Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later Ch.135

The war in Manchuria ended with the overthrow of the players.


Since it was the first major war since the “turbulent day”, it was natural for the world's interests to be attracted.


This has led to a one-time rise in the status of China and Korea.


Demon Church is making the whole world nervous.


It was not unusual for everyone in the world to be enthusiastic because they had overwhelmingly stopped their first full-scale attack.


'The reality is different.'


Rain lightly filled my tongue.


It did not completely stop demonic attacks as people were enthusiastic.


The only thing that happened this time was winning against the monsters that were close to the remnants during the Devil's plan.


'We'll move again.'


That is also happening on a scale that is not comparable to the present.


Rain reaches out on the table with deep sunken eyes.


There was a crayfish dish with the name Maralungsha.


First time, of course.


I grabbed a crayfish with vinyl gloves on.


'I should be comfortable if you move first.'


I picked up a crab full of red sauce and chewed it.
The skin is crushed and the pale flesh is chewed.


I smiled at the spicy taste of filling my mouth.


'I'll chew all my teeth except gold.'


The more the Devil Bridge moves, the more junk it can receive.


If it was ironic to defend the world, it was ironic.


'Anyway, it's my priority to be strong.'


Even if the Guyanese system lost its power, it would not know what would happen.


In order to prevent unexpected variables, we had to have the power to crush the variables themselves.


“Is the food right for you?”


Cheon So-yeon came into the room and asked.
The rain nodded.




It's delicious to chew it to the skin?”


The next player who was listening to the conversation looked ridiculous.


Tae-soo, who was chewing crayfish with the rain, curled his head.


“Huh? Of course you have to eat this peeled.”


Tae-soo grabbed a handful of crayfish and swallowed them as they were.


“What, this monster.”


It's my colleague, Tae-soo.”


Hansula smiled and replied.
The smoker shook his head in the face of the monster himself.


She turned her gaze to the rain and said.


“We should be ready to go back when the pre and post treatment is over.”


“Oh, by the way.”


Rain laid down the crayfish.


“I have a place to stop, so I'll go there.
Let's go first.”


“You think there's somewhere you can hear me? Where?”




A short answer made me sullen.




It was the location of the SS Gate and the source of the Devil Church incident.


The smoker opened his eyes thinly.


If you heard Vladivostok in this situation, there was only one reason.


“Are you trying to investigate the Devil's Trace? If that's the case, I'll come with you.”


“No, I have that, but I have other things to do.
There's no need to rush into Urr, so it's enough for me and Echidnaman.”


The smoker curled his head.


“What's going on?”


“I intend to draw another summon.”


“If the summoner….”


The eyes of the people in the room turned towards Echidna.


Sitting next to the rain, Echidna, who was eating hard crayfish, raises her body with a frightened expression.


“Go, rain.
You don't need me anymore?”


She pulled the edge of the rainy clothes with an anxious expression.


He seemed worried that his position as a summoner would disappear.


Rain stroked her head with a feed smile.


“Don't worry, it's not like that.”




Echidna bites her lips as if she could not overcome her anxiety.


Hansulah holds Echidna's shoulders slightly.


“Don't worry about it.
You know exactly who Mr.
Kang Woo is.”


“Yeah, okay.”


Echidna nods reluctantly as she slashes her head.


“Then let's get going.
Playing, if you return to Korea later, make sure there is movement of the Devil in places other than Russia.”


“Do they move immediately?”




Rain shakes his head as he continues to think for a while.


“I don't know about that.
But be careful, it won't hurt.”


Maybe I should kill the devil before someone else uses their hands first.
The rain swallowed up the words in my heart and turned around.


“Let's go, Echidna.”




Echidna nods and follows him.


* * *


The rains from the barracks immediately took Echidna to Vladivostok.


The Manju Valley and Vladivostok are only a short distance away, as can be seen from the Demon Faction's speed.




“There's been a lot of chaos here.”


A city that has been transformed into ruins, as is reminiscent of the Post Apocalypse.


I didn't feel the slightest bit like a human being.


Monsters who were active around the city were also exterminated by this summoning incident.


In Vladivostok, only Ulster's silence was hidden.


“Rain, is this it?”




