Chapter 129

Hunger awakens at the mere sight of food

– Who are you? – In a low voice, the man sitting at the head of the table asked, showing no emotion.

The ghost sword of Jeong Moo-hyun.

The second bloodline member of the Jeong Kom Moon family, Jeong Mu-jin’s younger brother.

Kang Woo leaned back in his chair and answered:

– I’m the one who should be asking this question.
You’ve called so many people for support, and what are you going to do with them?

– With a bunch of boat people, you can lift a boat up a mountain.

– Don’t put in phrases you’ve heard elsewhere.
I’m sure you’re not such an idiot.
You know the situation.

There was silence.

Everyone of them was well aware of their mistake: they had called for help from employees from another country, but they had not even allowed them to join the meeting.

However, the people present in the room were under Jung Moo-hyun’s control.

– Cheeky asshole! – The man furiously blurted out, grabbing the hilt of his sword.

– Ah…” let out an exclamation from Kang Woo.

He sighed deeply and touched his hand to his forehead.

– I am really sick and tired of people like you.
Really sick of people like you.

There was no reaction.

– Well, I’ll tell you about Jung Moo Hyun.

– What are you talking about? – Jung Moo Hyun’s eyes glared angrily.

No, what kind of nonsense is it to talk about a person right in front of him?

Kang Woo continued:

– An outstanding man had a younger brother who wasn’t half as good.

The man was silent.

– And the younger brother was always jealous of his older brother, but there was nothing he could do about it, and in the end he never got to be better than him.

Jung Moo-hyun frowned.

– But now he had his chance, too.
His older brother was far away from home, and the country was attacked by monsters,” Kang Woo sighed, and then continued in a calm manner:

– Of course, he wanted to prove himself.
To prove that he, too, was good for something.
So he called on people to help him, but he put them in the back rows, reducing the chances of victory.

On a white board hanging in the conference room was a plan of action for the coming war.
Everyone immediately looked at the board.
The Korean army was the furthest away.
You could say it was in the back.
At the front, however, were exclusively members of the Chong Kom Moon Guild.
The perfect place to control the situation and be able to adjust to what was going on.

– A fool trying to do things completely differently than his brother does.
That’s exactly what Jeong Moo-hyun is like.

The man pressed his lips together tightly.

He had listened to everything about himself from the man he had seen for the first time in his life five minutes ago.

But there was one problem:

– What do you even know to say such a thing?

Almost everything in Kangwoo’s words was true, causing the man’s face to twist.

– I could tell everything about you from the first second I met you, you jerk.
Seriously…” Kang Woo clicked his tongue grudgingly.
– You are so ordinarily boring, you have no personality, nothing interesting, no feelings.

The man said nothing.

– You are a man you can recognize in three seconds.
I wish I could stop meeting people like you.

– Ahem,” Jeong Moo Hyun bit his lip.

Everything he’d heard about himself up until that moment seemed like nothing.
The accumulating rage began to send tiny shivers through his body.
He gripped the hilt of his sword even tighter and flexed his muscles.
The energy in his abdomen was spreading all over his body.

– Oh…” Kang Woo exhaled.

In his head, he had already imagined what would happen next.

– And now you, unable to contain your anger, will throw yourself at me.

That which you didn’t even have to imagine.
Kang Woo cheekily beckoned him with his hand.

– Come on, don’t drag it out.

– That’s impossible!

– How could a Phantom Sword be so fast…

Everyone in the meeting room was in complete shock.

Only five seconds.

That was how long it had been since an unknown Korean had invaded their meeting and defeated Ghost Sword Jeong Moo Hyun.
Losing his mind, he drew his sword and lunged at the guy and lost.
The people in the room huddled against the walls and stared at the man in disbelief.
Even if Sword Lord Jeong Mu Jin himself came here, he wouldn’t be able to win so quickly and easily.

– Well, let’s put it this way,” Kang Woo thought for a moment and looked around at everyone present.
– Since you haven’t been cooperative from the beginning, let’s just part ways peacefully and work separately from each other.

And that means that the right to lead the other party will also go to the second person.
In fact, such action in a war could lead to a dangerous situation, but there was no other option now.

“Better this way than sitting with my hands and feet tied.”

After all, a clash of forces could not be avoided anyway, and this way they could at least do something about it.
And in that case it would be much more convenient to fight separately.

– Well, let’s leave it at that.
Is that so? – Kang Woo stood up from his seat and turned to leave.

– Ka… Kang Woo, are you…” Young Joo called out to him dazedly.

