Chapter 16.
Is that really enough? (Part 3)

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Ho Jun’s wail flew across the swamp, blending in with the wild roar of lizardmen responding to the Power of Sound issued by Kang Yu.

‘Psycho.’ Although he also intentionally made sounds to lure out monsters, what Kang Yu was doing was incomparable to what Ho Jung did.

If he was just throwing wood at a burning house, Kang Yu was pouring a can of gasoline.

— Run! — Ho Jung hurriedly shouted to his comrades.

Their faces turned pale as they became confused with panic, looking through all the possible options to overcome this situation.

Kang Yu slowly enjoyed the expressions on their faces.

— Where will you run to?

They were surrounded by lizardmen from all sides.

Escaping just wasn’t possible.

Ho Jung prepared his dagger and shouted angrily:

— Do you think you can get away with doing this? Аh? You’re going to kill us all!

— Die with you? No.
Only you will die here.

— Ha! Think you’ll survive surrounded by so many monsters? — Ho Jung laughed.

The number of lizardmen running in their direction was approaching a hundred.

This was a situation where Ho Jung has to give his life for his comrades.

There was absolutely no way for a player of rank 2 to survive under attack by so many lizardmen.

— You asked me just now if I knew they could easily catch sounds, — Kang Yu said with a smile and looked at Ho Jung.

Kang U’s smile made Ho Jung’s body shake.

— Well, I know very well about that, too.

Kang Yu used the Power of Silence and took some easy steps.

Despite the sticky swampy terrain, his steps made absolutely no sound.
Ho Jung who saw it was shaken.

— Y… you… — Ho Jung thought Kang Yu had the Power to control sounds completely.

Before that, he was making unrealistically loud noises, and now he’s muffling his steps.
It’s not hard to draw conclusions.

— Crap! — Ho Jung’s gaze dissipated as a crowd of monsters ran at them.

He screamed to his comrades:

— Any way out?

— No! We’re surrounded from all sides!

Even the slightest hope has vanished.
Now you could read hopelessness on his face.

Kang Yu was happily watching Ho Jung’s actions with a happy face while leaning on a nearby tree.

‘It’s about time.’ Kang Yu was just wondering if it was worth hunting a large flock at once.

And these guys came at the right time and decided on the course of events.

‘It would be hard to do it alone.’ Kang Yu smiled a bit.

Although he was confident in his abilities, to cope with a hundred monsters at once would be a challenge.

Even maintaining the Silence Power would be too dangerous to fight a hundred monsters.
I mean, even if they have bad eyesight, they could still see.

But a wonderful bait like Ho Jung and his party changes everything.

Since they were noisier, of course, all the first blows will go to them, while Kang Yu could just stand aside.

‘Despite the fact that this is a group of losers, they should be able to survive.’ Unlike ordinary hunters, these guys raised the levels of low-level Players for money.

Kang Yu liked that.
Compared to other parties, they’d last a long time.

Kang Yu stared at them and smiled.

As they say, ‘when two fight, the third has the advantage.’

He shouldn’t risk his life or put his body in danger.

He’d only watch the group desperately fight the lizardmen and admire how their numbers shrink.
And when there’s fewer remaining and they’re exhausted, he’d step in.

Thanks to Ho Jun’s party, he wouldn’t have to get involved in a useless fight.

What about them? Having to hold up this level of defense, they wouldn’t be able to go on the offensive and will simply be stabbed alive.

Kang Yu looked at the fighting group and smiled because they weren’t ready for battle at all.

‘If you don’t last long, I won’t be able to get much benefit.’ Kang Yu hid between the trees to protect himself from the bad-sighted monsters.

— Ah… oh, wow… — Ho Jun, looking at Kang Yu, was about to make an offer to cooperate, but stuck to his overwhelming hatred.
— You’re like a demon! —

‘I am a demon.’ Kang Yu smiled coolly.

Even though he looked like a man, he was more like a demon.

If he hadn’t become a demon, he couldn’t have spent ten thousand years in Hell.

— You’d better be defending yourself, not making speeches.
You’re going to die without even raising a finger?

