ke dancing at least.


For him, the greatest merit of level-up is two.


It weakens the Awakening properties and sealing of all wars.


It was very meaningful that it had the effect of weakening the seal of the Great War that nothing else could have done.


“That's good.”


I sat down with a satisfactory smile.


If the Seal of Almighty had been weakened, there was still work to be done.


'Statalize the released Magi.'


It was also done when the seventh awakening took place.


'Now that I have filled all the stat increases in the Black Pearl Coat.'


Moving forward, stats are directly related to power as it is.


Rain slowly closed its eyes and operated the Celestial Dragon Simulation.


I felt the magic coming out of the seal of war weakened.


The amount of awakening properties was not as explosive as it was when it occurred.


But the battle was a battle.


I enveloped the whole body full of spilled maggots.


Magi of Almighty began to melt into the blood.




[Magi stat +1.]


A pleasant bubble.




Elasticity flowed from 120 to 121.
Only 1 rose, but the change was amazing.


It shook like a magi exploded in my body.


'The higher it is, the better the effect, rather than the harder it is to raise.'


I smiled with satisfaction as I recalled the most basic information about stats.


The senses of Magi that escaped at once using two skills in a row in this battle are replenished again.


“Let's go back.”


It was also the time when the war with the Demon was over.


Rain caused the body to swell.
I turn my head and look at the desolate fireplace like hell.


'It wasn't a bad harvest.'


As expected, no, it was more harvest than expected.


Rain lightly clenched his fist.


Build strength while deterring devilish plans.
Feeling good to catch two birds with one stone.


I turned around and gathered my hands honestly.
Bend your lower back in a slick motion.


“Well done.”




* * *


South Korea, China and other players from both countries have returned to where the war against monsters took place.


'Looks like it's over.'


As expected, the war was over.
People were carrying out pre and post processing while moving the wounded.


Of course, the war was overtaken by China and Korea.


Human strength was not weak enough to collapse into the ranks of a horde of monsters in Heaven and Hell.


'I don't think there's much damage.'


The faces of the people walking around were mostly bright.
It means that the casualties caused by this war are not great.


'What if there's an all-out war between the players on Earth and Hell?'


There was nothing to think about for a long time.


No matter how powerful you were, you were no better than the forces of Hell.


There will be a unilateral massacre like the day of upheaval five years ago.




Rain looked at the players who wandered around busy.


Their bright expression did not seem to come merely from winning the war.


“Finally! Finally the 7th Awakening!!”


“Heh! Me too!! How much you've suffered from the damn level limit!”


“Wow, this time it's leveled up eight times at a time!”


I heard the elasticity of their screams.


I think it's a huge EXP event, but the battle has raised players quite a bit.


'Players grow.'


Silk It wasn't just this battle.
Globally, players are also growing steadily.


No matter how much you grew, you would need to focus on the fact that you are 'getting stronger', even though it would take a lot of time for you to grow up to the height of Old Hell and All Out War.


'Among them will be someone as special as Sihun.'


Talent was a very important factor for players.


Players who are not talented do not get stronger over time.


On the contrary, it meant that it was possible to be strong in just one hour if you had talent.




Upon arriving near the barracks, the next player came running.


“Where were you? What about the demons?”


“I've been taking care of it.”




A shabby laugh flows from the mouth of the smoker.


“Wouldn't have been one or two? Even if I couldn't, I would have been more than a hundred..”


“It was exactly 237.”


“How did you…? Phew.
Don't let me talk to you.”


The smoker shakes his head like he's tired.
She sighed and coughed and looked at the rain.


“Anywhere hurt, by the way?”




“Seeing as it's still unstable, I think it's fine.
Hmph, someone like you has to break something to be quiet.”


She turns her head with a fart.
Unlike what I said, my mouth was up high.


Rain passed through her smiling.
After the next play, Echidna comes running towards him.


“Rain, I kept the diarrhea as it was told.”


Hmph! Then he snorts.


“Well done.
Nothing happened, right?”


I took care of all the monsters that could fly the sky.”


She shines her eyes like a child who wishes to praise.


Rain stroked her head.


“Echidna, you need to move the wounded too.”


“Got it!”


What you need to do now is heal the injured and repair the damage.


'And then.'


I was locked into thinking for a while.


Russia's work, the emergence of demons and demons, has also been resolved.


'I have nothing to do.'


I didn't think I had anything to do unless the devil jumped once more or showed no sign of it.




Rain looks back at Echidna running to where the wounded are.


At that time, a glimmer of thought flashed through my head.




I took out my smartphone and checked the date.


It's been three months, hasn't it? '

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