about successful hunting was not believable with the lack of bodies of lizardmen.

Kang Yu shrugged his shoulders and answered calmly:

— I’m taking a break.

— Oh, yeah? Aren’t you a little rude to talk like that to your elders?

— The fact that you’re sticking your nose in my business is annoying to me.

Ho Jung changed his face when he looked at Kang Yu’s peaceful composure.

— Oh, you ignoramus!

Although Ho Jung did not know the special ability class of his opponent, Kang Yu’s behavior made him so mad that he was ready to act.

‘Most likely it’s a Level B ability.’ If so, Kang Yu was more likely to be respected and offered invitations to guilds and parties.

Of course, there are more people who don’t possess a high-class ability, but Ho Jung was unaware of this, so he continued to be upset about the unfairness.

— Maybe I should tell you by documenting everything in writing.
— Kang Yu started to boil with anger, and he rested his hands on his sides.

— Ha.

— What a bastard.

The previously quiet members of the group became agitated and grabbed their weapons.

Ho Jung put his hand out to hold back his armed comrades.

— That’s enough.

— But, Ho Jung…

— Don’t worry about it.
We are rehabilitating this rude man, — Ho Jung said with a mocking tone.

But there was no need to dirty their own hands to rehabilitate the newbie.

‘There’s a better way.’ There’s something every newcomer fears.

— You’ll regret your overconfidence.

What all newcomers fear.

The monsters.

— I’m waiting.

— Hmm.
Let’s see how far you’ll go.

Ho Jung, looking at the fearless Kang Yu, pulled out his dagger.

He smiled and pulled out his hand with a metal wristband on it.

His team members knew what Ho Jung was up to and watched with anticipation in their eyes.

— Did you know that lizardmen are sensitive to sounds?

Kang Yu didn’t answer anything.

This was information that Kang Yu knew from the beginning of the hunt.

‘That’s it.’ Kang Yu knew what Ho Jung would do now, and smiled.

A dagger, a metal wristband, and sound-sensitive lizardmen.

If you combine all these facts together, there was only one option.

Ho Jung ran the dagger over his wristlet.

The pure and the melodic sound of metal flew all over the swamp.

‘As expected.’ Kang Yu was right.

He smiled at Ho Jung’s ridiculous act.

He heard the wild screams from a herd of lizardmen.

Ho Jung gave a nasty smile and continued:

— The best means of education for beginners – monsters.

Newcomers who got used to monsters eventually become afraid of Players, not monsters.

And those who could not get used to fighting monsters continue to fear them rather than Players.

The main adversary of humanity.

Flesh-eating and blood-drinking monsters.

— So that’s what you were going to do.

— What, are you scared? — Ho Jung laughed with his heart.
— Judging by the sounds, there are more than ten lizardmen rushing in here.
I don’t know how many high-end special abilities you have, but can you beat them?

Kang Yu didn’t say anything.

— You don’t have to worry.
If we think they’re about to kill you, we’ll save you.
You might get a little hurt, of course, but that would be a good life lesson.

Ho Jung looked at the silent Kang Yu and prepared his dagger.

The pure sound of metal flew around again.
Kang Yu was quietly observing Ho Jung’s actions and pressing his lips together firmly.

Ho Jung thought that Kang Yu was scared.

— Why aren’t you showing off anymore?

Kang Yu didn’t say anything back.

— Huh! As soon as the monster appeared, you froze in fear.
— Ho Jung snickered happily.

Kang Yu, seeing this, raised the corners of his lips and said it:

— Can you handle it?

— What?

— Are you strong enough?

— What the…

Kang Yu looked at Ho Jung’s confused expression and concentrated Power in both hands.

‘The Power of Sound.’

It allowed every movement to be so loud that you would want to be deaf to avoid hearing those sounds.

— Аh?

— You… what did you do?

Ho Jung and his comrades have turned pale.

It’s pure suicide to make noise in the lair of lizardmen.

Monster howls were heard from all sides.

Lizardmen started running towards loud noises.

— You’re crazy!

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The roar of the lizardmen didn’t stop.

Kang Yu continued to use the Power of Sound; it seemed as if bombs were going off here and there.

— I think that’ll be enough.

— You jerk!!! — Ho Jung’s scream mixed with the sounds made by Kang Yu’s Power.

Even if he was acting crazy, he wasn’t the real nut job here.

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