Time has passed.


Winter comes when snow builds up and winds blow like ice fields.


Three months after the Battle of the Manju Valley.


Demons stopped and concealed themselves as if they were weaving each other.


People shouted in hopeful voices that China and Korea had fled in fear as they had won the fight against demonism.


However, the heads of state or top rankers knew that the words were full of happiness circuits.


It was because everyone felt that the power of Demon Church was not this great.


It's a storm.


Time continued to flow, with tensions seemingly loosening like a calm wind before a huge storm struck.


* * *




The sun came in through the spear.


Rain lifted the body out of the bed with the base dog extended.


The time he sleeps should be less than an hour.


However, the energy seemed to burst into my body just that much sleep.


In the first place, it was possible during the demon's physical phase, which requires little sleep.




I lifted my smartphone with my back on the pillow.
There were a few messages from the smoker or Cheonburn.


Rain reminded me of what had happened in the last three months.


There were two things that rainfall focused on returning to Korea.


It was a worldwide demonic activity and a search for mythical grade equipment.


Of course, it was meant to eat demons, and mythical grade equipment was meant to replace canistered black pearl coats.


'Neither of them performed very well.'


(Chuckles) I filled my tongue lightly.


A demon once appeared.


However, the Devil Church summoned him was only one of those who appeared alongside him in the midst of being drastically summoned by forces other than those belonging to the 'Church altar'.


Only the summoned demons live in the upper floors, such as two thousand and three thousand hells.


Even if you eat them, they were the ones who didn't even go to the movies.


'But that was a little accomplished.'


It was more desperate for mythical grade equipment.


At first, I had a simple idea that I could enter the SS Gate and capture the boss monster, but I changed my mind after entering the Gates in Sapporo and Vladivostok.


Monster's strength was not a problem.


It was too hard to find the boss monster within the gate, and even if you caught it, you didn't drop mythical grade materials.


It was impossible to catch it periodically because the monster's Regen Cycle was not constant like any game.




Three months passed without such a large income.


Of course, in the meantime, it has been possible to further develop the law of dealing with the key to the Mahathic Sea or to create some skills with a new combination of powers.


However, there was not a decisive increase in power, such as stats or levels.


'Rather, the income was greater for the other kids.'


Growing up around the world with rainfall has been a challenge for our colleagues, such as Kim, Tae-soo, and Han Seol Ah.


The next player succeeded in reaching the tenth awakening beyond the last wall of the ninth awakening, the 'end of talent'.


I'm going to be on what can be called a world ranker.


The department store or implementation model also succeeded in the ninth awakening.


Not to mention Tae-soo or Han-suh, who were talented from the beginning.


They broke the wall of 'End of Effort' and climbed to the 8th Awakening a few days before the 7th Awakening.


The Wizard family, Eun Obi, grew a bit, but she also overcame the 'end of effort' without difficulty.


'It's true that they all grew up like flies.'


The writer, who failed to balance power, seems to have pushed the balance upward.


Unbelievable speed based on typical players.


However, the rainy buses that drive with their own steering wheel allowed us to achieve such a miraculous growth.


“Well, it was necessary one day anyway.”


There was a limit to what I could do on my own.


It was difficult if I didn't grow up enough to protect myself because I couldn't.


'By the way, what happened to Sihun?'


Three months after Kim left for Shanghai with Cheonmujin.


I could feel that he was alive because it led to subordinate power, but I still didn't know how much he had grown in three months.


I'm looking forward to it.


It was Kim Shi-hoon, not anyone else.


It was natural to inflate expectations that much.


Knock knock.


Rain, are you awake?”


I heard a beating of the visit.


Rain stopped thinking and stood up.


“Yes, I'm leaving now.”


Rain lifted up the body and opened the visit.
Han Seola stood in front of the visit with a face full of worrying faces.


“What's going on?”




Hansulah blurred his end.
She moves her head a few times without anyone around and opens her mouth carefully.


“I woke up eight days ago.”


“I did.”


“Well, there's something a little weird going on back there.”


“Something strange happened?”


The rain curled her head and looked at her.


Hansulah swallowed a hunch of spit.


“On my back…
I saw a pattern.”


She turned her back and carefully lowered her hem.
White flesh came into my eyes.




I didn't even see the pattern.


Rain looked at her back with intense eyes as if the light were pouring out.




“Oh, sorry.
For a moment, my eyes were dizzy.”


I only slept an hour.
I couldn't help but notice that my eyes were dimmed.


'Then, there's no choice.'


He was also a man.How can a man sleep for just an hour and be okay?


Dry spit swallowed.


I opened my eyes, pretending to rub my eyes.
Once again, her back caught my eye.


It was as if it was reminiscent of an angel's wings, and a pattern of wings appeared on her back.


“This is….”


“I started showing up on my back a few days ago.”


The rains opened their eyes thin.


“What was the characteristic of the 8th Awakening?”


“It was the wings of light.”




I swallowed the immersion.
I didn't know right now whether it was the effect of a simple characteristic or whether there was another reason.


“Nothing else happened besides the emblem coming up?”


“Yes, there's nothing else yet.”


The rains carefully examined the pattern.


Is it because Echidna heard about the existence of the celestial system?


It was hard to turn it over lightly.


