Chapter 126.
Quite a long time I

– Ahem,” Kang Woo cleared his throat.

Not sure where he’d gotten such an idea from in the first place, the boy immediately shook his head.
Even though the thought flashed through his mind for just a second, he felt disgusted with himself.

“I can’t be that horrible.”

He is the one who fights the Teachers of Hell for the sake of peace and tranquility throughout the world.
But, of course, he did not consider himself sinless.

– Be that as it may…”

The reflection continued on its own.
A condition that allowed him to postpone the level restriction…

Even after finding the solution he had sought for so long, he felt no satisfaction.

“Killing the Defender.”

He recognized the way.
But he wasn’t pathetic enough to track down the Guardians and rekill them all.

“That would be an extremely foolish decision.

For one thing, because the Protectors are the ones who are supposed to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial beings.
In Alex’s case, he was only killed because his blind faith was going to cloud the eyes of Si Hoon as well.
But the other Defenders might not be such fools.

“In fact, if Alex wasn’t targeting Si Hoon, I’d just leave him alone, too.

If there are too many alien beings, the Earth will be mired in chaos.
So it was foolish of him to choose to upgrade in exchange for the Guardians who could protect the Earth from that chaos.

“I can’t kill allies protecting Kimchichige.”

Of course, by killing them Kang Woo would become stronger and be able to take care of the foreign threat himself.
Nevertheless, this is still not the best choice.

“After all, I am alone.”

When you do something with only one hand -of course- it turns out worse.
No matter how strong he is, he can’t save Earth from the impending danger alone.
Besides, it would be foolish to think of saving Korea alone.
Modern society is very different.

If America gets rich, that doesn’t mean that stocks in Korea will also immediately jump in value.
And if there is peace in Korea, the world will not get rid of poverty and stagnant economies.

“So it won’t go.”

As much as he loved his homeland, he didn’t want to let the rest of the world collapse.
But, of course, Korea always came first for him with Kimchichige.

“I must protect her,” Kang-woo was sure of his thoughts and clenched his fists tightly.

– And more importantly…

Whether it’s the system or something else, nothing can prevent him from going forward.
Surely there must be another way for promotion.

– First…” Kang Woo pushed himself off the roof and used the Power of Heaven to take to the air.

He made his way to a distant hill.

– I have to check something.” There was an expectant look in his eyes.

Even though he hadn’t expected it, the 59th level problem had been solved and he had risen.
He was finally able to reach the long-awaited 7th rank.
Which meant there was one thing to check.

“What new special ability have I got?”

Kang Woo, with glowing eyes, as if tearing open gift wrap, opened the status window.

[Rank 7 Special Ability: Soul Creator (Class: SS)

Description: ability associated with the Devourer’s Power.
As you continue to absorb the souls of demons, you increase the qualities of your soul.
The stronger the demon, the stronger the effect.

– That’s…” The boy’s eyes glowed.

First, it is a special ability of the SS class.
The same as the Demonic Ocean Key.

“Even though I don’t understand what ‘soul enhancement’ means.

More specifically, he didn’t understand what effect this soul enhancement could even have.
It’s not some useless feature, but he couldn’t figure out what it was for either.

After hesitating briefly, Kang Woo decided that he still wouldn’t know it until he put it into practice.

“Hmm, related to the Devourer’s Force…”

This phrase he understood perfectly.
The Devourer’s Force is designed to trap and absorb everything from life energy and Magee to the Powers.
So the soul was no exception.

“But it’s going to be a little more difficult.

Because a soul absorbed by the Devourer Force is destroyed.
It does not flow from one body to another but is sort of crushed and digested.
Practically disappears.
So Kang Woo decided that it was more likely that a new function had been added to the Devourer’s Force, allowing the soul not to be destroyed before being absorbed into itself.

– И…

The most important thing was exactly in the name of the ability: “Soul Creator.” Kang Woo glanced at the status window once more.

“Devil Essence.”

The second stage of becoming a Diabolical Overlord, the conditions of which he couldn’t find out right now.
But the title ‘Soul Maker’ seemed necessarily related to ‘Devil’s Essence.

“If you think about it, the sixth special ability also had a connection with attaining the highest degree of demonic appearance.”

As soon as Kang Woo saw the “demon outfit,” he did not immediately realize that it had a connection to achieving the highest degree of demonic appearance.
But with the appearance of the Demonic Ocean Key, he immediately realized the connection.

“So this time, too, the special ability must be a clue to the Devil Ruler.”

Though he wasn’t sure of it, it was something to ponder.

– One way or another, I’ll find out for myself.

There was no need to hurry.

Now that the Teachers of hell have begun their work, it’s only a matter of time before they manifest again.
They will surely try to summon the demon again.

“And when they do…”

I’ll “drink it up” without a trace.
Just like he’s been used to doing for ten thousand years.

– I’ll have to talk to Young-Joo.

At the moment, his main source of information was the Red Rose Guild.

Instead of sitting idly by, it would be better to ask around about the rumors regarding the Teachers of Hell that were spreading around the world.

