Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later Ch.133

 Kugu Gugu Bow!!


The whole land shook like an earthquake.


A huge crack runs through the earth.




A frightening sound echoes from the twisted ground.
With him, the split ground began to rise high.


The elevation of the rising ground is approximately 30 meters.


Dozens and hundreds of columns of earth have risen up to see the end of it.


“What is this, man?”


Anton nods with a zinc expression.


This place was definitely a fireplace.


The ground is flat enough to see the horizon.


It turned into a mountainous terrain full of bedrock in the blink of an eye.


“Changed terrain? '


What do you mean, it's not the same thing?


It is often said that the surrounding terrain changes in the battle of World Rankers.


But it's a metaphorical expression everywhere.


In fact, there was no way to turn the plain into a mountainous terrain.


Except the monster in front of your eyes.


'What traits do you have…?'


Anton sent a vigilant glance.


The sudden change in terrain itself was likely a characteristic that dealt with the forces of nature itself.


'Among them, the earth.'


Anton opened the book.
He shoots demons with sharp eyes.


“What are you doing? It's the time of battle you've been so looking forward to.
Kill the author!”


I shouted like a seizure.


Demons are also sold out for changing the terrain around them.
Within days, they lift their weapons.


Anton watches the rain as he memorizes the spell.


'Fighting on the flat has only become fighting on the mountainous terrain anyway.'


There was no big difference.


Twisting the terrain with the power of an individual was certainly not a big deal or a real battle.


'Appearance is just a performance worth it.'


There was nothing to overwhelm.
I didn't even have to atrophy.


Changing terrain does not win the battle.


It was simply a change of stage to kill him.


“Zajas, zajas, natanada, zajas.”


As if erasing the fierce ominousness, Anton concentrates on spellbinding.


* * *


[Hahaha! It's time for the slaughter!]


[Die, man!]


The demons rushed.
The rain slowly lifted its head.


They stepped on rocky monsters all over the place and swiftly rushed in.
Rather, using what has been turned into a steep mountain terrain.




I burst into a short laugh.


I raised my hand.


“Oh, this.”


Hundreds of demons running.
Anton spells.


I thought I knew what he was thinking.


I was masturbating with what I thought, and I was able to anticipate the attack.


Only the terrain has changed.


It's just a meaningless performance.


There is no disruption in direct combat.


“You can't do that.”


I twisted my mouth.


It can't be.


For no reason, I can't just change terrain to show off my strength.


No, it wasn't even “to change the terrain” in the first place.






A black pyrotechnic column exploded between the walls of the earth with cracks in the liver.


The two demons who were running were swallowed up by the fire.


Raise your right hand.
Right to left.
I shook my hand lightly.


Kugu Bow!


The rocks that rose high split.
It collapses.
A sticky flame bursts out like lava through a collapsed gap.




The demon's roar echoed.
A half-melted demon twists his body.


[Get out of the way, you weak thing!]


The beating pushes the demon, and the demon with four arms jumps up.


Only one eye of basketball headed for the rains.


[Hahaha! If you think you can speak directly to this demon Rakum of the Sixth Heavenly Hell, four arms are perfect…]




The black light split the space.


The key of the Horse Sea changed into the shape of a sword.


Pass the demon split into two, one step at a time.


[This body is a five-heaven hell!]


[Skarta, the defeated king of the Sixth Heavenly Hell!]




The user bounces his finger.
The power of the scattered waves bursts between the two demons.






Even the monsters who didn't know where they came from.


The monsters that inhabit at least three thousand hells, not the lesser monsters of a thousand hells.


They seem to have gathered enough power to consume them in the war.




I took a breath.


I caught the key of the Horse Sea that turned into a sword in reverse.
I pulled up the flowing magi in the blood vessel.


I slowly exhaled and crossed the four powers.


Being the main is the power of the blade.
It was the power of Savnaq, and among its powers it was judged to be a petty power.


But even such a petty power could be transformed into a more powerful, blinding power if he used it.




A sword caught in reverse was struck to the ground.
There is a crack in the ground at the end of the sword.


I sent a boiling magpie to it as if it were exploding.






[What the hell…!]


The black shadow spread widely around the crack.


The strange look of the night sky unfolding on the ground.
A sharp blade rises in a wide open shadow.


I sliced the demons' skin and tore their flesh apart.
Hundreds, thousands of blades embroidered the night sky like stars.


I flew the demons up.


Everything that touched the ground was filled with dense blades.


I pulled out my sword and raised it.
The cracks disappear and the sharp blades become black smoke and scattered in the air.


I lifted my head.


“Half an hour left.


The number of demons that could not fly and were pierced by the blade was half.


