a hard expression.

– I can hear you.

“Should I help Balzac? What should I do?”

– No, remain still for the moment.
Also, get away from there when I send a signal.


She didn't say anything.

There was no need to doubt KangWoo's plan.
She just had to follow them.

That was her role.

Echidna cut the call.
Her eyes were full of loyalty.


* * *



A curse came out of his mouth.

KangWoo stopped the sparring for a short while.

“Let's take a break.”

“Ahh! Ahh! Understood, Hyeongnim.”

Kim ShiHoon nodded while breathing heavily.

Although Kim ShiHoon seemed tired, KangWoo hadn't shed any sweat.

“As expected, I'm still not a match for Hyeongnim.”

Kim ShiHoon avoided looking at him while feeling regretful.
KangWoo patted his shoulder.

What kind of hyeongnim would I be if you'd already caught up to me?”

Just wait.
I'll eventually catch up.”

“I'll be waiting.”

KangWoo smirked.

His expression darkened after he turned around.

Although he was smiling on the outside, on the inside, he wasn't.


He could see Balzac through his left eye.

After Reinald awakened, the hostage plan had failed, and the situation had completely changed.

The fight was one-sided.

After Awakening, Reinald was cornering Balzac.

He was resisting thanks to magic, but it was clear that he would lose against Reinald soon.

'If things go on like this, I'll lose Balzac.'

He frowned.

He couldn't let Reinald get rid of Balzac.

'I guess there's nothing I can do about it.'

KangWoo raised his head and began to think very fast.

Although his first plan had failed, it wasn't like he didn't have another strategy.

'Although it's a bit dangerous.'

Since things had become dangerous, he had no other choice.

KangWoo turned to Gaia.

“Now that I think about it, I guess Reinald should've received the revelation by now.”

“Ah, yes.
It should already be…”

“Let's go listen to that revelation.”

KangWoo went to Reinald's room along with Gaia and Kim ShiHoon.

Of course, Reinald's room was empty.

“Where did Mr.
Reinald go?” KangWoo asked while looking around. 

Kim ShiHoon was also looking.

“Did you hear anything?”

“No, I haven't.”

“Wait, Hyeongnim.”

“There are traces of him hurriedly leaving somewhere.”

“Wait, then…”

KangWoo looked at the traces with a hardened expression and moved toward where they led.

The traces led them toward the room where the gate that was connected with the Grand Canyon was.

“Hyeongnim, this…”


He cursed. 

“Wh-what happened?” Gaia asked with a trembling voice.

“It seems like he quickly went toward somewhere as soon as he received the revelation.”


He nodded.

Balzac… or maybe the Demon Cult, has used some sort trick to lure Mr.

“H-how could something like that…?”

Gaia's face turned pale.

Seeing that Reinald had run off alone, it seemed like the situation was quite urgent.

The thought that the new ally they'd obtained could disappear made her tremble in fear.

No, Reinald wasn't a simple ally.

Because he was the apostle of a god, he had a huge strength, and he also had the blessing of that god.

But more than that, thanks to the revelations, he might be able to provide them with information about the Demon Cult.

The thought of losing him was horrifying.

“I'm going to go first.”

There was no time to hesitate.

KangWoo turned and stomped on the ground.


“Take Ms.
Gaia and follow me!”

After saying that, KangWoo crossed the gate.

Thanks to the Authority of Speed, KangWoo moved across the canyon at an impressive speed.

He put on the mask while rushing through the canyon as if it were a flat surface.

He could see Reinald with his left eye.

He reached the place where there was an explosion of golden energy.

Reinald!!” KangWoo shouted toward him in a hurried voice.


Reinald was surprised by KangWoo's sudden appearance.

“Why did you come here alone without saying anything?!”

“I'm sorry.
Something that I couldn't say at the moment happened.”

“Just what—”

“Balzac took someone as a hostage and lured me here.”

Reinald angrily pointed toward Balzac, who was on the floor.

“Because of that evil demon, an innocent girl was put in a dangerous situation… but she's okay now.
Thanks to Mr.
Tyrion's blessing, I was able to protect this little girl.”

Reinald smiled and was about to turn around.


Suddenly, his body lost strength.

The golden light that was covering his body disappeared.

It meant that the strength of the god named Tyrion had disappeared.

He couldn't hear Tyrion's voice anymore.

'It's okay.'

The situation was over.
The Demon King Balzac had collapsed and support had arrived.

He'd even rescued the beautiful girl he'd held as a hostage.


The girl he'd saved was nowhere to be seen.

Reinald turned around and tried to seek out the girl.

“Th-the girl that Balzac held was d-definitely here…! Mr.
K-KangWoo! Haven't you seen a girl around this—”


A dark-red spear pierced Reinald's body.

“You're just making things too tiresome.”

KangWoo twisted the spear he'd used to pierce Reinald's body. 

Blood poured out of him.

“Go play being a hero in another novel.”

He laughed at him.

“Ah, but I don't think anyone is going to read a novel with you as a protagonist.”

‘Serialization canceled.’


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