'But that doesn't mean you can do anything.'


A situation that can be said to be frustrating if it is frustrating.


Hansulah opened his mouth with a smile as he felt that the rain was worrying.


“It's just a pattern.
There's nothing else, so don't worry about it.”


“You can't do that.”


It was Hansula's business, not anyone else's.


Her presence was special for him.


Rain reached out and touched the back where the pattern appeared.




Hansulah flinched.
Her face turned red like a carrot.


Rain used that power without caring about her.


'The power of protection.'


The power to check changes in her physical state in real time and create a strong shield depending on the situation.


I refrained from using it because it was a power that consumed Maggie continuously, but I couldn't do that in the present situation.


Rain opened her mouth as she looked at her back with serious eyes.


“Let me know if anything else changes.
No nightmares, no weird feelings, no minor things.


Oh, I see, Mr.


When it rained more intensely than expected, Hansulah bowed with a slightly embarrassed expression.


With her head bowed, there was an invisible smile on her face.


'I'm glad.'


In a burning emotion, she twisted her body.


When the rains felt that they cared about themselves, there was an epileptic that was hard to describe in words, which surrounded the whole body.




She opened her mouth in a damp voice.
The impatient impulse reminds her.


The moment I turned around and tried to open my mouth to the rain.


“Rain, snow.
What are you doing here?”


Echidna's voice rang.


The image of Hansulah pulling down the hem of his clothes and the rainfall that examines him closely are enough to mislead him.


“Oh, nothing!”


Hansulah shouted out urgently.
Echidna curled her head and slightly pulled Hansulah's collar.


“Diarrhea, I'm hungry.”


Cute sound came out.
Hansula smiles awkwardly and takes the clothes back to their original state.


“Hold on a second.
I'll set you up in the morning.”


She rushed to the kitchen.


Shortly after, there was a smell of pulling the stink in the house, of course (?) It was the smell of kimchi chi.
The morning menu is almost fixed thanks to strong claims of rain.


[Oh, is it lunch time?]


Balzahark opened the visit and showed up.


When I went out, I hid myself in the shadow of the rain, but I usually just lived in plain sight.


“Are you awake, Mr.


Han Seola, who was cooking, welcomed him.


At first, she and Kim Mi-jung, who were terrified by the appearance of white bones without any flesh, became naturally accustomed to it over time.


I was now in the middle of the night, facing Balzahark, to the point where I was not surprised.




“Dinner's ready.”


People gathered quickly.


Meals began in a noisy atmosphere.


Balzahark now picks up the meat skillfully with a familiar chopstick.




It is also a satisfying dinner of blood today.]


Balzahark inhales Kim Chi Chi Dog with an elongated admiration.


The only bone left was a zinc sight eating Kim Chi Chi Dog excitedly, but no one cared about him.


[Haha! It literally tastes like bone!]




Rain spilled laughter.


The white bones naturally flow through the lines.


'Reaction is awesome.'


No culinary cartoonist will be able to digest that expression so perfectly.


It was a sweet meal, human bitch.]


Balzahark said arrogantly.


Rain's hands, sitting next to it, move like a glow.




[Argh! Two skulls!]


A scream burst out.


“I told the diarrhea not to say that.”


[Grunts] I'm sorry, Master.]


Balzahark replies, grasping the back of his head.


“Then I beg you to wash the dishes.”


Rain struck Balzahark's shoulders lightly, raising his body.


Balzahark's yellow eyes shake.


Why is Balzahark like this…?]


It was unimaginable when I was on the continent of Ernor.


But you can't refuse the Master's orders.


Balzahark wore rubber gloves after rapidly collecting the tableware.
I buried the kitchen detergent with a sponge in one hand.


Daleks, Daleks.


Familiar hand teasing over the last 3 months.


Foot Hark wiped the bowl perfectly so that there was not one piece of debris left.


I had to finish the dishes quickly.


'I have to open the laundry quickly.'


Otherwise, I didn't have enough time to clean up the morning.


For him who has been pushed to get tired of the whole household for the past three months, a big river schedule has now been drawn up in his head.


'Why am I the Demon King…'


Demon King Balzahark.


The death of the Monarch who terrorized the continent of Ernor and enslaved it.


After finishing the dishes, Balzahark starts to open the open laundry.


His body trembled as he opened the laundry.


'I can't live like this.'


Balzahark shines his eyes.


He lowered his laundry cloth and stepped up to his seat.






I called the rain sitting on the couch.


Balzahark walked to him as much as he could.


“What is it?”


[I tried to hold on, but I won't be anymore!]


A voice filled with deep anger.


[I have to tell Master Gipilko today!]


“What, you don't want to work?”


[No! That's not the problem!]


Balzahark rolls his feet roughly.




I blossomed with intense magpies, shining a yellow glow.


He handed out the stuff in front of him.


[How many times should I tell you not to flip my socks and put them in the washing machine!]




[You don't know how important this is when you wash your laundry!]


“Uh, yeah.
I'm sorry.”


If you know, be careful next time.]


Balzahark turns roughly and walks to where the laundry is spread.


I put a dry laundry in my hand in the sun.
The smell of the fragrant fiber softener was epileptic towards the end of the nose.


[All right.]


Balzahark smiled deeply.


[You're dry.]

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