The rest of the class is climbing up, avoiding the attack.


I raised my sword.


The demons rise up and head for the tip of the sword to the higher heaven.


The magi of the whole body escapes like a drop of rain.


Suddenly, my head became thick.


“It's okay.”


Margie's exhaustion had not yet come, nor had the Great War broken out.


The head that failed to follow the operation was only briefly overloaded.


I was used to this degree.
It was so much that I was bored.




[What the hell! What the hell, that monster!]


[Now, wait this….]


One of the demons who was fleeing wore blue faces.


He turns around with a glorious expression, as if he had realized something.


[No way.]


I've heard of it.
The battle between the Seven Dukes and a human.
An anecdote of the Demon King who wiped out Belfegor's power with a single sigh.


High rise.
Darkness that encroached on the earth.
Thousands of blades.


It was completely consistent with his anecdote that I heard from him.


[That, it can't be.]


It couldn't have happened.


Why is the symbol of hell here, Demon King?


The end of the sword toward the sky slowly fell and was drawn.


At the same time, rocks rising to 30 metres high oscillated in Bourgogne.
Magi, the sinner who breathes, covers his surroundings.




A small murmur resounded in the ear like thunder.


The rocks exploded and the black lava spread out across the sky.


[Ah, ah…]]


Elasticity flows.
The demon looks up.
I couldn't see the bright sunlight.


The world is in darkness.


* * *




The earth boiled with black lava.
The vegetation that was full of beeswax could not even be submerged, and the seeds burned.


The earth was distorted and burned.


Nine thousand hell.


It's the deepest place in hell, where the most powerful demons gather.


The topography of the Manju Valley is now reminiscent of the distorted land of Nine Heaven and Hell.


“Huff, huff, huff!”


The old man ran into that distorted land.


Anton moves his feet with an incomprehensible look and looks like he has a terrible nightmare.


I threw out a book of half-burnt nightmares.


His right arm was halfway melted and his side was torn long.


Nevertheless, he fled.
Avoid predators walking after him.




Shortly after, Anton fell to the ground.


Dark red blood spilled out of the wound.
He lifts his head with less trembling eyes.


There I saw a demon.


“Ah, ah….”


“I told you not to pretend I knew.”


The devil reaches out.


He grasps the back of the head and looks at him with his eyes flashing in madness.


“Now, do you think you know who I am?”


“You, you, you.
What are you…?”


I didn't speak properly.


The pressure facing the absolute.
The feeling of unreachable abyss surrounds the surroundings.


I felt unfamiliar.
Faced with the 'phases', he felt the same sense of awe as now.




I shake my head.
I remember that time.
I compared him to the energy felt by the demon in front of me.


I got tired of his look pale.


This scowling terror seemed to sink into a swamp as wide as the sea, even when confronted with its statuses.


“Who are you…


“Take care of yourself, man.”


The devil reaches out.


The black smoke emanating from him surrounded him.
No, it wasn't enough.
Black smoke spread widely over the burning and distorted land.


“What changes if you know who I am? If the question is solved, will you be foolproof? Now's not the time to say that, my friend.”




I kept my mouth firmly shut.
It's undeniable.


There was only one thing he had to say right now.


spare me.”


My body trembled less.


Desire for life.
The desperation of not wanting to die surrounded him.


It was so hard that it was an eternal life that many sacrifices could not be counted.


I didn't want to die futile and futile in a fireplace without anything.


“Yes, it is.
That's what you have to say.”


The devil nodded satisfactorily.


“But you've heard it quite a bit, haven't you? I wouldn't have killed one or two people if I had stabbed that much magpie in that old body.”




I didn't say anything.


I remembered the past.


Tell him to spare me.


I've heard so much.


The words he said before the sacrifice died, seizing like crazy.
He has enjoyed the desperate screams quite a bit.


The devil smiles down at him.


He had the same smile on his mouth as he had on his sacrifices.


“What did you do then? Oh, well, I actually know how to do it.
I'm just asking politely.”


Anton looks up at him with a pale, tired expression.


“Have you ever saved your life?”




There was no way.
There was no way.
For him, the offerings were but prey to the piling up of maggots.


There was no lion stopping the hunt when he saw the deer shed tears.


“Ah, ahhh…”


I reached out my hand as I longed, as I pleaded.


The devil in front of his eyes smiled widely and grabbed his hand.


I feel the same way about this.
Yeah, you said you were with me earlier, right? I'll admit it a little bit, man.”


A voice that feels shy somewhere.


The devil scratches his head with a shy look.


“Actually, I never saved my life.”




Black smoke chewed Anton's body and swallowed it up.

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