing people.
‘Did they do anything else?’

So far, it wasn’t clear.

But carrying out their rituals using human sacrifices would have attracted public attention sooner or later.

— Would you show me your ID, please?

Baek Hwa Yeon, helping her subordinates, also joined the ID check.

She walked up to Kang Yu with a light smile, and extended her hand.

‘Girl who looks like a guy.’

Kang Yu gave her his ID and said:

— You must be very dutiful to be helping out yourself.

— Making your subordinates do all the work can’t earn credibility.

— It’s worthy of respect.

Kang Yu started conversation in a relaxed manner.

— Have there been many cases of Teamkilling lately?

— Yes.
That’s why we’re conducting this inspection.

— It’s enough to catch monsters, but killing people for money is a terrible thing.

— That’s right.
— Kang Yu noticed that his words seemed to make her feel a little less guarded.

‘Except that’s a lie.’ She didn’t react that way because there are so many Team Killers, but because they don’t kill people for profit.
‘They know that they’re not killing for money.’

Probably, they have already gotten very close to the guild of Andras and learned about the Demon followers and the rituals they perform.

— Can’t you tell us who does the teamkilling? In case I run into them by accident, I could help you.

— Unfortunately, the investigation is being kept secret.
When the case comes out, we’ll be sure to ask for help.

— Oh, I see.

— You’re looking for justice.
There aren’t many people like you right now.
I like that.

She smiled a little and looked down at Kang Yu’s ID.

— You just went up to the Level C Gate.
I know you want to start hunting Level C monsters, but it’s safer to hunt more Level D monsters and raise your level a little more.
Even with smaller rewards, you can easily get experience points up to level 25.

— Thank you.

— Oh Kang Yu… I wish there were more Players like you.

She returned the ID and patted him lightly on the shoulder.

Kang Yu quietly smiled at her words.

‘It will be difficult to cope if there are more people like me.’ In terms of morals, he’s actually a terrible person rather than a good person.

Kang Yu looked at Baek Hwa Yeon, who had gone to the other Players to check their documents.

‘The progress of the investigation is kept secret…’ Kang Yu wanted to know if Dok Hyun or someone else was the subject of their investigation.

But in this situation, it was clear from a single glance that she was only an ordinary person unable to use the Force of Fear or any other kind of Power.

‘Is it enough that I know about the government’s interest in demon followers?’ He already had Dok Hyun and his subordinates looking day and night for information about other Demon Teachers.

It was better not to draw attention and continue pretending to be a normal Player.

‘It’s time…’ Kang Yu bypassed the Hwaran squad and headed home.


It’s been a few days since the B level boss was killed.

Kang Yu continued to hunt and increase his level at the level C Gate, while Han Sol fully completed her training and said she was prepared to hunt, so Kang Yu called Dae Su.

Dae Su was quick to follow Kang Yu’s orders and head to the coffee shop near Han Sol’s house.
When he approached their table, he reached out to her with a friendly smile.

— Oh, my God! It’s nice to meet you! Are you the support that Kang Yu was talking about?

— Ah, yes.
It’s nice to meet you.

— Heh, you’re very cute.
When I saw you from afar, I thought I saw an angel.

— Oh… thank you.

When she saw the two—meter—tall large fellow with a glowing glance, she immediately felt uncomfortable and moved a little closer to Kang Yu.

When Dae Su saw them together, he giggled.

— The atmosphere around you isn’t quite ordinary.
What’s your relationship?

— Ah… it’s…

— Stop talking nonsense.

Kang Yu gulped down the cold coffee he had ordered and continued after refreshing himself:

— First of all, it would be good if you took Han Sol to the level D Gate to hunt.

— Of course, it would.
Support with a special B—grade ability is something that everyone is missing.
Sister—in—law, will you be able to take care of yourself?

— Wha… what’s ‘sister-in-law’?… — Not expecting such treatment from Dae Su, her cheeks flushed.

Dae Su, when he saw her embarrassed expression, laughed.

— It’s all over your face.
It doesn’t matter, don’t be shy.
Can you tell me more about your ability?

Coughing a bit, Han Sol started talking:

— My ability is called ‘Shining Happiness’.
I can both heal and buff.

