Chapter 19.
The Andras Guild (Part 1)

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— Huh? The guy who was swinging in Dae Su turned to the rustling side.

— Who are you?

— I’m just a passerby.

Two guys looked at Kang Yu with a frown.

The guy with the sword clicked his tongue and started talking:

— Well, you’re out of luck.
You can forget about getting out of here safe and sound.

— Here’s another problem.

They, who had been pointing their weapons at Dae Su before, were now beginning to get interested in Kang Yu.

The guy with the axe continued:

— He doesn’t need to be taken prisoner, right?

— Yeah.
Those two are enough.

The guy with the axe smiled sinisterly and headed towards Kang Yu.

The Magi that wrapped the axe around was getting bigger and bigger.

After licking his lips, he looked at Kang Yu.

— His appearance isn’t bad… And his body isn’t bad either.
It’ll taste good.

He was talking feverishly, but he kept drilling Kang Yu with a cold look.

You could tell from his frequent breathing that he was at his limit.

— Haha! Let’s look at you from behind!

Kang Yu didn’t say anything.
Listening to the heavy breathing interrupted by screaming, his face became distorted.

— What kind of jerks…?

Kang Yu didn’t know what the man was talking about or what his back had to do with it, but it didn’t sound good.

— Hee-hee-hee! Try to beg desperately! Then maybe I will spare you.

The axe guy’s mood turned sour, and he stepped up.

He rushed forward sharply and tried to strangle Kang Yu.

Kang Yu took a step forward and put out one hand.

It wasn’t necessary to use Powers against such idiots, and there was no need to use special fighting techniques either.

Kang Yu hit the attacker on the cheek, making him fall to the ground.
The man staggered and climbed up from the ground and grabbed his swollen cheek in confusion.

— What… what is that?

— What the hell are you doing?

— It’s a little weird…

Kang Yu, who was approaching fast, hit him on the cheek again.

When he reached rank 3 and got, even more, Magi, his physical abilities became many times better.

Kang Yu continued hitting him on the cheek.

—Wa… Wait!

This was the body he had been training for ten thousand years, and now all his Powers were intertwined with 3rd rank.

Despite the fact that the opponents were 4 ranks, they couldn’t be called opponents, because Kang Yu, who had accumulated Magi, were much stronger than the guys in front.

— What a bastard!

The guy with the axe stayed on the ground, and the other guy with the sword headed towards Kang Yu.

His sword was wrapped around by black Magi.

Kang Yu looked at the swordsman and gathered some force in the air in front of him.

‘The Power of the Destructive Void.’

A charge of compressed air went towards the guy with the sword, and he fell to the ground almost immediately, with his lip broken and beaten with air as hard as stone.

— Wha… What the hell?

— I’m interested in something.—  Kang Yu came close to the guy who was beaten up.

He squatted in front of the guy and asked for low voices:

— Where did you get Magi from?

He couldn’t believe that two other people had a special ability that would transform Maryok into a Magi.

But it seemed even more impossible that they could have the same Devourer’s Power, capable of pulling Magi out of the bodies of monsters.

— Oh, my… — By mentioning the Magi, the guys’ faces frowned.

He continued in a suspicious tone:

— How do you know about Ma…

The guy who was going to ask Kang Yu a counter-question got another slap.

— I’m asking the questions here.
All you’re allowed to do is answer.

After hitting that guy in the face a few more times, Kang Yu continued:

— I’ll ask again.
Where did you get Magi from?

The guy was shivering at the anger coming from Kang Yu.

Kang Yu, looking at that guy shivering, used the Force of Fear.

He wasn’t scared enough for the Power to make a puppet out of him, but the Power will reinforce his intimidation even more.

— Aah! — The guy’s pants got wet.

He didn’t think Kang Yu was even human, just someone terrifying.

He opened his mouth slowly and said:

— Fou… founder of the guild.

— Seo Tae Ho! What are you saying? Are you out of your mind?

The guy with the sword looked at his stuttering comrade and went in his direction.

Kang Yu slowly turned towards him.

— Be quiet.

