After that, Kim Shi Hoon spurred to retreat once again with Cheonmujin.




In the first place, Kim Shi Hun, who had suddenly returned from Shanghai thanks to Mugaia's blessing during Grace's visit, immediately returned to Shanghai.


On the day of my return, I will return because I am stronger than Master.


Kim Shi Hoon said that in a confident voice.
The face of Cheonmujin, who was next to him, was crumpled.


The blue boy tried to outrun himself in just a few months, so of course he reacted.


However, it was undeniable that Kim Shi Hoon's growth was that fast.


Aigoo, I shouldn't pick up monsters like this at the end of the year..




Cheonmujin said he was tired of Kim's marvelous growth rate.


I didn't expect it to grow this fast, no matter how hard the sacrum is.



In fact, it would have been impossible to grow this much in a few months if Kim Shi Hoon had really been an unattended person who appeared in the Anvil.


However, Kim Shi-hoon was a player everywhere.
When the level rises, the stead increases, and the stead brings a powerful force, like the creation of oil from nothing.


That's how Kim Shi-hoon and Cheonmujin left for Shanghai a week ago.


Rain gathered information about the Devil's Movement through ongoing meetings with Guyana, Grace.


And then.


“I will pass on the first mission to Mr.




At the end of Guyana, rainfall called for pleasure.




Information about the Devil Church that was waiting for you.
That's what finally got caught up in the Guardians' information network.


“What is your mission?”


Rain asked with a serious eye.
Faces and eyes were important.


If you're happy with the Devil's movement, of course you're out.
I had to talk about work with a look of worry and anger everywhere.


'I'm confident of that again.'


I was quite confident in controlling my emotions.


It was a lot easier than controlling the impulse of the flesh of the devil.



“Recently, the Guyanese system is weakening.”


Isn't that what it was all about?”


Guy shakes his head.


“No, but it wasn't that fast.
I'm guessing there's another cause.”


Can you confirm where this is happening?”



“I don't know about that.
However, this time we received information that we found traces of Devil Church in Korea.”


“In Korea?”


Unexpected things.
Demonic churches located in Korea were destroyed by Baek Gang-hyun's death.


'In the meantime, is there a new Demon Church?'


It was unknown.
However, I didn't really think about why foreign Demon Church forces would come to Korea to make plans.


Cod? A trace was found at a gate near the city.”


“If it's cod…”


South Korea also had a city that had been destroyed after the “turbulent day”, like Japan's Sapporo.


One of the leading cities was cod.


'Things are a little different with Sapporo.'


In the case of Sapporo, the recovery of cod is delayed because of the powerful monsters located there, while the recovery of cod is delayed for other reasons.


'You said you didn't have the money to recover.'


Five years since turbulent days have engraved great wounds on the whole world.
No, I was just six years old.


Even if we came to the point where the country could function properly right away, it was a miracle.


It was not even controversial to abandon a city that had been destroyed because it had no money.


“Got it.”


“Thank you very much.
If you are too burdened to do it alone, call Guardian Kim Si-hun…”


She's focusing on her training now.
You can't interfere.”


“Then what about the other guardians? Grace is in the United States now, but the Guardians of Zegal-hyun and Ito Shinji will be able to support her.”


Zegal-hyun and Ito Shinji.


It was only after entering the Guardians that I heard the names of the Chinese and Japanese Guardians.


Unlike Alec Ozburn and Grace McCurbin, the players were not known to the public, and the world rankers were not named after the regular rankers either.


'I've heard that people are quite nice.'


I didn't know if it was like Alec or like Kim Si-hun until I met him.


The fact that Guyana had no eyes was something that only Alec Ozburn could see.


'Well, you can't see that completely.'


In the case of Kim Si-hoon or Grace, she had excellent qualities and talents as a guardian.


'Even if you dragged me into the Guardians, I can't say I don't have eyes to see.'


I could not say that I had no eyes to see when I saw myself drawn to the point of breaking the principle.


Who can contribute to world peace for such a pure purpose?


“Let me investigate for myself.”


I thought I would investigate the two men while on mission with Zegal-hyun and Ito Shinji, but I folded my mind within a few days.


Neither of them is playing as much as they are members of the Guardians.


Since Demon Church is not only active in Korea, it was good to investigate in the areas where each one operates.


'It might get in the way of interrogation.'


This time, we will interrogate as much as we can to catch the devil's tail that has become active.


Even if they were human beings like Alec, there was a possibility that they would behave abruptly without being able to handle their own justice.


“Very well.
If Mr.
Rain says so, I will believe him and wait.”


“Then I'll move right away.”


Now that I got the clue, I couldn't afford to nag.


Rain came out of the 'Hall of Protection' with a mask on his face from the Guardians.


The place where the gate was opened was on the roof of the apartment as before.


“Echidna, Balzahark.”


I summoned two summoners who swore allegiance to myself.


In front of these two summons, there was no reason to think about it because it might show off the justice of the mind.


“What's going on, Rain?”