— Woah! So you can both heal and buff at the same time?

— Yeah.
I even leveled up my skills a little.

— It’s unbelievable…

Dae Su made a sincere cry of admiration.

Knowing how to heal and buff at the same time is not an easy task.

Usually, the buffer would be another Player, but this girl could do both roles.

— If you can buff, I have nothing to say.
With your level, sister-in-law, you can get into any guild.

— Heh, thank you.
But right now, I don’t feel like joining a guild.

— Neither do I.
I want to be a powerful player and create history with Kang Yu! — Dae Su had a good-natured smile while he drank some coffee.
— Oh, that’s the taste of Americano.
It really does taste like coffee.

‘Definitely not beer.’ Kang Yu looked at Dae Su’s distorted face and smiled.

— Any idea who to take as a Damager?

The Party can’t just consist of support and a tank, so a few days ago, Kang Yu asked Dae Su to find out about Damagers with good skills.

— Of course, he did! I found two awesome Players!

— Oh, you did?

— Heh, heh, heh.
Don’t underestimate me.
Both Players are so good, they’re doing great without any guild.

— How did you know about them? — asked Kang Yu cautiously.

The question wasn’t about their skills, but how trustworthy they were.

After all, the demon followers were acting under the guise of low-level players to catch their victims.
Kang Yu couldn’t be sure how many other guilds were doing that.

Whether Dae Su knew Kang Yu’s fears or not, he confidently continued:

— I met them while hunting hobgoblins.
They’d recently been promoted to 2 ranks.
You can trust them.

— Hmm…

Kang Yu looked at Dae Su with doubt.

‘Of course, we can test them.’ Dae Su already took on players from the Andras Guild once.
‘I think I’ll check them out myself.’

Kang Yu was worried about Dae Su and especially Han Sol.
He couldn’t just leave them alone.

— Can I take a look at those two myself?

— Of course, you can.
I can introduce them to you tomorrow before hunting.

— Okay, — Kang Yu nodded and turned towards Han Sol.

— Han Sol, is that okay with you?

— They’re your acquaintances.
Of course, I’m okay with it.
Phew, I’ll try to get better as soon as possible to start fighting with you.

— You can take your time.
The most important thing is your safety.
— Kang Yu and Han Sol seemed to have a spark between them.

— Ah~… — Dae Su noticed that and smiled quite a bit.
— Ha! Kang Yu, you two look good together.

— Ha… — Han Sol blushed a bit and looked down.

Dae Su appeared amused and he continued gently with a smile:

— Really, what’s your relationship? Are you dating?

— Oh, no! — Han Sol exclaimed quickly.

Her voice was loud enough that most of the people in the coffee shop turned around to look at her.

Realizing that all the people in the coffee shop were looking at her, she blushed even harder and tilted her head and continued quietly:

— We’re not dating… — Han Sol said, holding back from adding ‘almost’.

Then she raised her head to look at Kang Yu’s reaction.

— What do you mean? — Kang Yu felt like he was in shock and frowned.

The look on his face might have made it look like he was struck by lightning.

He trembled as he  turned towards Han Sol.

— We’re not dating?

— Huh? — When she heard his words, she looked at him questioningly.

What kind of dating is it? They didn’t even discuss anything like this before.

When he saw Han Sol’s reaction, he shouted out sadly:

— You make me a delicious kimchi jjigae every day!

— No, that’s not even what I was talking about…

— You even add ramen in kimchi jjigae!

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(P.P.: In Korea, the phrase ‘Come to the ramen’ sounds like ‘Come to the tea,’ which is a suggestion of intimacy between people.
Likely due to that logic he brings up the ramen.
Though it’s different, think of it like this: ((and it seems like he considers it the same as:)) suggesting to go to a hotel after drinking at the bar.)

— Kang Yu, I don’t know what you mean.
— Han Sol’s answer was colder than expected.

Kang Yu made a face as if he had been betrayed by the love of his life.

— Um, that’s what I’m asking… — Dae Su was looking at Kang Yu and Han Sol sitting in front of him, clueless as to what was going on.
— Are you dating? —


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