Chapter 17: Rank 3 (Part 1)

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A few lizardmen fell to the ground from Hellfire.

Tired of fighting with Ho Jung’s group, the Lizardmen didn’t have the strength to resist Kang Yu, so the monsters were dying one by one.

‘That’s all.’ Kang Yu glanced over the swamp covered with corpses.

Even strong people would vomit at the sight of such a spectacle, but Kang Yu was walking in the swamp like nothing had happened.

Flesh and blood scattered all over the earth was what he had grown used to seeing in Hell.

At that time in his life, he had seen much scarier landscapes every day.

That’s why he wasn’t bothered by the scenery around him — he’d gotten used to it a long time ago.

— Well, here we go.

The hundreds of bodies lying on the ground were like a banquet for Kang Yu.

‘I barely got any experience points.’ In fact, most of these monsters were killed by Ho Jung’s comrades, which was why he barely got any experience points.

If he had been a regular player, he would have probably been upset, but Kang Yu also had his own ways of raising his level, so he wasn’t discouraged.

He didn’t hurry to get to the place where most of the bodies lay.

The black smoke, as always, wrapped up the dead bodies of the Lizardmen.

Along with the horrible sound of broken bones and flesh-eating, Kang Yu’s body was being infused with the flow of Magi.

A notice came up.

[Magi raised by 1 unit]

‘Great.’ Just looking at the number of monsters, it was clear that this time he would raise his Magi by a decent number of units.

Kang Yu continued pulling energy out from the bodies while looking at the message that came up.

The number of corpses began to decrease rather quickly.

At that moment, another notice came up.

[Security Warning: You can’t use the Devourer’s Power].

— What? — A new message came up before his eyes.

He was shaking his head, looking at the notice.

‘System warning?’ He remembered hearing a phrase like this before.
He’d heard it on his return from Hell to Earth.

He’d killed over a hundred monsters before, but no such message had ever come up.

— Ah… — Kang Yu remembered Ho Jung’s party.
— I think they died here, too.

He noticed Ho Jung’s body with a spear pierced through his chest laying atop the pile of bodies.

Apparently, while using the Devourer’s Power on the bodies of monsters, he’d accidentally hit Ho Jung’s body.

‘I guess the warning was about eating the Player’s body.’ Kang Yu didn’t know exactly what the system warning meant, but this message had never shown up before when he applied this Power on monsters.
So his guess might have been right.

‘Then, the Devourer’s Power cannot be used on other Players.’ That was the answer to the question Kang Yu had been thinking of from the moment he first found out that each Player had a special ability.
He’d wondered if the other Players’ abilities could be pulled out by the Power of the Devourer.

He’d believed that since he could take Powers from a demon, there was a good chance that he could take Powers from Players too.

‘Well, it’s not that important.’ Kang Yu looked at Ho Jung’s body without any regrets.

Besides, the Players’ special abilities didn’t play an important role for Kang Yu.

He was almighty as it is, with 666 Powers in his arsenal.

‘It’s not the Powers that matter, it’s the amount of Magi that counts.’ It took a lot of Magi to be able to use all 666 Powers freely.

That was the most important thing for Kang Yu right now.

He bypassed all the bodies except for Ho Jung’s Party members.

There had been several notifications.

[Magi raised by 2 units]

[You have reached 30 units of Magi]

— Ha, — Kang Yu took a deep breath and felt for Magi in his body.

Having sucked Magi out of more than 100 bodies of monsters, he felt his body become stronger with the significant increase of Magi.

‘This time I managed to raise Magi by 5 units.’ It wasn’t such a bad result.

No, it’s not.
Without moving a finger, he’d gotten as much as 5 units of Magi – this was a promising result.

‘Magi doesn’t just add up in numbers, I can feel it.’ Kang Yu, now with 30 units, felt many times stronger and more alert than before.

He decided to try one of Andras’ forces.

There was a black flame on his palm.

Comparing the Hellfire that he’d used a couple of hours ago to the fire burning now, the difference was obvious.
The flames were much bigger.

‘Wonderful.’ He felt the difference between 20 and 30 units of Magi clearer than when he promoted it from 10 to 20.

