Chapter 163 – In The Name of Light! (1)


[You're going to regret it…]

“It's going to be you that regrets it.”

Halphas bit his lip.

KangWoo could see a complex mix of feelings and emotions in his expression.

He felt relieved that he'd survived, but he also felt frustrated because the plan failed.
Also, he was scared to inform Lucifer of what had happened.


“My will is firm.
I will take my underlings, the Demon Cult, and destroy all of Lucifer's forces.”

[Wh-why?! Why are you suddenly doing this?!] Halphas shouted in confusion.

It was an obvious reaction.

They knew it was possible that he'd refused to form an alliance, but why would he declare war out of the blue?

It was as if Lucifer had sent an envoy to form an alliance, but Satan had suddenly decided to send an army to invade.

It seems like you really don't know anything.”

It was obvious, but he wouldn't declare war for no reason.

If Satan had really obtained the 'Sea of Demonic Energy,' that alone would be reason enough to attack Lucifer.

“Tell this to Lucifer: This time, I'm going to get your soul and Hell's Equipment.”

The seven archdukes weren't allies in the first place.

While KangWoo was fighting against the archdukes, they also fought against each other.

In the end, they collaborated with each other, but that alliance wasn't built on trust—it was built on desperation.

If one of the archdukes had obtained KangWoo's strength, they would have no reason to avoid taking on other archdukes.

After all, they also craved to absorb the other archdukes and obtain even greater strength.

'Although it seems like he doesn't know much about the Ten Thousand Demon Core.'

If he knew about it, there would be no reason to ask him why.

Even if Halphas didn't know, there was no way Lucifer wouldn't also know.

'That guy is definitely going to attack Satan.'

He'd made all of the necessary preparations.

If Lucifer heard everything he said, he would be forced to attack Satan first.

– The sea of Demonic Energy is already in my hands! It's just a matter of time before I absorb that power!

He'd said that as if just glossing over it, but the meaning behind those words was clear.

He'd obtained the Sea of Demonic Energy but hadn't been able to absorb it fully.

If it were Lucifer, he'd easily realize the meaning behind those words and attack.

He'd said enough things so he wouldn't be able to resist the temptation.

'He's probably going to bite the bait.'

He wasn't sure how exactly Lucifer was doing.

He also wasn't sure if he had enough forces to send.

The Demon Cult and Lucifer were forces he had to get rid of, eventually, so there would be no better news than them fighting each other.

'Lucifer and the Demon Cult…'

The best possible outcome was them fighting each other and him watching from the sides and profiting from it.

It didn't matter who won in a fight between them.
Either way, he would benefit from it.

It was like eliminating poison from your body thanks to the effect of another poison.

“How long are you going to wait around for? Do I have to rip off your other arm before you return?”


Halphas gulped at the chilling words.
He glared at KangWoo but soon threw his body into the blue fissure.

[Satan, and the Demon Cult… You're soon going to realize how big of a mistake you've just made.]

'Tell me quiicckk!'

He let out a happy laugh and saw Halphas disappear through the fissure.

He almost found Halphas glaring at him, without knowing his real intentions, cute.

Halphas completely disappeared through the fissure.

KangWoo took off the mask.


Since he'd sent a message to Lucifer through Halphas, it was time to enjoy the newly obtained rewards.

KangWoo turned around to Malphas and Phenex.

'It's too bad that I let one go.'

There was nothing he could do about it.
After all, he couldn't go personally to Lucifer to send him a message.

'This is all an investment for the future.'

It would be better if he thought about it like that.

'Authority of Predation.'

Black fog started to spread from his hand.

Phenex and Malphas were devoured by the Authority of Predation.
Not even Halphas's arm was left behind.


[The attribute 'Reaper of Souls' has been activated.]

“How much more should I obtain?”

KangWoo mumbled while looking at the message window in front of him.


* * *

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When black demonic energy started to come out from his body…


His eyes widened; a blue message window appeared in front of him.

[You've fulfilled the first condition for Demonic Soul.]

[Your Demonic Energy stat limit has increased to 130.]

[Since you've fulfilled the first condition, the system's power that is restricting your level has weakened.]

[Your level limit has increased to 79.]

[You've achieved the eighth Awakening.]


He clenched both fists.

It seemed he was able to fulfill the conditions since he'd absorbed the souls of demons that were as strong as a high-ranking demon, even within the 9th hell.