It was Echidna who got to the roof first.


She had a red sauce skewer in her hand.


What is that?”


“Balzahark made it for me.”


She opens her mouth wide and eats a skewer in her hand.
The body of the girl opened up to an unbelievable size and swallowed a snail in one mouth.








The silence flows.
The shaking of the silence is the shadow of the rain.


A spectacular white bone appeared in a shadow that lingered as if it were alive.


[You called, Master.]


The mighty Richie, who once flew his name as Demon King, was wearing a pink apron painted with a cute rabbit instead of a frizzy robe.


“Balzahark, you…”


No wonder you don't shut up about shocking visuals.


Balzahark raises his head and looks up at the sunshine.


Very nice weather.


Dark magi blossomed.
The dead monarch who dominated the lion spoke in a low voice.


[Duvet laundry is great in this weather.
Just give me a little more time…]


“No, I'll do the blanket laundry later.
Something more important than that.”


Rain looked at Balzahark with serious eyes.


Now was not the time to care about such minor things as blanket laundry.


I opened my mouth with a serious voice.


“You don't think I don't have a skewer to eat?”


[Hahaha! Master! Who do you think this Balzahark is?]




Balzahark bounces his finger.
Shadows fluttered again, revealing a fried toothpick that was good to eat.


I'm learning to cook from Seora these days and this is another profound world.]


“Let's see.”


I slit my mouth and asked.
Spicy yet sweet flavor spread in the mouth.


“Well done.”


[I'm serious.
What are you paged for?]


“Oh, dear.”


Rain opened its mouth to Echidna, who was sucking sauce on her fingers.


“It's a mission.
Let's move our bodies in a moment.”


Echidna and Balzahark's eyes glow.


* * *


Rain headed for cod on Echidna.


A ruined city like Vladivostok.
There was nothing around that seemed like a human miracle.


'The power of the Watcher.'


Widely spread Magi.


Rather, if Magi's energy was such a noticeable environment, it was easy to investigate.


'First of all, it's not around.'


There was no sign of Margie anywhere around.


'The information is incorrect.'


I thought about it for a while, but I shook my head.
It was not yet a definitive step.


“Let's go inside the gate.”


What appeared on the cod were three Grade A gates.


Now that you have a player, the situation was different when it was a 'turbulent day', although it was a gate of sufficient rank to cope.


Rain entered one of the three gates.




As soon as I entered the entrance, I felt Maggie's energy.


I moved to the place where Maggie felt.


“This is….”


Where Maggie's energy is condensed.
There was a black peg in the form of an inverted cross stuck to the ground.


Size approx.
1 metre.


Around the peg there was a crack that seemed to break up the space and the crack was growing in size.


'What is this again?'


It was an object I had never seen while dealing with Devil Bridge.


It was time to approach the black peg.




“I never would have let you leave me alone.”


I heard a low cry.
I turned my head where I heard the sound.


The monsters that are most frequently seen at Grade A gates.
It was an Ogre and Elite Troll.




I opened my eyes thinly.
I studied monsters using Watcher's power.


Basically, monsters move with the magic power contained in the stone.
But now I feel the energy of Magi more intense than magic in monsters.


Are you infected? '


Monsters are getting closer to the 'Devil', just as they planted the spell on the head of the previous El Kurero.


“Prepare for battle.”




I'll take [people].]


The two summoners raise their energy.
It was then.


“What are you guys?”


Close to 2 meters tall on a dry body.
A young man with the expression Mulder was looking at this side with a grin.


I don't think they're from the Angry Troop…”


He was not very agitated when he saw Balzahark's appearance.


“Well, good.
Kill the intruder first.”


I bounced my finger with a dark smile.




The ground on which he stands is turned upside down, revealing a monster with an elongated tail.


The body was covered in solid black scales, not as large as three metres, but the whole body was covered with green acid.


Monsters that look similar to the Allians in SF movies.


The rain shines upon the monster.






It was a creature that lived in the Eighth Heavenly Hell, although its appearance was not great.


Large monsters like Keroberos can be slaughtered instantly even if they run into the crowd.


'Now I deal with the beast of heaven and hell, Ignan.'


Only elasticity did not flow from the knowledge of demonism.


Chrysalis was a monstrous beast that could not be touched by demons in the Eighth Heavenly Hell.


It folds in front of ancient monsters like Halkion, but among ordinary monsters, it is intelligent.


Dealing with such monsters like that is proof that the devil's knowledge of monsters has risen to such a level.


“Eight heavens and hell.”


The magic of the three thousand infernal monsters that I ate before was not helpful at all.


But if it was Eight Heavens Hell, the story was different again.


Rain tasted good.


“I'll deal with him.”


I found some prey to eat in the liver.


No matter how well you told me what you looked like, it wasn't straightforward, but it didn't matter.


'But I've been stuck with Reese for a thousand years.'


It's almost as cute as the Allians.


The following stations are possible, possible.


I feel like I can hear a hallucination in my ear.


The rain took a step with a big smile.

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