but he didn’t know how to say them out loud.
His whole body was shaking and his eyes went dark.


It was the very powerful anger Satan spoke of that filled his entire body.

– You bastard! – Gathering all his strength, Si Hoon rushed forward, trembling, with the sword in hand.

But he had no strength at all, and he failed to perform any technique at all.
As a result, the sword fell to the ground again with a distinctive sound, and Si Hoon himself fell down after it.
Leaning on the floor, he tried to get up, but his arms were completely exhausted and he fell back down.
The only thing he could do was to crawl to Satan.

– Yes, that’s the look,” the demon pronounced contentedly and nodded his head.

He laughed, seeing such a pathetic image.
Satan slowly walked over to Si Hoon and lifted him up.
Looking into his overflowing eyes with rage, the demon continued:

– From now on, it is the anger and spite that you feel now that will be your faithful companions.

Si Hoon remained silent.

– Fight for your life and remember me,” Satan approached Si Hoon’s face.
– I am death, I am the end of everything, I am anger and hatred.

The demon was very close.

– I am Satan.

Si Hoon pressed his lips together tightly.
That red mask certainly sealed his memory.

– Become stronger, human.
Hold anger in one hand and anger in the other, and evolve.
And…” Satan’s mocking voice came to Si Hoon.
– Kill me.

The demon kicked the guy in the stomach with force, and he immediately lost consciousness.

– Phew, what a speech,” Kang Woo immediately took off his red mask after knocking out Si Hoon.

He felt his stomach turn from the inside out.

– How could Satan talk like that all the time?

Just now, when communicating with Si Hoon, he was really using the manner of speech and voice that Satan speaks in.

“Well, it wasn’t just the voice that was similar.

But so was the situation.

When Kang Woo first fought Satan, he lost, too.
You could say he was crushed.
After he won, he told Kang Woo the following: “Become stronger, man.
Hold anger in one hand and anger in the other, and evolve.
And… kill me.”

“And I did.”

It was funny to watch Satan in the end.
He probably had no idea that Kang-woo would become so strong that he could overpower him.

– But how… man… How could you survive in the “ocean”!

– Don’t go out of your way to die as befits a demon.

Kang Woo slapped him on the chest.

Man Ma Jung.

At that moment, the demon was swallowed up by the vast ocean of Magi.

But Kang Woo managed to appropriate his Power and Magi.

“Even though I can’t handle them.”

In fact, he couldn’t even cope with the Great Demon’s Power before he came to Earth, and Man Ma Jung was sealed.
He was able to cope with Magi, but the Devilish Powers remained beyond his reach.

– But anyway…” he shifted his gaze, looking at Si Hoon, who was lying unconscious.

Kang Woo wondered if he was overdoing it but immediately shook his head.

“It will do him good.”

Si Hoon has it all: a heaven-sent gift, a trainer in the form of the Swordlord, and even help from the System.
He lacks one thing, however.


Something that both Kim Young-hoon and Kim Jae-hyun had.
But Si Hoon up to this point has been used to living a somewhat different life, one that doesn’t involve that sort of thing.
And Kang-woo was the only one who noticed this and wanted to help him.

“That’s what he really lacks.”

To get stronger, the guy needs to get rougher and tougher.
That’s the only way he could overcome his carelessness and become stronger.

“Understand this, Si Hoon.”

Kang-woo had no choice but to use drastic methods.
He had already tried several times to drum this thought into the boy with the Power of Obedience, but there was really no use.

“You need to get your sword dirty.”

His sword needs to be stained with blood.
To become a blade capable of killing in the hour of need without question.
Either that or die himself.

“Like Alex,” Kang-woo smiled bitterly and approached the shattered skull.

The guy stretched out his hand, and tongues of flame burned Alex’s body.

– That would be the end of it for today.

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Alex was dealt with, Si Hoon was set on the right path.
On top of that, he helped him get promoted.
Now all that’s left is to wait for Gaia to get close to Si Hoon.

– In the meantime, I have a level 59 problem to solve.

After all, getting new special abilities and unleashing Man Ma-jung is also an important matter.
As he immersed himself in thinking about level 59, a heavy sigh escaped his mouth.

“Well, it’s necessary to pick up a spo…” his musings were short-lived, as a notification sounded to his ear and messages in a blue frame flashed before his eyes.

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