— Huh? — When a wave of power was emitting from Kang Yu, the man stood still and his face turned pale while fighting his fear: — You… how do you know about Magi…—

— I told you to be quiet.
—  Another air current hit the guy hard.

He fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Kang Yu’s eyes turned to Tae Ho again.

— The founder of the guild?

— That’s right, Tae Ho.

— What’s the name of the guild?

— Ahn… Andras.
We belong to the guild of Andras.

The Andras Guild.

The guild was created in honor of one of Solomon’s 72 demons.

The guild to which Tae Hyun belonged.
The Guild, which has been the subject of controversial rumors.

— The founder transmits this power to us through the ritual.

— The ritual? — Kang Yu is frowning.
— What kind of ritual?

— It’s…  — Tae Ho’s eyes were wide.

Fear enveloped him so much that he couldn’t hide anything.

Kang Yu used the Force again.
A white foam leaked out of Tae Ho’s mouth, and he fell to the ground, twitching.

— Say it,—  Kang Yu said in a low tone.

— Oh… ritual, oh, oh! — There were blood vessels all over Tae Ho’s body.

The blood vessels grew like the roots of trees, and Tae Ho threw up blood of a nearly black color, after which he died.

Kang Yu, disappointed, leaned over Tae Ho’s body.

‘I never learned what kind of ritual it was.’ He didn’t understand why Tae Ho died.

After looking at the dead body again, Kang Yu slowly got up.

Dae Su came up to him.

— Ka… Kang Yu?

— That’s right.

— You defeated two guys alone… — He looked suspiciously at Kang Yu, who he’d seen a few days ago at the E-gate, and now he’s put two guys down with four ratings.

Kang Yu shrugged his shoulders and answered calmly:

— That time, I just had some business at the E-gate.

— Aah! Oh, I see! So you’re not a new guy?

— You’re right.

Actually, he had just quickly leveled up from being a rookie, but he lied to Dae Su.

— Then the words you said that time makes sense.
Anyway, thank you, Kang Yu.
If it wasn’t for you, those nuts would have killed me.

—Thank… thank you for saving me.
— The guy with the wounded neck came forward to show his appreciation.
— My name is Kim Tae Hyun.

— Kang Yu.

— That’s how it should be! As it turned out, you have a high level too,—  Dae Su said easily with an easy smile.

Kang Yu looked at Dae Su, who thanked him and smiled.

— Kang Yu, I’ll pay you back this debt.

— Haha, okay.

— I always knew that the guys from Andras Guild didn’t have a good reputation, but to attack like that… — Dae Su looked down at two guys who had attacked him recently and frowned.

Kang Yu did not understand why, despite knowing their bad reputation, Dae Su still took them into his party.

— I’ll report this case to Hwaran Squad.

— Hwaran Squad?

— The government squad in charge of the Players.
They’ll deal with the guild quickly if they report that they’re killing other Players.

— Hmm.
— Kang Yu thought about what he said.
After thinking about the situation, he finally said: — Don’t report it.

— What? Don’t declare it? What are you saying, Kang Yu?

— I’ll deal with Andras Guild personally.

Kang Yu had to find out in person what kind of ritual gave people the ability to use Magi.

If the government intervenes in this matter, there’s a good chance Kang Yu wouldn’t be able to find out.

— Um, okay.— He nodded his head hesitantly.

Kang Yu looked at Dae Su with some surprise.

‘He’s smart.’ He looked like a monster in appearance, but he was brave and seemed to quickly guess what Kang Yu was up to.

‘We made a quick agreement,’ Kang Yu thought he could find out about the guild in his own way.

— Then let’s forget about the fact that…

— I’m Dae Su! I’ll follow you and help you find out the truth!

— What?

— ‘Finding out in person’ is like a novel.
To be generous and seek the truth.

‘Actually, no.’

— I love novels!

‘So what?’

— I, Dae Su, have been imbued with your generosity! My life belongs to you! I’ll become a faithful assistant!

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Dae Su, with a shining look, bowed down to Kang Yu on one knee.

While acting like that, he resembled someone else.

Kang Yu felt a headache and put his hand to his forehead.

‘What even is this…?’

Another Pallock?

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