Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later Ch.136

 “Bar, Balzahark.”


A trembling voice came from Echidna's mouth.


The rain turned its head with an interesting look.


“You know what?”


North of the continent, it's a powerful rich land of death.
The Continents…
are called Demon Kings.”


Echidna glances at Balzahark with a vigilant expression.




I glance.
I turn my head and look at the skull in a black robe.


“Demon King.”


Actually, it doesn't matter unless he's the Demon King.


The important thing is how helpful it is to him as a summoner.


'But are you really the Demon King?'


Magi felt strong.
It was definitely stronger than Echidna.


However, if I asked if the name Demon King could be named, I naturally curled my head.


“It doesn't look very different from Anton.


I couldn't determine exactly how much power I had until I saw it myself, but it seemed to be roughly the same as Anton or a little above him.


[I'll ask you again.
Where is this place?]


Balzahark said in a mute voice.
Magi swirls around his body as if threatened.


Rain smiled at the feeder.


“I summoned you.”


[You summoned me?]


I needed a summoner.”




Silence flows.
A yellow light flashes from Balzahark's pupil.


By any chance, do you mean to call this Demon King Balzahark a ministry horse?]


“Well, roughly.”


I nodded and was positive.




A laughter burst out of Balzahark's mouth.
He shrugged.


It was instantaneous for the laughter to turn into a revelation.


[Hahahahaha! Interesting! Very funny!]




The mouth of the skeleton moves and the sound of the bone hits.


An intense livelihood emanates from Balzahark.


A horribly shining yellow glow turned towards the rain.


[How dare you call me a minister?]


“No, I'm not human, to be precise…
Oh, this is complicated.”


Rain scratched the back of the head as if it was annoying.


“Anyway, you're right to call me a summoner.
Instead, if you are loyal, I also swear to repay you for it.”


This was its own rule from hell.


Sometimes Baloch's excessive loyalty was frustrating.


I saw Reese break into the bedroom and screamed without even knowing her.


Nevertheless, their loyalty gave them a fair reward and trust.


'That's the role of the monarch.'


The monarch who spared no men was only a tyrant who fell in love with the screwdriver.


Loyalty was a source of trust, and rebellion was a force that sustained the group.


[Hahaha! You're a scared man!]


Balzahark smiles.
He slowly raises his hand.


[A falcon medicine for a man who has lost his fear.]


Only the white bone left of the finger moved.
Looks like you're spelling something.


In the dark life emanating from him, the rain breathed a short sigh.


'Isn't that what Echid and I used to be?'




[Summoner sends his hostility to the owner! The effect of the contract is weakened!]


[The bond with the Summoner is weak, so you cannot use Force Command!]


As I answered the question, I came up with a blue message box.


Magi flows out of Balzahark's hand and seeps into the surrounding land.


Daleks, Daleks.


Hundreds of skeletons appeared through the ground.
I was wearing heavy gloves, as if they were reminiscent of medieval knights, not just bone donkeys.


Balzahark shouts with his arms wide open.


[Look! Feel! And fall into horror! This, the servant of Demon King Balzahark..]


Just lightly bounce your fingers.




The power of a widespread wave sweeps through the skeletons.


The heavy gloves they were wearing were torn apart.
Skeleton is emergent with the sound of broken bones and acid crushing.




An embarrassing voice flows from Balzahark's mouth.


He looks at his own skeletons that have been wiped out in an instant and nods as if he can't believe it.


[You had quite a power in human subjects!]


Within hours, he shouted with sharp eyes.
I put my hands together in front of my chest.
A sphere of magi clumps between both hands.


[But can we even fight Desknights?]


The spheres in both hands were increasingly called sizes.
A sea knight appeared from a sphere that was three meters tall, like a demon coming out of a Magi crack.




Rain shines on my eyes.


Certainly I felt a sense of pressure incomparable to the skeletons.




Balzahark ordered the Desknights.


[Go! Knights of the Round Table! Dare to kill this pathetic man who deceives Balzahark!]


The ghost horse riding the Desknights snorts out.




Echidna stops the front of the rain.


The movement of rainfall, which was trying to make weapons with the key to the sea, stopped slightly.




I pondered for a moment as I stroked my chin.


“Well, it's a good opportunity, so let's leave it to Echidna.”


I thought it would be good to leave it to Echidna in the meantime.


'I hope to gain practical experience.'


The rains took a step back with arms crossed.


Try it this time.”


“Yes! I'll deal with it!”


Echidna grabs both fists.


It was an opportunity to play in the interim.


“You'll be praised by the rains! '


A burning will was engraved on both eyes.
A blue herd wrapped around her body.


Huff! Huff! Huff!


Echidna's body suddenly turns into a giant dragon that reaches 20 meters.


Seeing her, Balzahark shines a yellow glow.