— Aaaah! — Ho Jun, full of hatred and holding a dagger in his hand, rushed towards Kang Yu.

‘You will die with me!’ Ho Jung was convinced that Kang Yu’s special ability was related to sound.

Which meant poor  fighting skills.

He put all his anger into the dagger and swung as he ran.

— Ho Jun, it’s dangerous!

At that moment he was blocked by a few lizardmen.

Ho Jung’s unhappy screams drew the monsters’ attention to him.
They surrounded him from all sides, so he couldn’t get to Kang Yu.

With a laugh, Kang Yu said:

— You’d better swing harder.

Even though Ho Jung couldn’t hear what Kang Yu was saying because of the Silence Force, it was enough to look at his face to know.

— Aaaaah! You bastard!!!

— Ho Jung, don’t shout!

The monsters pointed their spears at Ho Jung, who’d lost all common sense.
He couldn’t stop his fit of anger and could barely fight off monsters’ attacks.

— Defend! We need to protect ourselves!

When a group leader loses his mind, someone else must take over.

In a panic, it was Seo Ye Ri who became such a person.
The members of the group turned pale, but they followed her order and took defensive positions.

The monsters kept attacking.

— There are too many!

— Hold on to the last second! — In a hopeless voice, a guy screamed with a shield in his hands.

When you’re being poked with spears from all sides, it’s hard to get your mind together.

Usually, they would gather a dozen or two lizardmen on the hunt, but it was a first for them to deal with more than a hundred of them.

— They don’t attack all at once! Focus on defending!

The screams of his comrades helped Ho Jung regain his senses to some extent, and he began to defend himself.

Ye Ra stood in the middle, and while her comrades were covering for her, she used magic.

— Fiery shock!

She demonstrated her special skill, fire.

The flashes of fire that appeared at the end of her staff flew towards the lizardmen.

The monsters burned out with screams.

— Ha.
— Kang Yu watched the fight against monsters with interest.

‘They’re not so bad.’ Though they were losers, they were still capable of fighting despite there being a hundred Lizardmen.

Especially with Ye Ra acting as the group’s leader.

— We need to pierce the environment ring!

— There’s… there’s too many!

Even though they held up well, their faces did not radiate joy.

They understood that soon their strength would run out and it would become many times harder to hold on.
Whatever it takes, they need to pierce through the monster ring.

‘Okay.’ Kang Yu quietly watched their fight and smiled.

This group had more strength than he thought, so they have a good chance of surviving.

‘I don’t even need to get involved.’ They could get rid of most of the Lizardmen pretty quickly, and Kang Yu would figure out what to do later.

He had no intention of helping them now.

He certainly wasn’t a good man.
More precisely, he survived because he stopped being good in a world where the main rule was: anger for anger, murder for murder.

Once you broke that rule, you couldn’t be a resident.

At first, he was worried whether he would have problems if one of them died, but Kang Yu concluded that there was no reason to worry.

‘This situation is different from Tae Hyun’s.’ If Tae Hyun had died then, Kang Yu would have gotten into trouble.

And in this situation, it’s not Kang Yu who’s killing Ho Jung and his party.

The Lizardmen would be held responsible.

Death by the paws of a monster while hunting at the Gate is commonplace.

Ho Jung sighed, feeling nauseous as he wiped the blood of the Lizardmen off his face.

Due to the large number of opponents, it was impossible to break through them.

But they couldn’t fight the whole hundred either.

— Sa… save me! Please, sa… save me! — Ho Jung was screaming in terror, looking towards Kang Yu.

If they didn’t get some help, the situation wouldn’t change.

Kang Yu lazily extended his hand to the fighting Ho Jung.
And then he showed his middle finger.

— Aaaah! — Ho Jung was moaning desperately.

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Kang Yu’s smile was like a scarecrow.
And the look of it reminded Ho Jung of something.

— A demon…

Black wings like a bat.
Two horns and a long tail.

Kang Yu had stopped acting like a man and more like a demon.

At that moment, one of the Lizardmen pierced the heart of distracted Ho Jung.

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