I turned my head.


I saw an SS gate in the middle of the city.


Echidna points to the gate.


“Can we go in there?”


Before you do that, take a look around.”


The place where the summoning of Demon Church took place.


I didn't know if there was any information I could get.


Rain moved his feet along the trail of Margie.
The place where this massive summons took place was not difficult to find.


“I don't see anything like an altar.”


The complex emblematic gin that appears to be a magician was painted, but no other special objects were seen.


Rain fell on one knee and looked at the magicians.


'The power of insight.'


I looked at the wizards.
I interpreted how they could summon the existence of hell.




The laughter flows out.
The look of rain is slightly distorted.


“I don't know.”


I didn't know.
Even though the dominance of Mansion Battle has increased, I was unable to interpret the principle of the Magic Corps now drawn on the floor.


'Where the hell did you develop this technology?'


Demon Church has been around for over a thousand years, before the day of the Great Wall.


It was natural that the summoning knowledge would continue to be developed during that time.


'But no matter how.'


Is it possible, with human power, to create a technology that can't be interpreted by rainfall itself?


I had no choice but to question that.




I couldn't understand, but I had to admit something.


'At least when it comes to summoning, I can't keep up with the devil's knowledge.'


Their knowledge was also in the realm of inviolability.


Rain caused the body to swell.
There was not much clue to get.


At least there is no way to interpret the Demon Church's containment body as information obtained.


“Well, rather well.”


The tail of my mouth went up.
In the first place, I didn't intend to source demon summons.


“If there is only hell on Earth, it would be right to somehow seal off the source.


Beyond Old Heaven and Hell, blocking demon summons could be an appendix blocking the path to growth itself.


'I can't let that happen.'


Demon Church was a honey complex full of milk and honey.
I had to suck it until I could suck it.


“Now let's get to the gate.”


“Did you find something called a clue?”


“No, I didn't earn anything, though.”


I headed to the SS Gate with Echidna.


When I entered the gate, a monster ran, but Echidna took care of it without having to move.


“Don't touch the rain.”


Echidna stepped on the corpse of a giant spider eight meters long.


Rain looked at him and smiled at him.


'Echid has become very strong too.'


The source of her power was herself.
The more he grew, the stronger she became.


'This is enough to summon some monsters.'


Even if the weak beast is summoned because of bad luck, it can have great power if it continues with the rain itself.


'It must be important to pick someone who listens well.'


I didn't even hope for loyalty, which could be called blindness, like Echidna.


I was satisfied that only dogs would come out without biting the owner.


'I like a strong man if he's a king, though.
Halkion, come out! Halkion!'


An intelligent beast among the demons of Old Heaven and Hell.


I've never seen it before because it has a designated habitat and doesn't come out of it, but I've heard a lot of rumors.


“Perhaps among the monsters, it will be placed within five fingers.


If you summoned Halkion, it was literally awesome.


“Well, let's try it out.”


Focused on Margie.


Used the Demonic Summon attribute.




[You have succeeded in creating the crack needed to summon.]


[Rank:??) to create deeper cracks due to the impact of the magi belonging to]


[Failed to block connection to 'Alien' due to loss of function in Guyanese system.]


[The dimensional gate to the continent of Ernor has been opened.]


Shiva? '


This time I thought I would summon the demons of heaven and hell, but things went wrong again.


'No, where's my Halkion?'


It was unfair.


At this point, one of the stubborn monsters should come out.


As before, a blue gate was created and a single presence appeared.




Skeleton in black robe.
I felt a tremendously intense magi in the skeletal body.


Light emanated from the pupil of the skeleton.
His gaze turned towards the rain.


[Where is this place?]


“Well, it's a little complicated to explain.
First, introduce yourself.”


Rain asked with an exciting expression.
The skull in a black robe slowly opens its mouth.


[I am the king of all the dead and the magical servant who brings nightmares to Ernor.]


'What a satanic tone you're talking about.'


A huge magi exploded.
The skeleton lightly lowers the staff in its hand.


[I am the Demon King Balzahak.]




Heavy silence sat down.


The rains opened their mouths without keeping their mouths shut.


The Demon King?”


It's weird.


'I'm the Demon King too.'

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