Tears poured down on the fallen Park Chan's eyes.


The unbearable anger spreads through his legs.


There's no way I can stay awake.


Park Chun-chan shook his body with a white bubble in his mouth.


“Hey, wake up.”






Rain touched the cheek of the fallen Park Chan.


However, no matter how much time passed, he did not seem to be sober.


“It's hard.”


Rain put his hands on his head.
The black magi was in his hands.


Power of concentration.


Powers that reduce pain and enhance concentration like using some kind of awakening agent.


Unlike the power of anger, it was a buff power with only advantages, but I couldn't help it in the present situation.





It was an interrogation, and I couldn't even ask questions in this state.


“Phew, Phew!”


A sober mind with the help of the power of concentration.


He looked up at the rain with his eyes filled with fear.





“Who the hell are you?! Uh, how did you find Krishalas..”




I opened my eyes thinly.


'You have no idea who I am.'


Even when the Devil saw him wearing a white mask, he did not notice that he was a Guardian.


Originally, I was wearing a mask, so even if I didn't know who the Guardians were, I was right to notice the fact that the Guardians were themselves.





The mask he's wearing is some kind of sign that proves the Guardians.


'Demon Church knows about Guardians.'


Yet there is only one reason why he did not recognize himself as a Guardian.


'I wasn't a high-ranking guy in the first place.'


It means he's not the one who cares so much about the Devil's Church.


“When did Demon Church start operating again in Korea?”


“Well, that's…”


Park Chun-chan blurred his end with trembling eyes.


“Oh, wait.
Don't say it.”


From that reaction, the information inside the Demon Church suggests that the golden age of death is of course at stake.


'If so.'


Once again, I put my hand on Chan's forehead.


'Power of subordination.'


For strong people like Anton and Baek Gang-hyun, it was possible to succeed.




[You have succeeded in making the player Park Kyo-chan into a ministry horse.]


A system message that came to mind.
Fatigue builds up on the look of rain.


“I don't mean to be rude.”


Players outside the 'end of effort', no matter how weak they are.


Making it a ministry was not easy.


I relieved myself of the fatigue of pressing on my shoulders.


It happened because the power of subordination itself was so constrained.




I felt a connection between Park Chun-chan and the soul.
Focused his mind and examined his body.


Inside the body, I felt a mixture of cloudy energies, not his.


'Is this gold?'


With his energy, he drives out a cloudy energy mixed with the soul of Chan.


“Huff! Huff! Phew!”


Park Chun-chan's eyes became red.
The tendon grows and the body trembles.


After wandering for a while, he takes an even breath with a calm expression.


'Is it similar to the power of subordination?'


When I looked down at Park Chun-chan, the rain opened my eyes.


After a while of thinking, he shakes his head lightly.


“It's not the power of subordination.


However, as with subordinate power, there seemed to be no efficacy in controlling everything in the target.


But even so, I could see just how marvelous the knowledge of Demon Buddhism was by being able to put a taboo on this soul.


'Otherwise, they're unknown.'


It was still unclear how he could build knowledge he had never seen before that ruled over the Old Heavenly Hell.


“Now, tell me what you know comfortably.”




After twisting for a while, Chan began to vomit information in his head one by one.


“After the death of Cardinal Baek Gang-hyun, there was a gap in the Demon Church of Korea.
The Church is looking carefully at Korea, so we are sending the 'Apostle of Evil' to Korea to create a new branch.”


“You're looking carefully at Korea?”


It was unexpected.


There were no SS gates in Korea.


In a turbulent day, the country itself was not destroyed, so management of the Class S Gate was also taking place.


Rather, if they pay attention, it would be much easier for a country like Russia to operate in a state where the country's own functions are almost paralysed but where SS-grade gates exist.


'Or the Middle East or South America.'


The Middle East and South America also met the same conditions.
The SS Gate was in place, and the country was practically destroyed.


There was no reason to operate in Korea.


“I don't know why.
However, it is true that Korea is a very important place within the Church.”


“That's right.
So you're related to sticking this black peg in the gate?”





“That's not true.
The reason for sowing 'crack seeds' is completely unrelated to Korea.”




Rain kept its mouth shut firmly.


'Absolutely irrelevant, D.'


My head went back at a fast pace.


It sows the 'seed of cracks' in the gate, apart from the importance that the church attaches to Korea.
And recently, the Guyanese system is rapidly weakening.