[Magical Dragon.
You weren't a fool who didn't know the subject.]


I thought you were dealing with the Demon Dragon.


It was something I had never heard of on the continent of Ernor.




Balzahark smiled loudly.
He turned his head towards the rain.


[It can't be better than Raynald.]


Prince of the Arnan Empire.
A hero who was chosen by the gods and evolved into a guardian.


Balzahark has tried several times to make him the best Destinate.


At that time, various gods' disturbances frequently failed, but the energies of the gods were not felt by man before his eyes.


It's a good human to use as a replacement for Raynald.


[It's just hatching! Kill him!]


Balzahark shouts when he sees the size of Echidna and realizes that it is a hassling.


Twelve Desknights took out their weapons and rushed to Echidna.




Balzahark turned around.
While Dessneights was dealing with the Magians, there was only one thing he had to do.


Poor thing, man.
I can't believe you let this Balzahark move on his own.
Let me despair of what you've achieved…]


Let's fix that tone first.”


Rain clapped his hands.


The first thing I had to do came to mind.


What do you mean?]


“It's so lame of you to call your name.”


I shake my head with a look of tiredness.


“Satan was so annoyed by it, he couldn't even summon me.”


[Who is your summoner!]


I heard Balzahark's aging.


His hands were full of powerful magic.


[I shouldn't say it.]


“I agree.”


I made Gayvolg with the key to the Mahal Sea.


Situations that cannot be solved by conversing with each other anyway.
Then there was no other way but to surrender by force.


'By the way, I am the Demon King of Ernor continent.'


Rain recalls the words of Balzahark, who described himself as the Demon King.


In fact, there was little I knew on the continent of Ernor.
I listened to Echidna, but I just thought vaguely, “It's like the place in fantasy novels.”


'If he is the strongest man on the continent of Ernor.'


If Balzahark is right, as Balzahark himself has stated.


'At least you don't have to worry about the continent of Ernor.'




I stuck my foot in it.


The body that used the power of speed was shot like a glow.
Gaybolg stabbed Balzahark in the body.




The barrier of Magi was created.


I stabbed the spear without stopping.


I was crushed.


Balzahark twists his body urgently.
I shake my hand.
A black blade is made and aims for rain.




I pulled out a gaybolgro blade.




Balzahark's fighting style is a wizard who defends himself from the distance as a summoner.


It was a necromancer caster common in games.


Woong! Woong!


Gaybolg was stabbed at an enormous speed.


I didn't give him time to cast magic.


Attack style close to the counter.


Balzahark's yellow eyes trembled.


[What the hell is human..?]


An incomprehensible force.
No matter how weak the melee battle is, I've never been pushed this far.


[I can't help it.]


If I stay like this, the defeat was true.


Balzahark ripped off a bracelet full of wrists.
A black jewel attached to the bracelet fell to the ground.


After this, he was forced to take out the number of spleen.


'I didn't know you were going to use this here.'


Evil Blood.


An artifact that has the power to temporarily summon the existence of 'Demon' in ancient mythology.


It was something I thought I would use if I was in danger that I couldn't handle someday.


Kuku Gugu Bow!


The earth shakes.
Magi storms.


Rather, Magi's energy, which feels stronger than Balzahark himself, bites around.




Rain shines on my eyes.


So far, it has been Balzahark's first 'threatening' energy.


My skin is prickly.
My body trembles with excitement before the battle.
No, it was powerful enough to feel the horror of the end.




Tension rises.
It was a different energy from Balzahark.


[Come! The one who covets eternity in the deepest abyss!]


I never did!


There was a huge crack.
The air was smashed like a broken glass window.


And then.


[Who dared to call me?]


Purple skin on the horn of a mountain goat.
A terrifying creature that reaches 5 meters.


The devil, who appeared in the crack, rolled his feet roughly.


[I am Doomguard, the guardian of the Devil of the Ninth Heavenly Hell.]




Rain opened its mouth.


It wasn't because Balzahark summoned the Devil of the Old Hell.


[Ah, the presence of the Great Devil.
Listen to the petty mortal who summoned you.]


[Tell me.]


Doomguard replied low.


Balzahark pointed to the rain with only his bones left.


[Please kill my enemy!]


A fight.]


Doomguard turns his head.


Rain and snow met.




Doomguard's eyes grew.


[No, isn't this the Demon King?!]


He shook his huge arm and shouted in a correct voice.


Suddenly, the feeling of pressure that I had just seen collapsed.


It's been a long time.”


Rain sighed as if absurd.


Doomsday Guardian.


It was the name of the demon who was in charge of the 3rd Battalion of the Demon Army led by Rain.




It was Balzahark who panicked at the meeting of the two demons.


[What's going on here?]


Demon King Balzahark.


Having terrorized Ernor's continent, he raises his head in a situation he can't understand right now.

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