Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later Ch.131



The smoker hit the ground.


I shredded the bottom of dozens of chains and lifted her up high.


I lowered my hand as it was.
A red chain trunk smashes the head of a demon running from the lead.




A demon with the appearance of a chunk of badly melted flesh burst into a chain.


Shots of wizard-class players poured down with him.




A beep that blinds your ears.


The roar of the demons and the gloomy flesh.


A hot heat hit the players' skin.


Demons rush through the corpses stacked on the front row.
Tanker class players stepped forward.


It was the same for China that started the battle.


Wizard classes were rare, but there were many unmanned class players on the Chinese side with interior air.


As a human being, it wields lesions based on physical abilities that are impossible.


The corpse of the Demon grew at a rapid rate.


“Argh!! Come on, you bastards!”


A man with a huge shield smashes monsters into the edge of the shield.


I was mistaken because of my horrible appearance and body.


“Commander, we'll be on our way.”


“Oops! I can't see the end! When this war is over, let's eat together…”


“Implementation Mothers, please take the right!”




A department store that runs away in the wind.


As far as the atmosphere was concerned, the implement chased after her with futile eyes.




The battle with the demons followed.


The charter now had the advantage of the players.


Most of the monsters were the lowest level of monsters in the Nine Heavens, so it was not difficult for players to fight.


Of course, there were some as powerful predators as Keroberos, but so were the players.


“Come on, you guys!”


Standing in the lead, the player extended his arms.
A red chain sweeps through the monsters.


The department store ran to where she was.


“Play! I'm here to help!”


“It's okay this way! What about the Chinese kids?”


“I'm going through the monsters around the Celestial Gate.”


“Oh, they're going too far ahead.”


The next player murmured with an anxious expression.


I couldn't keep up with as many breakthroughs as there were melee classes.


“Fire Yeon! Call that fox bitch to slow down!”


South Korean players and Chinese players are isolated from each other.


When that happened, fighting together was meaningless.


The department store nodded and took out the crystal bead.


I wasn't trying to contact Cheon So-yeon directly.
Even if you don't have a way to contact them, you won't listen to them.


“Rain, please.”


Tell me.]


“Contact Cheon So-yeon to slow down the march a little.
Speed is too fast to follow.”




I lost touch.


The department store swung its sword with a stiff face.
The Demon Body has been split in half.


The charter now has an advantage over the players.


I thought I could win without difficulty if I just passed through like this.


'The problem is the devil.'


It was not only the demons that emerged from the cracks.


There was definitely a demon in the footage.
It was also the appearance of demons close to the bag.


Little by little, information about Demon Church became available to her about the difference between evil and evil.


Demons are strong when weighed only by simple physical specs.


But the devil had the same intellect as man.


It was hard to predict how they would come out.


'Then you can do it.'


The department store glanced at the direction of the rain.


He has not yet joined the war in full.


His role in this war is to slaughter demons who will be variables.


'I'll believe it.'


She swings her sword, stepping at the right angle.


The blade of wind made from the tip of the sword cleaves the beast.


* * *


I need you to slow down.”


[Yes, Mr.


After contacting the department store, Rain, who contacted Cheon So-yeon immediately, asked her to slow down the march as she asked.


Cheonyeon did not hesitate to accept the request.


I turned my head and looked at the Chinese players.


I saw a slowdown in the march following the order of Cheonyeon.


'Cheonmu-hyun said he was unable to join due to the shock.'


I smiled as I remembered why Cheon So-yeon became the commander of the Celestial Gate.


Cheonmu-hyun, who was suddenly subdued by an unknown Korean player, was shocked and revealed.


It was not physically abnormal.
It was a psychological shock everywhere.


“He's like Extra to the end.


I felt like I couldn't hear him anymore in the future.


Rain caused the body to swell.


He calls Echidna, staring at Hansulah, who is healing the injured player.






“I'm guarding the baby here.”




He turned his head.
Players were seen fighting the horde of monsters.


I lightly loosened.


“I'm going to join you, too.”


“Didn't you say you waited until the devil came out?”


“I'm not thinking about coming out.”


The rains opened their eyes thin.


Horribly stacked hordes of monsters.


