ded without hesitation.


I feel like I'm about to enter the Guardians.


'Yes, there is someone as just and clean as me.'


Guyana's choice led me to nod.


“Welcome to the Guardians.”


I received a mask.
A mask with a blue shield pattern.


I felt a strange contrast to the Red Devil Mask used by Devil Church.


I wore a mask.




[You have become a member of the Guardians.]


[Gaia's Blessing] Activates.
The blessing will have a greater effect on the player selected as the 'Guardian'.]


[It is not a 'Guardian' class.
Blessing effect decreases.]


[Increase all Steats by 1.]


Kugu Gugu Bow!




“This is….”


The Hall of Protection was shaken.


A blessing of Guyana.
A powerful buff given to the Guardian.


Rain has had little effect because it is not a guardian.


But it is.


“All Steats increased by 1.


I smiled at the mouth.


Increasing all Steats by 1 for other players would not be very effective.


However, the increase in Stage 1 in terms of rainfall could never be called “only”.


His Magi Steat had already reached the player's limit, but it was not an exaggeration.


That difference forced him to pay special attention to Steat 1.


'Argh, look at Magi rising!'


As Stet climbs up, an explosive magi is born.


If Magi's dominant character has not deceived Magi's energy, Magi is so intense that he must have been charred right away.


Later on, the Celestial Dragonfly method melted these maggots into the blood, allowing them to be fully utilized as his power.


'This is enough to fight with Doomguard now.'


Doomsday Guardian.


He was the third commander of the Demon Army and a demon of the 'Great Devil' class even in Nine Heaven and Hell.


Valoc, rated as a great supply, is less than Reese, but the dizzy demons of the Nine Heavens can come and kill in an instant at a hundred units.


'What an unexpected harvest.'


I was proud to be a member of the Guardians.


“We look forward to it.”


Even the communication crystal bead, rainfall grabbed Guyana's hand.


“Oh, yes.
Please take good care of me.”


I was also embarrassed by the explosive energy for a while.
Guyana smiled bitterly.


“Then contact me immediately if you have any information about Devil's Bridge.”


“Yes, I will contact you later with communications beads about the mission.
Oh, and please come to the Protection Hall at any time without further ado.
It's lonely when you're alone.”


Guy waves his hand and says, If you touch it wrong, it will be broken.


Kim Si-hun's eyes, staring at his hand, sank heavily.


“Yes, I look forward to hearing from you.”


I turned around and opened the visit.
When I left the gate where I first arrived, I saw a familiar landscape.


Rooftops in rainy apartments.


Thank you, brother.”


“Thank you, but thank you.”


'I'd rather thank you.'


Rain knocked on Kim Si-hun's shoulders with a smile.
Kim Shi Hoon blushed his eyes as if he had been touched.






Kim Si-hoon looked up at the sky.


'Son of a bitch, you look so handsome.'


Just looking up at the sky with a brilliant gaze seemed like a scene of photography.


“Something new…
seems to have come up today.”


“A new goal?”




Kim Si-hun nodded with serious eyes.


“I have a loved one.”


'This is bullshit again.'


Rain made an embarrassing look.
All of a sudden, what is a love affair?


“No way….”


“The first time I saw her, I was sure.
My destiny is to protect her.”




He turned around and leaned on the rooftop railing.


“If you touch her, she won't leave your head like she's about to break right now.”


Kim Si-hoon grips his fist roughly.




A dark life blossomed with intense energy.


“I will surely kill a demon named Satan who made her that way with my hand.”




“You've seen it, haven't you? I saw her body that I couldn't walk or see properly.”




“It's all because Satan came to Earth.
He destroyed the Guyanese system, and he killed the Guardians.”


'Wait a minute, Sihun.'


“It's so angry, so angry.
This is the first feeling I've ever felt since I was born.”


'Why are you doing that?'


“I want to protect her.”


The burning will stood in the eyes of Kim Si-hoon.


In contrast, the guilt within the rain was growing.


“I want to protect her, make her smile.”


'Very well.
So stop it, you son of a bitch.'




'I didn't know it was going to be like this.'


“Thank you for your help.”


'No, you can't keep rotting in hell, can you? How much longer do you want me to stay?'


“If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have liked it like this.”


“Do you know Reese? Do you know her? Do you think if you stick with her for a thousand years, she's gonna get paralyzed or blind or something like that in her head? '


Kim Si-hoon scratched his head with a nice smile.


I'm ashamed to say something like this with my mouth.
But I was convinced because my brother was with me.”




Rain bowed its head.


'I'm sorry, Sihun.'


To the extent that your hands and feet tremble less with boiling guilt.


Kim Si-hun reached out to him.


“Brother, let us kill the devil of prophecy with our brothers and sisters and keep the world safe.”




Silence flows.
The look of rain becomes complicated.
But that too for a moment.


Rain grabbed Kim Si-hoon's hand firmly.




'Era, Shiva, I don't know anymore.'


Added strength to the opposing hand.


“Protect the world from Satan's hand.”


Devil of Prophecy.


That filthy, vile demon never ceased to reign over the Nine Heavens.


And he was trying to destroy the Guyanese system that protected the world, and gain control of the planet.


'I can't stand it.'


Anger has risen.
That's how Kim Shi Hoon made the woman he first loved.


If he thought that Sihun was darker than blood, he could not stand still if he thought that the souls were literally mixed.


'I will not forgive you.'


In the name of justice! 

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