Chapter 27.
Stronger than Expected (Part 1)

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— Oh! Today is the day when the boss is at the gate.

— So, shall we hunt?

— Are you crazy? When you catch him…

Next to the man in uniform, there were a few Players discussing the monster boss.

They were arguing about whether to risk their lives to catch this monster.

‘As expected, starting from the Level C Gate, everything changes.’ Kang Yu nodded, staring at the Players gathered.

The equipment of the high-level players in particular was catching his eye.

You don’t have to be a genius to see such an obvious difference between entry-level and high-level Players.

‘Maybe I should get some equipment, too.’ He’d never met a monster who he would special equipment against in a battle, but you never know in advance what could happen in the unchartered waters of the Gate.

— Hm, let’s see… — If he was going to get equipment, he wouldn’t just get it for himself, but for Han Sol and Dae Su too.
Kang Yu looked around again.

— Let’s go!

— Let’s rip his head off this time!

— Let’s get a reward!

One noisy party full of optimistic Players walked towards the Gate.

Kang Yu focused his gaze on the team that was leaving.

‘The inspection must be strict.’ Kang Yu heard more than once that from the C level, the inspection becomes more thorough.
Each Player would have a different inspector.

They also used an obscure machine to check the number of mana stones.

‘It’s like they’re checking passports at the bar’s entrance.’ Kang Yu realized why victims for the Andras Guild were being caught at the D-level gate.

Given their reputation and such thorough inspections at the higher level gates, they could have been caught red-handed.

— Well… — Among the crowds, Kang Yu noticed an inspector in the distance who was carefully checking one Player, who, in the end, wasn’t allowed in, probably due to the absence of a party.

‘This is a good chance.’ Kang Yu looked at several Players who surrounded the Gate.

Everyone was focused on the Player who was shouting, promising that he’d catch the boss and get the reward.

‘It is said that the mana stones mined from the B level boss may cost about a million won.’ It is widely believed that the quality of such stones were several times higher, which made them more expensive to sell.

In particular, a troll boss’s mana stone could be worth several million won in an instant.

— Maybe this time we should go.

— Actually, I’m not sure.

All the Players gathered in front of the entrance were looking at each other with a doubtful look.

Of course, killing a troll boss at level C was more difficult than killing a hobgoblin at level E.

This was due to the fact that the difference between levels B and C was many times greater than between levels C and E.

— Great.
— Kang Yu looked at the hesitant Players once again.

Kang Yu gently approached the gallery players and shouted loudly:

— Let’s not miss this chance and catch the boss together! How can he run away if we go at him in a crowd?

— That’s right! Instead of standing here, let’s team up and finish him off! — The guy who originally promised to finish off the monster agreed immediately.

The other Players actively supported them, but there was one important problem:

— In this scenario, the reward is too small.

— Yes!

Of course, the more Players were going to the party, the less money each of them will get.

Even considering the fact that they will get more than a million, it was not comforting – there are too many.

Kang Yu once again shouted at the doubtful crowd:

— But think about the experience points! The boss is powerful, so each of us will get enough points.

When they heard Kang Yu’s words, the Players’ eyes shone.

Killing the boss gave not only money but also experience points.
That’s a decent amount of experience points.

It was an accurate point.
A suggestion for a rapid improvement could seduce anyone.

‘Everybody knows that when you kill monsters at a high level, and even more so when you kill the boss, you get a decent amount of experience points, even if there are many Players in the party.’ The same with ‘elite’ monsters.

When killing the ‘elite’, each Player is given a large amount of experience.
Even if divided by all the Players, it was many times more than when killing ordinary monsters.

— Wonderful!

— Now that we have the opportunity, let’s see what this boss is like!

It’s like they say, ‘A spark will start a fire..’

Once the Players agreed, their desire to catch the boss became even greater.

Even the already close-knit parties turned around and looked at them with interest.

‘A little more and the fire of their desire will be fully lit.’ Kang Yu ‘burned the wick,’ got out of the crowd, and started watching.

Of course, he wasn’t thinking of joining the party to catch the boss.

That way, he wouldn’t get much money.
He’d get experience points, but the payment received for the mana stones would have to be divided among all.