— All that’s left is to raise the level.
— Kang Yu, gathering the mana stones lying on the ground, nodded his head with satisfaction.

Soon he will get rank 3 and find out if the force that sealed his Man Ma Jung was really weakening with each increase in rank.

‘Is it worth a little more hunting?’ Kang Yu walked past the cold bodies of Ho Jung and his comrades in cold blood.


It’s been three days since Ho Jung and his guys died.

Kang Yu continued the mass hunting of Lizardmen and quickly raised his level.

As a result, he reached level 19 in three days, whereas most Players took a month to do so.

If someone saw the speed at which it was going up, it would probably seem strange or even absurd to them.

— I think I’ll get rank 3 today,—  Kang Yu said excitedly at breakfast to Han Sol.

‘Accordingly, I can go to a higher level gate.’

He will obtain the right to enter a Level C Gate, but to do so he must obtain a Level C Player ID by selling more mana stones and receiving Rank 3.

Since the Level C Gate is very different from the Level D Gate, Players usually need training.

In fact, there were few cases where Players get Rank 3 but continued to hunt at the level D Gate because the monsters at the level C Gate were too strong.

That’s exactly what Ho Jung’s party had been like.

‘They say that the entrance check is stricter there…’ Kang Yu heard at some bar that unlike Level D and E Gate, where the only ID is checked at the entrance, Level C checks everything.

It could be burdensome if he decided to use the Force of Blind Faith and sneak in.

‘I’ll settle for selling  the mana stones collected today and raise my level.’ He’d earned 92,000,000 won in the last three days.

He also collected 23 Class D mana stones, killing over 400 Lizardmen.

These mana stones were more than enough for a promotion.

— Kang Yu, are you going to hunt today too?

— Yeah, I’ll probably be back tonight.

— Aren’t you tired? It’s been a while since you’ve rested.

— It’s okay, —  Kang Yu said calmly.

In fact, physically, he didn’t feel a drop in fatigue.

As soon as his Magi exceeded 30 units, the easy hunt for Lizardmen had become even easier.

He was stronger than two or three parties united together, so it couldn’t have been difficult for him.

— Oh, I see.

— And when does your training end?

— I don’t think there’s more than a couple of days left.
Today we’re going on a real goblin hunt to raise our level.

— Wow.

— I’m not sure if I’m going to get a good special ability, but I want to get rank 2 as soon as possible.

— You’ll get it soon.

After a short conversation with Han Sol, Kang Yu immediately headed towards the Gate.

Before the gate, as always, there were many people who were either looking for Players to join their own party or looking for a party for themselves.

‘I think I’m used to it.’ Six days have passed since he returned to Earth.

He was finally getting used to seeing people walking around.
In Hell, he’d always been surrounded by demons.

‘I’ll get to rank 3 and it will get much easier.’ For the sake of a fun and carefree life on Earth, accumulating strength and money was important, and because of this, he could not yet enjoy what he really likes.

After being promoted to rank 3 and selling the mana stones he collected, he planned to rest and have some fun.

— Excuse me, are you looking for a party?

— No one will take robbers into parties…

— Ha! Then, how about joining us?

— Oh, really?

When Kang Yu reached the gate, he heard a familiar voice.

— Huh? — He turned his head towards the voice.

It turned out to be Kang Dae Su, whom he met while hunting goblins.

He had already assembled a party of several people and was now talking to a robber who no one wanted to take in.

‘Nothing changes.’ Kang Yu smiled and entered the gate.

‘I should say hello to him.’ Even though they barely knew each other, Dae Su was the kind of person who didn’t annoy Kang Yu with his behavior, so he wouldn’t mind a conversation.

‘But first, let’s raise my level.’ Wanting to quickly raise his level after being stuck at 19 for so long, he went in search of Lizardmen.

There were more important things to do before dealing with Dae Su.

‘Found some.’ He noticed three monsters near him and immediately used the power of Hellfire, directing it towards the lizardmen.

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Immediately, three monsters in flames fell to the ground with wild screams.

— Okay.
Next… — At that moment, the familiar sound of notification rang out to him, announcing a new notice.

[Level D Boss successfully destroyed]

[Level increased by 1 unit]

— Huh? — Kang Yu looked at the notice with confusion.

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