[ Error.
A mistake.

[ Your power is too great.
There is no way to fix the defect.

[ It is impossible to fix the defect.
Sealing has now commenced.

[ There is a mistake.
There is a mistake.

[ Your power is too great.
There is no way to fix the defect.

[ It is impossible to fix the defect.
Sealing has now commenced.

‘What’s that sound?’ he wondered.
The completely unnatural voice could be heard from all over the place.

However, he was unable to ponder more about it.

—  Ah… —  His consciousness, like everything else around him, became obscured.

* * *

His body was in such great pain that he could hardly move his fingers.

Kang Yu moaned in pain as he gathered his strength and opened his eyes.

—  Where am I? —  The first thing he saw was a thick forest.

The sun’s rays penetrated through the dense foliage of the trees, tickling the cheeks of the young man.

—  Phuh —  Kang Yu took a deep breath and forced himself to get up.

A sharp pain shot across his body and spread to his head.

‘Okay, first I should do a self-diagnosis.’ He had to make sure that nothing irreparable had happened to his body.

[Status information downloading…]

‘What?’ As soon as he had thought about checking his physical state, a blue panel appeared before his eyes.

His eyes widened in amazement, small wrinkles appearing on his forehead, after which he turned his attention to the ‘status window.’

[Status Window]

Player Name: Oh Kang Yu

Level: 1 [Stage 1 – Awakening]

Level 1 Feature: The Power of the Devourer (Rating: ????)

Special skills are currently sealed.

Skills: None

Strength: 8

Vitality: 9

Physical ability: 7

Maryok: 0 (Mana that humans use)

Magi: 12

Intellect: 8

Wisdom: 7

‘What the hell is this?’ His condition board looked exactly like it did when he had first arrived in hell.

Kang Yu’s face was distorted in confusion – he couldn’t understand why his status was like that.

‘Are you saying that the powers of all those monsters, which I ate, are sealed?’

‘The Power of a Devourer.’

A unique power that had allowed him to survive in Hell, the power with which he was able to become the strongest Overlord.

And now he is told that his Man Ma Jung, his Power and all his abilities are sealed? He was panicked, horrified that the power he had accumulated for ten thousand years was no longer within his control.

—  Ugh.
—  Kang Yu took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

Panic and rejection of reality would only make the situation worse.
He understood that very well.

“Concentrate,” he murmured to himself, “First, you need to know about your condition.”

Kang Yu tried to summon Man Ma Jung, the force he had accumulated over tens, hundreds, thousands of years, from devouring demons.

‘I can’t feel it.’ Or rather, thanks to his skillful concentration, he was able to feel Man Ma Jung, but it was so miserably weak that the young man deemed it to be insignificant.

Now he could compare the strength of that power not to infinity, but rather to dust.

‘If this is how it is, it will be quite difficult to use any abilities.’ Kang Yu was obviously annoyed with this realization.

Among the demons, he had been considered the most powerful, thanks to the Devourer power.

Thanks to it, he could devour those who also possessed special powers.
There were 666 such ‘special’ demons that he’d eaten.
Among them were the Seven Great Demons, after consuming which, he learned how to use their Powers.

Each of the Powers is unique, but to use them you need to have a certain amount of energy.

The energy that he currently possessed was not enough to use the Powers.

‘In the current situation, it will be difficult to use the Blade as well.’ The power the demon Shabnak previously owned was called the ‘Blade Power.’ It was an ability that summoned a sword from the body.

‘It’s not enough.’ With sufficient energy, the Blade could be skillfully used, but at this moment, it was almost impossible.

Kang Yu focused on his left hand and called for the Blade Power.

And after a moment, a sharp, black blade was drawn out from the back of his hand.

The young man felt the energy from his body flow into the sword.

—  It will be hard to get used to this.
—  His Powers which had previously been approaching infinity, giving infinite possibilities, were now like a puddle of water at the bottom of a dried up ocean.

The realization of this fact was depressing.

But the Status Window reflected his reality … For whatever reason his Powers were sealed remained a mystery, but it was clear that his Man Ma Jung was almost at zero.
What injustice.

He recalled the moment when the Status Window suddenly appeared with the details of his characteristics.

‘Did I enter the game?’ Kang Yu suddenly wondered if he had gotten back to Earth.

“Kik, kik!”

A nasty rattle of metal reached his ears, and he turned to where the sound was coming from.


He soon realized the source of the sounds and tensed up.

They were short, their height just reaching the young man’s chest, with skin and sharp teeth of a light green shade.They looked exactly like filthy creatures from the First Thousandth Circle of Hell.

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As far as Kang Yu knew, there had never been such creatures on Earth.

—  Is this not… the Earth? —  He murmured in a tone full of despair.

Kang Yu couldn’t even laugh at the fact that after ten thousand years of preparation, he was still unable to get back to Earth.


The large crowd of ugly-looking monsters, shrieking gleefully, threw themselves at him.

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