There is one conclusion to be drawn from both facts.


'That's how it happened.'


In the first place, this does not mean that the plan itself is only being implemented within Korea.


Then, I understood that I came here alone with a tremendous power.





'It is likely to be a plan that is being implemented globally.'


Sprinkle 'Seed of Crack', which looks like a black peg, on the gate.


It doesn't matter if you fail.
If you pour more than that, stop.


The power loss was not great if the Demon Bridge gave the nearest man escorts and allowed him to sow the seeds of the crack at each gate.


“That's the worst.”


This was the situation where the rain was concerned.


This could not be solved in the capacity of an individual named Aung Woo.
Even if we stopped the rain from pouring as an umbrella, we couldn't stop the ground from getting wet.


“Things got complicated.”


It's full of tongues.


'I need to borrow the power of the players.'


I literally had to move the whole world.


I was able to tell the difference between what I could do alone and what I couldn't.


This was something he couldn't solve on his own.


And he had no power to move the whole world.


“To me.”


Rain smiled at Seeik.


He lifted the communication bead.


'But what about the Guardians?'


It was a clandestine organization that did not reveal its identity on the front, but never had less power.


Even if we put everything else aside, the Guardians have Grace McCurbin.


First Lady.
First and strongest player.


A person who can move the world's strongest nation, the United States.


When the United States moved into full swing, other countries were forced to follow through on their own.





It was the same in this regard before or after the turbulent day.


The United States was the centre of world finance and the culmination of armed conflict.


'It's not just the Guardians.'


Cheonmujin, Jang Hyun.
It's in Kurosaki glass.


He knew those who had the power to move the country.


“Where exactly do you sow the seeds of the crack?”


“Well, I don't know about that.”


“Who's leading the plan?”


“That too…”


Chun shook his head.
The rain nodded.
It was not the information that only the end would know.


“Then who made the seed of this crack?”


“Sin, sorry.”




Rain lifted the black peg with its tongue kicked.


I was forced to investigate myself unless I could get information from him.


'The power of insight.'


I closed my eyes and focused my mind.
The last summoning wizard failed, but there was no law that this time would be the same.




[The power of insight has been partially successful.
Learn how to handle crack seeds.]


“This is….”


Rain snow grew.


The information contained in the 'Seed of Crack' flowed into my head.




I didn't know what the exact principle was or how I made this stuff.


But I was able to figure out how to use crack seeds.


'This looks useless.'


Rain filled my tongue.
For him, the seeds of cracks were useless even knowing how to use them.


“Uh, hold on.”


At that time, I remembered a glimmer of thought in my head.


Rain applied the effect of 'weakening the power of the system' that crack seeds possess inside their body.





A black peg with the shape of an inverted cross disappeared due to black smoke.


It's very slight, but I feel the seal of war weakening and the magic flowing out.




Rain's fist caught fire.
Although the effect was marginal, the seal was definitely weakened, as was the character of the one who reaped the soul.


'Demon Church..'


Their knowledge of handling cracks.


It was unexpected that their knowledge of the Lord would be so helpful.


'Thank you for filling out the form for today.'


Those that were eaten after the Devil's Church are beyond measure.


At this point, it was doubtful that they would deliberately create a platform for growth for themselves.


Hail, Hail, Hail, Hail! '


Fear of them arose.


The rain knocked on his shoulders with a joyful expression.


“Yes, I've heard good information.”


“So, I'm saving your life?”


“Of course, man.”


He was not an ungrateful wicked man.


You can't kill a silver man who helped so much.


“Then I'm leaving.”


“Ha, ha.


As the rain turns around and releases the power of concentration, a horrible scream bursts out of his mouth again.


He grabs between the bloody iron bridges and bubbles his mouth again.




Rain looked down at him with a worrying look.


The sound of screaming is so desperate.


The look of rain fell into sorrow as I twisted my whole body and stared down into agony.


“I can't help it.”


I couldn't let the silver man who gave him this precious information suffer such terrible pain.


Rain bites the lips and creates gaybolg.




I stabbed Gaybolg slowly.
Gae Volg, who dug his heart, took his life in a heartbeat.


“Sleep well…” “


Rain murmured in a voice of sadness.


“I will not forget your name.
Park Chun-chan.”


The snow wool became red. 

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