The guy put his hand on her shoulder.

– I’m counting on you.

– What…?

-What do you mean, “counting”? In what way?

Kang Woo smiled broadly.

– This time you’re going to lead the Korean squad.

– Why me…?

– Or let Jang Hyun-jae do it.
I can’t do it.

– But you set this up!

– It was originally set up by other people, and I just cleaned it up.

The girl, rubbing the back of her head, looked at him in surprise.

Leading an army.
She’d never even led her own guild like that.
No, it just didn’t suit her.

– What a piece of shit,” she panted, rubbing her forehead.

Though she was relieved to be free of the Chinese leadership, she immediately felt a great deal of pressure.

– Why can’t you do it yourself? You’re good at it.

Actually, running an army is quite difficult.

A leader is not someone who shouts while giving orders.
Leading an army is not that simple.
It requires knowing the characteristics of each squad and calculating the time according to which the group will act.

“But here’s Kang Woo…”

He didn’t look like he had a hard time leading people.

The boy shook his head.

– I have another case.

– What is this business that you can be engaged in during the war?

– Ha-ha.
Let it be a secret,” the boy smiled bitterly, avoiding an answer.

“I can’t say I’m going to pull souls out of demons.

This time, the army of Hell Teachers consisted of ten thousand Hell creatures and hundreds of demons.
And Kang Woo needed their souls.

“In this chaos, I will only hunt demons.

Although it was dangerous to go into the enemy’s side, it wasn’t a problem now.
Kang Woo looked around, considering the restless Chinese.

“Enough for them to make a fuss.”

That’s exactly why Kang Woo came to this place.
Any way you look at it, it would be difficult for one man to handle ten thousand Hell creatures and hundreds of demons.
Therefore, he needed a distraction for the Hell creatures so that he could focus solely on the demons.

“I think they’re up to the task.”

Although they didn’t pose much of a problem for Kang Woo, yet the Chinese possessed powers that couldn’t be underestimated.
If Kang Woo took on the demons, they should be able to handle the Hell creatures perfectly.
And if you add the Korean army, led by Young-joo, to their power, there should be no problem at all.

“Come quickly,” Kang-woo clenched his fists with anticipation in his eyes.

His hunger was growing stronger and stronger.

Three days passed.

The preparations for the war progressed at a rapid pace.

Young Joo had been studying combat tactics and techniques for days and nights in order to cope well with her suddenly obtained role as the leader of the Korean army.


– They… they’re here! – Shouted a Player, who had a special ability to help with reconnaissance.

There was tension among those present, and everyone turned their gaze in the direction where the Player was pointing.
A cloud of dust appeared on the horizon.

– Aaah!

– How… how many of them are there?

– I feel like I’ve gone back five years…

The faces of the gathered Players on the plain turned pale, expressing horror.
They’d never seen so many monsters since the day the Gate first appeared.

– Stay cool, and don’t forget to suit up before it starts! We still have time,” Young-joo shouted, holding a loudspeaker so that everyone could hear her words.

As she said, the monsters were far enough away.
No matter how fast the Hell creatures were, they couldn’t be close in an instant when not even their images were still visible on the horizon.

– And here they are,” Kang Woo rose from his seat with a glowering look on his face.

Unlike the rest of the Players, who felt the tension, Kang-woo was pleasantly exhilarated.


Applying the Power of the Observer, he peered beyond the clouds of dust visible on the horizon.
He saw exactly the monsters that were in the video.

“Except there are no demons in sight yet.

But they must surely be somewhere among this crowd.

Kang Woo licked his lips and clenched his fists, sensing the feast to come.

Korm himself was rushing in his direction.
He was still grateful to the Hell Teachers for giving him such a great opportunity to be satiated.

– Great,” he smiled and nodded his head contentedly.

They may have seemed like scary monsters to the rest of us, but to him they looked like lunch coming to him on its own feet.

– Kang Woo.

The guy who had been looking toward the infernal creatures turned his gaze to Han Seol who had approached.

She was holding rice balls in her hands.

– I brought some food for your refreshment.

It’s a tempting offer.
And since Chinese food was not to his liking, the rice balls looked even more appetizing.
However, Gangwoo shook his head.

– No thanks.
Offer it to Echidna.

– No,” Kang Woo grinned and looked at the Hell creatures.

– Have you eaten yet?

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– Appetite comes with food,” he stroked his hand over his stomach.

“Hurry up and come, guys.”

Kang Woo sensed how very soon he would be satisfied to his heart’s content at the feast to come.

Power began to rise within the him.

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