For him, the monster’s body was an important component, thanks to which he receives not only the mana stone but also additional Magi with the Devourer’s Power.

That’s why he didn’t want to share it with others at all.

‘I have to get it all by myself.’ He didn’t need to share with these Players, they weren’t Dae Su or Han Sol.

The Player who was shouting the most before started collecting the members.

Twenty people came together in all.
When they gathered in such a large group and came to the gate, they could be mistaken for a guild.

— Let’s go!

— Let’s kill the boss and get 4th rank!

And so, suddenly a big party was created to catch and kill the boss.

They made sure of each other’s capabilities and headed towards the checkers at the gate.

‘Now.’ Kang Yu waited until the crowd reached the gate and walked towards them.

Each of the inspectors were focused on carefully checking the Players’ IDs while the crowd was watching what was happening.

— Get in line, please!

— Wait a bit!

At that moment, while the inspectors were helping to organize the Players’, Kang Yu, with the help of Heaven’s Power, flew over the fence inconspicuously and ended up at the Gate.
He applied the Power of Oblivion to a few soldiers who were not involved in the noisy confrontations and slipped into the Level C Gate.

‘Good.’ Kang Yu, who had entered the gate, smiled and looked at the landscape around him.

‘The area looks like the gate with goblins.’ The place he got into was filled with dense forests.

As he made his way through the thickets, he went further and further into the forest.

‘Now the question is where to find the boss.’ He went up into the sky to look around, but because of the thick thickets, nothing could be seen.

Suddenly, Kang Yu remembered one Power.

‘Will I be able to use it now?’

The Power of Observation that once belonged to a demon named Astarot.

Since it was a strong Power, Kang Yu couldn’t use it before, but now it was worth trying to use it again.

— Well… — Kang Yu checked how many Magi units were available.
Thanks to Dok Hyun’s ritual, Kang Yu had just over 50 units available.

‘But it should actually be a lot more than 50.’ Because, with the increase in rank, the power sealing away Man Ma Jung was weakening.
That’s why his strength was many times greater than 50.

‘I think this should work.’ Kang Yu nodded and went further into the forest.

When he went far enough, he touched the ground with his hand and used the Power of the Observation.

The power that came out of his hand like a string of ants began to spread on the ground.

From the information coming into his head, he frowned.

This kind of ‘search’ was astonishing, but it had one downside.

‘Too much information.’ The closer the source of information was, the easier it was to understand, and the further it was, the faster that information entered his head and the harder it was to understand.

In Hell, he used this power together with the Power that increases the speed of perception, but here it would be a waste of Magi.

— Ahhh! — His head started to heat up.

He started to choke like he was sinking.

Just as he thought it would be too difficult to keep using the Power, he found the presence of a powerful creature.

‘Found it.’ Kang Yu’s eyes gleamed.

He felt a powerful force different from that of ordinary monsters.

‘There are a lot of them.’ Because it was the boss, it was surrounded by a lot of trolls and orcs.

Like the Hobgoblin, he was always surrounded by small monsters.

‘Hmm.’ Kang Yu squinted and heard noise from Players.

It was the big party created at his instigation.

‘I can use them.’ That’s what Kang Yu thought as he headed towards the troll boss.

‘First, we need to get their attention.’ Then Kang Yu could lurk and watch the battle between the Players and the boss.
And then, while they’re fighting as hard as they can, Kang Yu can go in the back and attack.

‘How can I get their attention?’ Kang Yu, after watching the trolls with staves in their hands guard their head, raised one hand up.

[Power of Dark Spear ]

The power that belonged to a demon named Roy.

In Kang Yu’s hands, a two-meter long spear made from Magi appeared, which he threw right at the boss.

The spear definitely pierced his heart.

‘Great, now we have to lure him closer to the Players.’ Kang Yu stepped in the boss’ direction.

That’s when the notifications started coming in.

[You successfully destroyed a Level B boss]

[For killing the boss, you get extra experience points]

[You’re in first place for murder from the stealth.
Experience points are tripled]

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[Level increased by 4 units]

— Huh? — Kang Yu looked at the battlefield in bewilderment.

The boss with the spear stuck in his chest was lying on the ground, wailing with his eyes covered and his limbs twitching.

— Did he… die in one blow?


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