sn't the time to be jealous of Reinald.

“Then, let's take some time to figure out Balzac's location and status.”

The sky should become covered with a golden light at about sunset.”

“Right, there are not many hours left, so I'll wait.”

The Guardians became passionate.


KangWoo placed his hand on top of his forehead as if it hurt.

'I need to move immediately.'

Once he received the revelation, it would be over.

Making Balzac go somewhere distant wasn't going to solve anything.

He didn't know exactly how much information the revelation gave him, so he couldn't create any unnecessary variables.

KangWoo narrowed his eyes and fell into thought.

'I can't move as I did before.'

Creating a dummy with the Authority of Cloning and moving was too risky.

'I'm not sure what effects Tyrion's protection has.'

That was the biggest problem.

He wasn't sure how much influence the god named Tyrion could exercise, so moving could become too risky.


He had to make someone else move.

KangWoo began thinking at a fast speed.
He was thinking about what he should do in that situation.


His eyes shone.

He turned and looked at Reinald, who was making plans.

A handsome young man whose appearance was comparable to ShiHoon’s…

Their personalities were also quite similar.

'To be more precise, he's closer to Alec than ShiHoon.'

Thanks to his influence, Kim ShiHoon hadn’t become like Alec.

But Reinald was different.

Although his nature was similar to Kim ShiHoon’s, KangWoo hadn’t been around to influence him, so he was like a Kim ShiHoon who resembled 'Alec.'


He mumbled in a low voice.

He licked his lip.

'I can use him.'

The revelation Reinald received from his god—there was a way to use that in reverse.

KangWoo separated from the rest of the Guardians that were in the middle of a meeting and took out a communication crystal.

It wasn't the one given by the Guardians but one he'd created to communicate with his summoned monsters.

'Being righteous is tiring.'

KangWoo laughed.


* * *


Gaia, there's something I wanted to tell you…”

“To me?”

ShiHoon, you too.

“But, Hyeongnim, it's going to be sunset soon…”

“It isn't like we're going to move as soon as we receive the revelation.
Aren't we going to analyze the Demon Cult based on the information obtained over the next few days?”

That's true.”

Kim ShiHoon and Gaia seemed surprised by KangWoo's sudden proposal, but they followed him.

They went to the Hall of Protection’s training room.

KangWoo turned around after reaching the huge white room.

“Why did we come here, Hyeongnim?”

“I've seen the videos of when Satan invaded.
Since there's a chance we might find Satan through Reinald, a battle with Satan might happen.”

“Ah, I see.”

“So I wanted to test it,” KangWoo said while touching the ring on his right middle finger.

“Test what?”

“If we could handle Satan at the moment.”


“There's something I've felt after looking at Mr.
Reinald… How important being chosen by a god is.”


“ShiHoon, you don't need to feel intimidated.
You have the soul of the Martial God inside you.
If Reinald can do it, you can do it, too.”

KangWoo picked up his weapon.

“Now that I think about it, this seems like the first time we’ve sparred against each other.”

“Hahaha, you're right.”

After realizing KangWoo's intentions, Kim ShiHoon took out the El Quero Blade.

KangWoo turned to Gaia.

Gaia, please try to feel if you can sense what you felt from Reinald inside ShiHoon.”

“So that's why you called me.

Gaia nodded and focused her attention on Kim ShiHoon's energy.

KangWoo and Kim ShiHoon's spar was about to start.

'Although this isn't really why I called you.'

KangWoo made a faint smile.

The reason why he'd called both people was to separate them from Reinald.

He focused on his left eye.
What the summoned monsters were seeing was shared with him.

– Balzac, are the preparations done?

– Of course, master.

– Do as planned.

– Yes.

– Hngh! KangWoo! I'm also going to do my best!

– Okay.

They exchanged a short conversation.


Kim ShiHoon, who had taken the El Quero's Blade out, stomped on the ground.


* * *



The Hall of Protection…

A short exclamation came out of Reinald.

He could feel an energy inside his body.

The revelation was starting.

– Kyaah!

– Hahaha! This is quite a good offering!


A girl’s screams reached his ears.

He saw Balzac.

He saw a sharp gorge and crumbling rocks.

It was the place that was attacked by Satan a few days before Reinald had gone to Earth.

He saw Balzac holding a frail little girl.

Balzac opened his mouth while his eye sockets shone with a yellow light.

– Reinald.
You thought I, Demon King Balzac, wouldn't know you've come to this world?

“D-don't tell me…”

– Hahaha.
You probably realized where I was through the revelation. 

Balzac's creepy voice spread through his ear.

– KYAAH! S-save me!! Please, help me!

– Reinald, if you want to save this girl, come here alone.

After saying that, Balzac violently grabbed the girl's neck.

– Cough! S-save me…!

The girl wriggled her legs in pain.

“You bastard!! What are you doing…?!”

Reinald's eyes widened.

The anger blew his reason away.

“Balzac!” The hero screamed.

Balzac's evil laugh spread through his ear.

– Hahaha!! Did you think you'd be able to face me if you had the Protection of Tyrion? Did you think anything would change if you met Gaia's underlings?

Intense yellow light came out of the skeleton's empty eye sockets.

– Reinald, did you forget who I am?

Balzac raised his hand, and a huge amount of demonic energy came out of him.

The black robe fluttered.

– I'm Demon King Balzac.


There was a pink apron visible under the hem of his robe. 

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