The messages that followed also made him happy.

[The passageway that leads to the 'deepest' part of the Ten Thousand Demon Core has widened.]

[The more demons you absorb using the attribute 'Reaper of Souls,' the more the size of the passageway will increase.]

“Very nice.”

He began laughing.

Thanks to the passageway that led to the deepest part of the Ten Thousand Demon Core having increased in size, the number of Authorities he could use had also increased.

There were a few Authorities that, unlike the Authority of the Blade and the Authority of Speed, needed some preparations before he could use them.

A 'technique' he could only use with demonic energy from the deepest part…

If he used them, he could fight on par with Balrog.
No, maybe above that.

“Let's see… What did I get as the eighth Awakening attribute?”

It was obvious he'd be expectant.

He opened his status window and checked the attribute.

[Eighth Awakening Attribute: ??? (Rank: ???)]

[The eighth Awakening Attribute will unlock after you surpass 130 Demonic Energy stat.]


A disappointed sigh came out of his mouth.

'They did the same thing with the sixth Awakening attribute.'

He frowned at the question mark that kept appearing.

It was as if an author who had obtained an unexpected success was doing his best to increase the nervousness of the readers.

'But it isn't like I cannot see an answer just like before.'

Reaching 130 of Demonic Energy.

The goal and the way to obtain them were clear.

He had to keep absorbing the soul of demons and increasing the size toward the 'deepest' part.

That was probably the way to reach 130 stat.

“I'm glad the level restriction was lifted.”

Just being able to increase the level limit without killing Gaia's Guardians was great.

'Then, there are two ways?'

He could kill a Guardian to weaken the system that had sealed his power or him to become strong enough to weaken the system.


There was no need to think what was the best way.

He didn't have the need to do something stupid like become stronger by doing team kills.

“It seems like the first task is to reach 130 stat of Demonic Energy.”

Considering that the condition to unlock the Awakening attribute was related to the condition to become a Demon God, he needed to unlock it as fast as possible.

“I don't think there's going to be a problem.”

The tips of his mouth went up.

The harvest he'd obtained thanks to the seed he'd planted on Halphas… He just had to wait until Lucifer took the bite.

He probably wouldn't need to wait long.

'He's probably nervous.'

Satan had obtained the Sea of Demonic Energy he longed for so much.

Demons always craved more strength, so there was no way he'd be able to stand still and watch the situation unfold.

He was probably going to move before he was able to absorb all of the Sea of Demonic Energy.

'If Lucifer moves…'

There's no way the Demon Cult would be able to remain still.

He just had to wait to profit from it in the name of Guardians.

'But if…'

He narrowed his eyes.
There was a bad scenario.

'Lucifer learns the truth.'

To be honest, he wasn't that worried about that possibility.

'He thinks that Tyrion died because of Satan.'

That meant Tyrion had used his remaining strength to mention the name Satan.

At that moment, Tyrion thought that Satan was the owner of the 'Sea of Demonic Energy.'

Was there a chance Lucifer had discovered that the Demon King of the Hell of Nine Skies had made Tyrion vanish while pretending to be Satan?

'Thanks, Mr.

As an apostle of the Hero God Tyrion, he couldn't help but praise him.

Thanks to him, he'd obtained a way to free himself from all doubts.

'As expected of Mr.

He had given him strength without hesitating in exchange for revenge for Reinald's death.

He was a hero that, while his body was vanishing for interference with the system, had made sure others heard the name of the Demon of Prophecy, Satan!

“I won't forget… your sacrifice.”

Thinking of his sacrifice made him tear up a bit.

Who couldn't say that someone who, even in his last moments, did his best to leave a warning behind to be able to protect the world?

Tyrion, you're a real hero.'

A heart as straight as a column…

An indomitable will…

A hero who sacrificed everything for his apostle, Reinald’s death.


He let out an exclamation.

'I discovered it was spring after the flowers disappeared.'

KangWoo never imagined that Tyrion's empty place would be so big.

On the other hand, he felt that a needle was poking him.

'This isn't because I feel guilty.'

He had inherited Tyrion's will and was trying to eliminate Satan, the Demon of Prophecy, so he had nothing to feel guilty about.

KangWoo stood up.

Since he was Tyrion's apostle, he couldn't stay still while looking at Earth getting destroyed because of the fight between Lucifer and Satan.

'I'm going to get rid of both of them.'

‘In the name of light!’

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