There was no demon-looking being there.


I flew up to the power of the window and checked it out, but I didn't see where it was going.


'The plan has been twisted.'


I never expected the demons to show up.


Rain filled my tongue as if I didn't like it.


'I was wrong.'


I can't see the devil.


In fact, I could tell quite a lot by this one.


'Their purpose is not war.'


If their purpose was to win this war, there was no reason for demons not to go to war.


No, I wouldn't have come in this ignorant way if it had been for that purpose in the first place.


'These monsters must have been useless, too.'


As you can almost see, I was consuming a monster.


I would not have consumed these monsters in vain if I had thought they were important power.


'The purpose of the summons was different.'


I didn't mean to summon demons and demons.


I could only think of what it meant to summon 'itself'.


'And throw away useless monsters.'


It was like taking all the minerals and rushing the workers towards the enemy.


These demons were nothing but annoying creatures to deal with.




I didn't like it.
Situation that seems to handle leftover food debris.


The fact that they had to move as they wished made him very unpleasant.


'Did the demons take him somewhere else?'


I didn't know.


However, I can't see it in the crowd of monsters right now.


The appetite, which was inflated by expectations, hovered around the mouth in vain.


Make sure no one touches the diarrhea.”


Hmmm! Echidna said with a nosebleed.


I stroked her head lightly.


The sound of a nosebleed castrated.


“Then take care.”




I turned my back on Echidna and headed to the battlefield where a violent battle was raging.


Demons and players were waging violent battles.


Rain walked down that dreadful battlefield as if on a walk.




'Where can I be?'


The demon ran away.


I shook my hand lightly.
The demon's body burst like a firecracker.


I keep walking.
It was a relaxing step, but it was fast.


In an instant, I entered the enemy beyond the area of engagement.
The demons who were waiting for the battle rushed to him in swarms.






'It's not going to be that far.'


I clenched my finger.


The shape of the ring has changed.
The key to the Mace Sea has turned into a huge shield.
The Demon attacks hit the shield.




“Kii Yi Yi!”


The chewing teeth of the shield are crushed.


Swinging nails bounce over the shield and spill blood.


Take a step forward.


'Even though I ran, the monsters were clumped together.'




'If we only thought about what we didn't eat, there must have been someone controlling it.'




'Where the hell are you hiding?'




Demons rushed into the group toward the prey that came deep into the enemy.


A long thorn emerges from the shield.
The key to the Horse Sea rotated intensely.




The body of the demons is torn apart like a mixer.


The flesh splashed up everywhere.


Keroberos, who was mixed with the hordes of demons, blew fire toward the rain.


I raise my right hand.
I crush the pouring fire.
A flame poured out at the demons.




Keroberos opens his big mouth.


One man aims for rain with a mouth large enough to be easily chewed and swallowed.






I grabbed a tooth the size of a man's head.
I pulled it back as it was.


My teeth were pulled out of the roots.


Keroberos shed a terrible scream.


I cut off the hordes of demons and went forward.


But no matter how deep I went, I couldn't see the devil.


The look of rain became increasingly irritating.
I wasn't expecting these guys.


'Let's try these guys first.'


used the power of predation.


Black smoke emanates and covers Keroberos.




The bones are chewed.
The flesh is torn and sucked into the black smoke.


“Not with these guys, either.”


Neither did Magi stats ascend, nor did the character of the soul reaper appear.


Even though my vagina fell, I fell too far.


High-level players go to low-level hunting grounds and massacres don't increase their EXP.


'I need a demon.'


Lips dry.


I couldn't be satisfied with a lot of shit like this.


Unbelievable weakness stimulated him.


I was expecting something to eat, and the annoyance came to me as I disappeared in vain.




The demons retreated.
Terrified in their eyes.


The rains moved slowly.
As he went forward, the monsters retreated.


It was then.




A black hand that suddenly appeared aimed at him.


Rain frowned and grabbed the black hand.


An attack that could not be seen by nearby monsters.




Rain saw a white note in the black hand that had been shot at him.


I picked up a note.


The white note said crooked Korean.


[I want to talk.]


Rain snow thinned.


“What is this?”


Is it an aperitif?

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