Chapter 20.
The Andras Guild (Part 2)

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The first strong demon that Kang Yu had met when he crossed from the Eight Thousandth Circle of Hell to the Nine Thousandth.

After killing the Seven Great Demons, Pallock was the next strongest demon.
Having been defeated by Kang Yu, he swore eternal devotion and knelt.

‘Terribly annoying.’ He was so simple that Kang Yu thought about whether his muscles were all he had for a brain, but Kang Yu treated him with sincerity.

— Let’s go out and talk first.

— Yes! Got it!

Kang Yu threw the second guy on his shoulder, who was lying unconscious the whole time and started walking.

— Kang Yu, I’ll carry him.

Dae Su put that guy on his shoulder and they went towards the exit.

Even the body of a healthy man would seem tiny compared to Dae Su.

‘Anyway, he looks like a monster.’ Kang Yu grinned, thinking that Dae Su looks like a monster carrying his prey.


— Thank you! — When Kim Tae Hyun came out of the gate, he bowed to Kang Yu again.
— As soon as I find a way to get rid of the Robber title and get some treatment, I’ll pay you back immediately.

— You can find a way to get rid of it?

— You see, Robbers don’t usually get paid at the party, so the supports don’t help us much.

— So that’s how it is.
—  Kang Yu nodded his head with understanding.

Tae Hyun thanked Kang Yu once again and staggered off in the right direction.

Kang Yu smiled watching the back of the young man leaving.

‘It’s nice to do good things.
It’s certainly more pleasant than making enemies.’

Who knows, maybe Tae Hyun will really get rid of the Robber’s label and achieve something.

‘The likelihood is certainly not high…’ But it couldn’t get any worse anyway.

Kang Yu turned his gaze to Dae Su.

He was already looking at Kang Yu with glimmering eyes.

It looked like a well-trained bear was standing in front of him.

‘What should I do with it?’ He couldn’t get rid of this guy so easily.

— What level are you on?

— On the 12th, I just got 2nd rank.

— Hmm, and you haven’t done the basic education?

— My special ability at rank 1 was class C, so I just started hunting and gaining levels.

— Oh, wow.

A Class C special ability at rank 1 was not a bad achievement.

— And your special ability of rank 2 is in which class?

— Heh heh, I have a class A special ability of class 2.

‘I didn’t expect him to have such a good ability.’ Anyone who got a special ability of class B at rank 2 is considered gifted.
And he didn’t just have a B ability, but a class A ability.

‘So that’s why those guys didn’t bring him down.’ Despite Dae Su’s low level, he had powerful special abilities, which made it difficult for them to deal with him.

— Why didn’t you join a guild? With that level, you can get anywhere.

— I was just thinking about which guild to join.
But now it’s not necessary.

Kang Yu looked at Dae Su.

He looked back at Kang Yu with passion and clenched his fists.

— I, Dae Su, am devoted to your greatness! From now on, I want to follow you!

— Hmm… — He exhaled hard and looked at Dae Su with his arms crossed.

‘Why shouldn’t I accept him?’ At first, he had seemed a little annoying, but if he had such powerful special abilities, then things were different.

Dae Su was a Player to invest in.

‘Players who have powerful special abilities at rank 2 are more likely to get equally good abilities at next rankings.’ Dae Su would likely get an S-level ability next time.

‘It would have been nice to make him a subordinate.’ For Kang Yu who was used to fighting alone, there was no need for a partner at all.

But if it was a subordinate who would obey all orders, it would change everything.

Two would be more efficient than one, and he could handle all the hard work.

‘And more importantly…’ Kang Yu felt Dae Su’s loyal look.

It wasn’t strength that was most important in choosing subordinates.

The most important thing is absolute loyalty, the certainty that they will not stab you in the back.

Therefore, accepting Dae Su as a subordinate was a good decision.

‘And Han Sol will soon receive two ranks.’ With her as a support and Dae Su as a tank, they would make a good party.

‘I think it’s worth it.’ Investing in Dae Su’s abilities was not a bad idea.

— That’s good.
From now on, I’ll lead you forward.

— Oh, oh, thank you, Kang Yu! — said Dae Su with an excited voice and a shining look.
— Should we break into the shelter of the Andras Guild right now? Heh heh.
I’ll protect you at the cost of my life! —

— No, I’ll go to the guild alone.

