'Then it turns out that the monster summoning cooldown has already started.'


Looking at Balzahark, who was doing his laundry hard, the rain shed a feeding smile.


Summon the third beast.


There were two cases before, so I had to worry about them.


'Why do they keep coming to Ernore continent?'


At first I wished Keroberos.
On the second, I wished for Halkion.


But the results are summoned to this world called Ernore.
It was different from the expectation of rain.


'The second time, it would be a great chance to be the third Dornor continent.'


If so, it was difficult to use the Demon Summon.


First of all, even if I put everything else aside, even if Lucifer was summoned in one minute, it was over.


'I can't beat him right now.'


The Grand Duke is strong.


They were so strong that they could not dare use any expression other than the word strong.


Even if only one Lucifer was treated divinely on the continent of Ernor, the point was clear.


'The odds are extremely low.'


Once Lucifer was a demon, not a demon.
Summoning a Demon will be extremely unlikely.


'But even so, Echidna and Balzahark are ambiguous.'


No matter the odds of getting close to the Ultimate Evil, I was unable to summon this beast that had the possibility of summoning Lucifer.


Because by one mistake, everything he had built up could have collapsed.


'You can't do that.'


Rain shakes his head.
No matter how frustrating the situation, it was too dangerous to summon the Demon now.


'Then, waiting for the Devil Church..'




Just as I cut my mind, a bell rang in the house.


“I'm going out.”


“No, it's okay.”


Rain rose from its place.
He was closer to the front door.


'Is it Cha Young-jun?'


There was no one to come to the house at this time but her who lived nearby.


Rain opened the front door.




My eyes grew bigger.


When I opened the front door, I saw a young man with a sculptural appearance, as if he were glowing.


There is only one thing that rainfall knows that has such a radiant appearance.


“You're back.”


“Long time no see, brother.”


Rain smiled at Seeik.


Kim Shi Hun, a soul colleague who has been strangely lonely for the past three months, has returned from his training.


'Good to see you in a while.'


“I missed you.”


Kim Si-hun hugged him.
The two bodies overlapped.


'No, it's not that good to see you.'


The look of rain hardened.
I pushed Kim Si-hun's body with an awkward smile.


Calm down, Sihun.”


“I heard there was a war in the meantime.”


'Stay away.'


“I'm glad you're okay…


'Get off me, motherfucker.'


Rain added strength to remove the attached Kim Shi Hoon.
However, even though it was quite powerful, Kim Shi Hoon's body did not budge.


'Did you even boil the bull?'


It was a formidable power.
Rain looked at Kim Si-hun with astonishing eyes.
It was then.




Kim Si-hoon's eyes turned toward the living room of the house.
His eyes opened.


The energy of the inner air burst out like an explosion.


Kim Si-hun, who pulled out his sword like lightning, struck his foot.


“It's dangerous!”




Balzahark, who was doing his laundry quietly in the living room.
Kim Si-hun reacted to the white goal sitting in the living room.


[How dare a human get in the way of this Balzahark dog laundry!]


Balzahark is also a strong man who can't be bitten anywhere.
He prepares for battle by blowing a maggie right into his hands.




The rains shouted out urgently.


I reached out desperately for Kim Shi Hoon, who was running away, and Balzahark, who was about to face him.


Shiva, my house! '


Comfortable shelter in 10,000 years.


It was just before it exploded.


* * *




A sigh of relief came out.


Just before the two of you got into a fight.


Kim Shi Hun stopped the attack with his barefoot car at the cry of the rain.
In Balzahark, a compulsory summoning order is triggered and the attack is stopped on its own.


“Sin, sorry.
I didn't think it was your summoning..”


“No, it could.”


It was an undead monster that looked like nothing else.
It was rather strange not to be mistaken.


“Are you done with your training?”


Rain looked at Kim Shi-hoon.


I don't know exactly, but one thing was clear.


'I became strong.'


I smiled at the mouth.
A sharp prayer, as it evokes a blade.
The energy of the inner air, which is distinctly different from before.


As a genius, in technical terms, he had already entered a wondrous land.
What he lacked was a physical spark to support that skill.


I don't know how much I've leveled up for three months, but I can feel the physical spark itself rising so incomparably from before.




He nodded with a satisfied expression.


Kim Shi Hoon's growth was a little different from what others had grown.


No matter how many others grow, it only seems to me to be one level of protection in terms of rain.


However, Kim Si-hoon's growth is likely to be more than Echidna or Balzahark's.


Even if I only saw it grow so hard to recognize in three months, the fact was obvious.


