l exceptions, but Shabnak was not one of them.

There was a sound of notification.

[Power of land of Blades successfully mastered](Class: A)

[Your skills have become more precise, the next use will be simplified].

In practical terms, both notices meant the same thing.

Kang Yu thought of using power as good training and headed towards the boss’s body.

— It’s time to get my sweet bonus.

Kang Yu smiled and started using the Devourer’s Power.

It quickly enveloped all the monsters in the area.

‘I wonder if it’s because the amount of mana stones was bigger.’

The Devourer’s Power pulled energy out of the bodies faster than before.

Pulling in all the Magi he wanted, his mood improved, and he thought:

‘Mana stones or Magi?’ Because now, thanks to his special ability at rank 3, he could pull out Maryok from mana stones, turning it into a Magi.

Kang Yu wasn’t sure if it was money or Magi that mattered.

‘Magi first’.

[Magi increased by 2 units]

— What? Just two? — Looking at the notice, Kang Yu instantly frowned.

Maybe it’s because he already has 50 units and the process is slower now.

By killing the boss and most of the monsters guarding him, he only got two units.

The higher the level, the harder it is to raise it.

— Аh? — Kang Yu suddenly bent his head sideways and looked at the notifications.
— ‘Those are the same skills.’

The players said that by using special abilities in practice, you can get skills that make it easier to use the ability.

However, since Kang Yu’s technique had already been worked out, he didn’t notice any changes.

— Hmm… If you think about it that way, special ability is similar to the Powers I have.
— Of course, each one has its own peculiarities, but all the Players’ abilities are connected.

Kang Yu snapped his tongue and turned.

He had another reason to go up to a high-level gate.

‘But before that, the rate of increase was normal.’ Kang Yu has a strong Power, but it couldn’t really be measured, so the increase was fast.

When he caught the boss, he’d gone up four levels, and when ordinary monsters were killed, he went up two more levels.

After much doubt, Kang Yu decided to turn the level C mana stones, which were in the top ten monsters and the boss, into Magi.

He didn’t need money much anymore, but if he advanced higher to earn money, he could get a lot more.

‘Pull out all the Magi.’ Kang Yu unconsciously focused on the black smoke.

With wild sounds, the Devourer’s Power began pulling Magi out of the brutally murdered monsters.

There were only four levels left until the 4th rank.

— Perhaps I will hunt a little more before returning.
— In any case, he had to wait for the exit of the big party to slip past the military unnoticed.

With the help of his Power, he immediately found the location of the Players who were looking for the troll boss.

— Well, where’s the boss, really?!

— Maybe the inspector officers were wrong.

— Damn it!

After a couple of hours wandering in the woods in search of the boss, the Players began to make angry cries.

They even split up and went in different directions to find the monster, but the boss was nowhere to be found.

— There were only trolls running around chaotically.

— No one found the boss’s body, did they?

— There are signs of battle, but no dead bodies were found.

There was doubt on their faces.

— Uh, let’s go back.

— Yeah… but we could search a little more…

— Let’s just leave.
All-day long in a vain…

Their desire to catch the boss died out as quickly as it did.

Several Players offered to leave, and eventually the group headed for the exit.

Kang Yu discreetly joined them from behind.

‘If I go out in the crowd, no one will notice me.’ Kang Yu was able to achieve a good result thanks to today’s hunt, but to go out unnoticed, he faked a disgruntled face and followed the Players out.

— There was no boss there!

— We only wandered for a few hours in vain.

The first Players to leave the gate went straight to the officers, complaining quite loudly about the lack of a boss, creating the perfect environment for Kang Yu to leave.

‘Great.’ Kang Yu took advantage of the opportunity to slip out of the gate.

But as he touched the ground and was about to go home, a loud order came out:

— Shut up, everybody! — People dressed in red-and-black uniforms approached the gate.

— From… the Hwaran squad?

— Why are the Hwarans here?

— Is that their commander, Baek Hwa Yeon?

— That’s really him!

At the head of the uniformed group was a girl with long golden hair gathered in a ponytail.

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Subjugated to her charisma, everyone’s jaws dropped open.

— Lately, there have been frequent allied murders in the D-level gate, so we will check all Players above 3 ranks.
We look forward to your cooperation.

After her words, the squad dispersed all over the field.

Kang Yu was frowning.

‘There’s no way…’ He pressed his lips together tightly and looked at the Hwarans.
— ‘I won’t be caught, right?’

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