— Why would you go alone?

— Dae Su, — Kang Yu addressed him in a low voice.

Dae Su shivered.

Kang Yu continued to speak in a low tone:

— You almost died at the hands of two members of this guild, didn’t you?

— That… That’s right.

— Do you think you can really protect me now?

When Dae Su heard that undeniable fact, he bit his lip unhappily.

He knew himself that he couldn’t help Kang Yu right now.

When he saw the disappointed sag in Dae Su’s shoulders, Kang Yu put his hand on his shoulder.

— It’s okay, Dae Su.

— Kang Yu?

— For you, this is just the beginning.
If you get beaten up now, it’ll be harder for you to get stronger.
Don’t you agree?

When Dae Su heard the words of support, he got a slight blush on his face.

— Yes! That’s right! My story is just beginning!

— That’s right.

— Heh, heh, heh.
I’ll be stronger and I can be your shield!

Seeing the passion in Dae Su’s eyes, Kang Yu smiled and nodded.

— I believe you.

— Give me your number.
If you need anything, call me anytime.

— Oh, by the way, I have a request.

— Just say the word! — The tone of his voice expressed his full readiness.

— One of my acquaintances will soon graduate from the school.
Can you take her to the party and help her raise his level?

— In what position, if you don’t mind telling me?

— Support.

— Then, here’s a request from me.
Let’s find a damage dealer and get a good party.

Dae Su kept nodding and smiling like a good person.

— Then let’s get in touch.

— Kang Yu, will you go straight to the guild?

— I’m not sure.
—  Kang Yu looked at a guy who was lying unconscious on the ground.

With that guy with the sword, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the guild’s lair.

‘It won’t be a problem to meet the guild.’ Andras’s guild wasn’t the largest in Korea and was quite average in size, so Kang Yu had the strength to confront them alone.

Because when he reached level 20, the force that sealed Man Ma Jung had grown even weaker, so he got a decent boost to his strength.

In addition, Kang Yu’s strength couldn’t just be described by his level or the ability units he received.

He had excellent fighting skills that had been honed over ten thousand years.

Even if you don’t take into account his vast number of Powers, the chances of winning were great.

‘The question is how to get there unnoticed.’ He certainly had skills similar to the Silence Force that could hide his presence, but to maintain them for a long time is not an easy task.

‘If I’m noticed, I won’t be able to learn about the order of the rite.’ If that happens, the purpose of penetrating Andras’ guild would be unfulfilled.

— Hmm, — Kang Yu closed his eyes and thought.

— Hello… — At that moment, a guy lying unconscious tried to get up.

He chose a good time to wake up.
Kang Yu immediately grabbed his neck.

— I have a question.
Be so kind as to answer.

The guy, without reacting, tried to get up.

— Nod if you understand me.

The guy with the blue face hastily nodded and coughed up.

— What’s your name?

— Ka… Kang Chul Ho.

— That’s good, Chul Ho.
Not so long ago, you discussed that these two Players can’t be killed and must be taken somewhere.

The guy didn’t say anything.
He bit his lip and looked away, clearly avoiding the answer.
There were sweat drops on his forehead.

— I don’t… I don’t remember that.

— Yeah? — Kang Yu hit him on the head like a soccer ball.

— Ahhhh!

— Are you starting to remember something?

— Mm-hmm…

— Not enough?

— Not… no! — Chul Ho bent his head.

Dae Su opened his mouth in surprise at how skillfully Kang Yu was conducting the interrogation.

— P… a hostage is needed in order to use him as a victim.

— A victim?

— Yes.

— Do you need it for the ritual?

The guy took a serious look and nodded.

Kang Yu, without knowing why, grinned when he heard that answer.

— You guys are even crazier than I thought.

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Kang Yu still didn’t know exactly what ‘ritual’ was, but if they make a victim out of a person, it’s very likely that this ritual is like something primitive.

— Hmm.
— Kang Yu squinted and thought that the Andras Guild was really going crazy.

‘Victim…’ At that moment, Kang Yu slipped an idea into his head and smiled.

He turned his head towards Chul Ho and said it in a low tone:

— I have a request.

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