– The special ability is sorted out,” Kang Woo sat down in his seat.

Closing his eyes, he concentrated.
“Man Ma Jung.”

He felt the power sealing Man Ma Jung became even weaker as he achieved the seventh special ability.
He saw the vast ocean of Magi before him.

“The Magi contained within Man Ma Jung improves the quality of performance.”

The Magi hidden in Man Ma Jung existed separately, not showing up in the stats.
But now he could not use it to its full extent.

“I am still weak.”

The Magee hidden in Man Ma Jung is without exaggeration an ocean.
Deep and boundless.
But while Man Ma Jung was sealed, Kang Woo could not use this “deep” power.
And every time Man Ma Jung’s sealing power weakened, Kang Woo felt a rush of concentrated Magi.

“Before, I would just use it.”

Magi is a concentrated power that he used to waste simply.
But now Kang Woo comprehended the essence of pure energy.

He took a deep breath, repeating the technique he learned from Si Hoon.
The magi emanating from Man Ma Jung was settling into his bloodstream.
He did not try to concentrate the power only in his stomach.
After he reached the highest degree of demonic guise, his entire body began to exist as one.

“But by continuing to do this…”

He thought that Man Ma Jung, who occupied a place in his heart, might have possessed his mind.

“No, not just his mind.

She might as well have taken over his whole body.
His heart beat faster.
It seemed to him that he could reach the deepest point in the ocean, to the bottom of the abyss, that Man Ma Jung could take possession of his body.

Greed awoke in him.
Just a little more.
Just a little more, and he could find out what was hidden at the very bottom of this vast ocean.
It seemed to him that if he tried now and did it, he could use even more Magi.

“Not yet.”

He tempered his greed.
The unquenchable thirst was echoed by a sharp pain.
It seemed to him that he was now experiencing the same pain that fish feel when they are hooked.

“We have to be patient.”

He managed to break the thirst.
This time was not like the time he created the key to the Demonic Ocean.

All his instincts screamed for danger.

– Phew,” Kang Woo took a breath.

The demon’s body made itself known in just such moments of greed.
It could be compared to water in an arid desert, which the traveler simply held before his eyes.
Still, Kang Woo endured.
He paid no attention to the pain, nor to the needs of his soul.

“I’m used to it.”

He was used to enduring thirst.
He’s had ten thousand years to practice it.
And this is only one time out of millions that he has to endure.

[Magi’s Substitution with Man Ma-jung’s Power]

[Your unique characteristic (Magi) is increased by 8 units]

The notice he had been waiting for finally appeared in front of him, and his eyes immediately widened.

“As much as eight units?” – he was so shocked by such a strong promotion that his jaw hung open.

He felt theMagi’s sprawl of blood make him stronger.
This meant that having reached rank 7, the power sealing Man Ma-jung had weakened much more than usual.

– In that case…

Kang Woo opened the status window and saw that his Magi count was 120 units.

– What do you mean?

Before that, he had 113 units.
If you add 8 to that, it should come out to 121.

“So why 120?” – he tilted his head in surprise.

As if in answer to his question, several more messages arose:

[You have reached 120 Magi units.
Efficiency and characteristic quality increased]

[The use of equipment below the “legendary” class that has the effect of numerical enhancement of characteristic is impossible due to low efficiency].

– What’s that?

In general terms he understood the content of the messages.
The strength of the characteristics increases, and the outfit is no longer able to cope with its duty of temporary numerical improvement.
Which meant that the Black Pearl coat could no longer be used with more than 120 Magi units.

– Wrath of the Kraken,” Kang Woo immediately decided to check it out.

[Using an outfit below the “legendary” class that has the effect of numerical enhancement is impossible due to low efficiency.]

As expected.

Kang Woo’s face twisted.
He was used to the fact that at any moment, the Black Pearl outfit would be able to boost his strength.

– Well, I should be pleased that the constant Magi has increased so dramatically,” the guy clicked his tongue.

He himself, feeling the surge of energy in his body, understood why the temporary increase in stats had become ineffective.

Though he didn’t have as much power as Pallok or Lilith, he could already reach the powers of the Nine Thousand Circles of Hell.

“But why was such important information not reported in advance?”

Kang Woo had never heard of the fact that once a unique characteristic was reached 120 units, it was impossible to use normal equipment.

However, he didn’t have to think too long – the answer appeared almost immediately.

– So that was it! – Kang Woo laughed involuntarily.

The reason why nothing was known about this was on the surface.

“There was no such thing.”

None of the Players had reached 120 units, so the problem wasn’t known either.

– It’s time to move out,” Kang Woo rose from his seat.

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The effect of the seventh special ability exceeded all expectations.
He felt a pleasant thrill as he felt a surge of strength within him.

“It’s only been about six months?”

It had been about six months since he had returned to Earth.
The time it had taken Kang woo to achieve what the Players had not been able to achieve in five years.

– That’s quite a long time,” the guy tsked his tongue.

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