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And there was definitely more of it in lizardmen than in goblins.

‘Of course, it is not comparable to the Magi contained in demons.’ Unlike demons that needed Magi to maintain their strength and move, the local monsters used Marek for such needs.

Kang Yu couldn’t stop thinking about the Magi contained in demons.

A notice came up before Kang Yu’s eyes.

[Magi raised by 1 unit]

— Well, better than nothing.

It would be much worse if there was absolutely no way to accumulate Magi.

Kang Yu again activated the Silence Power and went on to look for monsters.

The hunting wasn’t going to get any easier than this.

Use the Power of Silence to sneak up behind you and attack with the Power of Hellfire.

It was so easy that Kang Yu wondered if he was hunting at all.
He used the same technique over and over, and the result was the same.

With the help of the Power of Hellfire, Kang Yu was able to slaughter three or four Lizardmen at a time, so he specifically looked for monsters that were piled up in groups.

‘Who would want more work?’ He had an easy way of hunting and the power to bring this plan to life.

So there was no need for another method.

‘Simplicity is the right way to do this.’

Using their poor eyesight against them, he could get as close as possible and muffle the sounds of those he attacked to prevent other Lizardmen from noticing.
And then he used the Hellfire to burn all their life force.

You could say that this method violated all the rules.

The dying Lizardmen tried their best to get to Kang Yu with their spears.

But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t cut the distance.

They could only scream before falling dead.

This wasn’t exactly what you’d call a ‘fair’ battle.

But it was Kang Yu’s method.

‘When was hunting ever supposed to be fair?’

Hunting is something that takes a life.
This was his opportunity to buy new trophies.

There’s no room for justice in this situation.

That’s how the human brain works.

Thinking rudely and cruelly.

That’s what Kang Yu had realized when he was in Hell.

By following his own rules, Kang Yu continued to hunt for lizardmen.

A notice came up.

[Level up by 1]

Despite the absurdity of the method, the hunting was effective.

In just a few hours, Kang Yu could climb three levels.

‘The levelling is too slow.’ The murder of five goblins had raised him to two or three levels.
For the murder of 20 or 30 Lizardmen, his level increased by only one unit.

Not only the level, but his Magi was rising slower than before, too.

‘As expected.’ He’d read a study that the higher the level of the Player, the more it takes to level up.

However, if you compare Kang Yu’s rate of increase with other players, it was unrealistically fast.

For regular players of rank 2, even if they were geared up, it was simply impossible to rise by 3 levels in a few hours.

It’s likely that this became known, the other players will tear Kang Yu apart.

After grabbing the fallen mana stones, Kang Yu opened the status window.

[Status Window]

Player name: Oh Kang Yu

Level: 14 [1 rank]

[Rank 1 Special Ability: Devourer power (Rank: ????))]

[Rank 2 Special Ability: Overwhelming Hunger.
(Rank: C)]

[ Special skills are currently sealed.

Strength: 11

Vitality: 13

Physical ability: 11

Maryok: 0

Magi: 25

Intellect: 9

Wisdom: 8

Magi is at 25 units.

For level 14, 25 units of Magi was a lot.

In addition, the 25 units do not include the Magi that belongs with the sealed Man Ma Jung.

Counting it all together, he had about 40 units.

At rank 2, he already had as much Magi as Players approaching rank 4.

‘It’s still not enough,’ Kang Yu thought, looking at the status window.

Compared to other players, he is, of course, at a high level, but compared to his original strength- the level is simply negligible.

— Hmm, — Kang Yu crossed his arms and thought.

Safety is good, but he was greedy.
He wanted to collect as much Magi and experience points as possible, and as soon as possible.

— Should we hunt the crowds?

The method is dangerous, of course, but it’s been proven to be more efficient.

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In the E-gate, he had quickly increased levels precisely because he attacked a group of goblins in their shelter.

— The hunting is still going well.

While Kang Yu was in doubt, a voice was heard behind him.
He turned around.

Behind his back was a guy covered in pimples with four members of the group.

‘It’s this guy.’ Kang Yu’s face turned sour with a frown.

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