“No, I haven't reached my goal yet.”


'You're greedy too.'


That's what he did, but he felt proud of something.


Rain asked with a cup of coffee from Echidna.


“Then why did you come back?”


Maybe it's not because I miss you.




A short silence flowed.
Kim Shi Hoon shut up firmly.


The rain curled his head when he saw his face hardened.


“While I was training, a man came to me.”


“I came to see you?”


“Yes, he was wearing a white mask.”


The rains opened their eyes thin.
There was one thing I expected.


“Was it the Guardians?”




Kim Si-hoon smiled faintly.


“You must be my brother.”


“They're the only ones who can find you.”


Kim Shi Hoon was a guardian.
A guardian of ten people worldwide.


There was no way they would let such a precious existence stand still.


“That's right.
The Guardians have come for me.”




“You probably know your brother.”


“Huh? Didn't you say you were wearing a mask?”


“I said I wasn't going to talk to anyone who didn't show me his face, and I took it off.”


Kim Si-hoon smiled bitterly.


Rain shines on her eyes and nods.
Kim Si-hoon, who had a slightly hoarse attitude, was an appropriate coper.


“Well done.
So who was the Guardians?”


“Grace McCurbin.
You've heard of him, haven't you?”




Rain shed a short elasticity.
I couldn't have listened.


First Lady Grace McCurbin.


Maybe the player doesn't know anyone.


First and strongest player.


First class credit that makes the United States the strongest country in the world.


Even if she had accomplished so much, she would still have more than a few A4 papers.


'You were a guardian.'


It wasn't something I couldn't understand.


She grew up so fast that there was no comparison except for rainfall or Kim Shi-hoon.


If the driving force for that growth was its talent as a guardian, it could also be convinced of its enormous growth rate.


'Must be more than a rumor.'


Grace McCurvin's knowledge of force was quite detailed.


It was because there were so many warriors who played in the war against monsters.


But among those rumors, I never heard of the fact that I was the Guardian.


Means she deliberately concealed something about the Guardians and Guardians.


If so, it was more likely that he had more power than he had been told.




Rain shines as if it were interesting.


When I reached 120 stats, at least some of the players thought I had reached the top.


But when I heard Grace McCurbin was a guardian, I changed my mind a little.


“Good news.


Basically, the guardian's purpose and the purpose of the rains were consistent.


Unless he was a lunatic like Alec, he could be in enough allies.


It was good news that the allies' power was above expectations.


“So after that meeting with Grace McCurbin?”


“I was offered to re-enter the Guardians.”


What I expected.


“For now, I said I'd think about it.
I think I should ask my brother for his opinion.”


“Good job.”


Rain smiled at Seeik.
It was a coping as expected.


“So Grace McCurbin is in Korea now?”


“I don't know about that either.
However, I told him about you and asked him to come with me because he wanted to see you.”


“All right.
You got the contacts, right?”


“I heard about how we could meet instead of contact.”


“How can we meet?”


The rain curled his head.
Kim Si-hoon stood up.


“Follow me, I'll guide you.”


* * *


Rain followed Kim Si-hun after telling Hansulah, Echidna and Balzahark to wait at home.


The place that followed him was on the roof of a rainy apartment.


Kim Si-hoon, who looked around, opened his mouth.


“Here we go.”


“What are you going to do?”


“Please wait.”


Kim Si-hun pulled a fist-sized device out of his arms.
An unidentified mechanical device through which blue light flows.


I threw the machine out of my arms on the floor.






The machine opens and a white gate is created through which a person can pass.


It's like an SF movie.


Rain smiled at the feeder.
I moved slowly with Kim Shi-hoon.
Two men entered the White Gate.


“This place…”


White space.
The ceiling, walls, and floor were shining white without stains.


I moved my steps along the aisle.
I saw a white door.


Sweet cock.


I opened the door.


A white room appeared.
If there is one other thing, there is a huge round table.


And that there are two people beyond that table.


'One is Grace McCurbin.'


The rain turned its head.


A blonde woman in her mid-40s.
It was Grace McCurbin, who I saw a few times in the picture.


'The other one….'


A woman in a wheelchair.


With a long, light brown-haired knife that comes to her waist, she goes so far as to worry that her hands will break if she touches them.


Pale skin, as if ill.
The white dress she was wearing made her look even more fragrant.


The woman, who appeared in her early 20s, closed her eyes.


“Nice to meet you.”


With her eyes closed, she opened her mouth.


“My name is Guy.”

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