I had a short thought.
Shake his head.
It couldn't have been a coincidence.


'How did he resurrect?'


I kept thinking.
Possibilities passed through my head.


The rains opened their eyes thin.


'There's a possibility.'


He didn't kill the Grand Duke completely.
Their souls have fled to hell.


It was not impossible for them to resurrect if their souls remained intact and the hell gear existed.


The seven Hell Gears that were used to return from the Nine Heavens to Earth.


If one of the hell gear flows into the continent of Ernor, just like he came to Earth.


'Lucifer is resurrected and can also be called evil.'


The continent of Ernor was a place where basic force itself fell compared to the Nine Kingdoms.


Even if Balzahark only saw what he called the Demon King or the hymn of the devil stretched out.


There was no doubt that if Lucifer were resurrected in such a world, he would reign as a divine being.




There remained an unresolved question.


“The Lucifer told me to root all the horses.”




“Since when was he on the continent of Ernor?”


[I don't know about that either.
Except that it was a long time ago..]




I frowned.


'The time zone is weird.'


His return to Earth was only half a year ago.


Even if the hell gear had flown in the continent of Ernor, the time zone was not right.




I kept worrying.


It didn't take long.
The result was already there, and all we had to do was extrapolate the process to reach the result so that we could make sense of it.


'The time zone is tangled.'


I didn't know if it was just the Silk Ernor continent, or if the hell gear itself had gone back to the past beyond the time of the rains itself.


But what is certain is that the time zones between dimensions are not flat.


'The Nine Heavens Hell is also connected to the world after ten thousand years.'


The demons of Old Heaven and Hell know the existence of rainfall.


That is, nine thousand years after the rains began, hell and earth followed.


Even if you look at it, you can see that the time zones between dimensions are staggered.


“Damn it.”


The head becomes more complicated.
Rain clears the information, leaning against the nearby tree.


“It's not important that the time zone is tangled.


The important thing is that Lucifer was resurrected, and other Dukes should consider the possibility of resurrecting as well.




With a complex expression, the eyes of rainfall continued to shine.


'Can't I absorb the Grand Duke's soul now?'


Characteristics of the newly formed 'One who reaps souls'.
If you use it, you may gain a Grand Duke's soul that you have not eaten in the past by the power of predation alone.


'I need to gather more information first.'


We don't even know if all the Dukes are resurrected or if only Lucifer is resurrected.


Besides, Lucifer didn't even exist on Earth.


I couldn't be at ease, but I couldn't do it without any time.


“So where is Lucifer now in the continent of Ernor?”


I asked Balzahark, who was lying on the floor with his head up.


[I don't know about that either.]


“That's right.”




Honestly, I couldn't do anything unless I knew where I was, and there was no way to get from here to the continent of Ernor.


'And if Lucifer regained all the power of the past.'


For now, there was no way to win.


'I have to consider the worst.'


Even the battle against the Grand Duke had to be borne in mind.


'It doesn't change what needs to be done anyway.'


We can continue what we have done so far.
Eat and become strong.


Reclaim the power of the past when you reigned over Old Hell.




Rain grabbed his fist.


Awakening as a player, a new fire ignites his desire.


An area he could not reach in the past, even at the strongest times.


I was thirsty for that area.


'Slow down.'


He ruled the boiling desire.


It must not move in haste.
Nervousness makes mistakes.


The rain slowly opened its mouth.


Before returning, one last question remained.


“But why didn't Lucifer take over Ernor's continent?”


The Grand Duke is strong.


No one would have been able to stop him given the average force of the Ernor continent.


Dominate or perish.


I was right to be one of them.


“Rain, that's because of the angels of heaven.”


Keeping asking Balzahark questions, Echidna pulls her collar with a pointed expression.


The rain curled his head.




Not now.
It's a myth.
I heard Archangels came down from heaven to stop evil spirits from behaving.”


“Heaven…” “


It was not unusual for the world to be opposed to the existence of the Nine Heavens Hell.


“Are the angels still in the continent of Ernor?”


Echidna shakes her head.


“No, it's all gone since the war with the Evil God.
After that, the demon covered his tracks.”


“I see.”


I didn't think I had to think of angels.


I can't believe Lucifer's been hiding himself.




You should hear the rest of the information as you return to Korea.


“Let's go back.
Oh, Balzahark, is there some kind of magic you can hide yourself from?”


The appearance of Balzahark is a white white chalkbone.


Without magic to hide my body, I became quite troubled.


[Absolutely! If you think you can speak with this foot-hack, it melts into the shadows and dominates the darkness..]




[Argh!! Two, skulls!!!]


The sensation of suffering screamed to see if it remained.


“Balzahark, did I tell you not to use that tone earlier?”


[I'll keep that in mind.]


The rain turned around.


At that time, the rain clapped its hands.


Something came to mind in Balzahark that there was still a sense of suffering.


“Oh, dear.
Do you think you can eat?”


[Meal… do you mean?]


Well, it looks tough.”


You don't have to, but eating is possible.
because when food goes in here, it can break down from the inside.]


Balzahark pointed to the black space in the throat.


Rain shines on my eyes.


“Oh, can you feel the taste?”


[It's fainter than human, but…
I can feel it.
But all of a sudden, what's going on?]


Balzahark curls his head as if he doesn't understand.


Rain fell on his shoulders smiling.


“Let's go.”




“To eat kimchi dog.”


[What is Kim Chi Chi Dog?]


Balzahark asked with a yellow glow.


The rain pounded his shoulders.


“I know when you try it, man.”


Two Yuno Kim Chi Chi Dogs?

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